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Two first daysCategory: I'm bored, so i made this.
Friday, 5 September 2008
08:30:07 PM (GMT)
I've had two first days this week. In skating, and in school. 

The first day of school was fine. Most of my friends are in my class, I like my
teacher, and now my favourite teacher is teaching science, which should make it much
Now, the thing about this is, I had this crush at the end of last year, and I even
had one of my friends ask him out for me. Unfortunately, he said no. I was hurt at
first, but then we started summer vacation. I was doing really well. Not thinking
about him, starting to get over him. Then, i found out we were in the same class.
Great, just great! Now, I'm starting to like him again! We also switched desks the
other day, and i'm pretty close to him! Not good! He's just so perfect! He's funny,
nice, cute, and pretty smart (well, he's not an idiot). 

Now, for my second first day. Today was my first day of skating. I had switched
schools and now there are new rules and new coaches. Worst skating day ever!! I had
tried on my skates, and they were too small, so my mom went and got them stretched. I
tried them on before leaving, and they felt fine. When i put those on and starting
stroking around, i knew they were certainly NOT fine! Also, they have dance time. I
don't know my dances anymore! I was skating around, trying to remember my dances for
10 minutes! Then we had stroking... ughh! It was hard! We had to do all these laps
around the circles! It was so tiring! I'm still exhausted, and I've been relaxing for
at least 30 minutes! Finally, for the thing that makes this first day the worst, my
coach didn't even give me a lesson! Yet, she gave my friend a long lesson, like 30
minutes, whereas, if she had given her a 15 minute lesson, i could have gotten a
lesson! She knew i was there, but did she know i hadn't had a lesson? I don't know,
but the reason i switched skating teams was to be able to work with her more. She was
barely ever there at my old club. 

So... i've now vented, and i fell way better! Thanks for reading!!

tiggerlemon101 says:   6 September 2008   131546  
Okay, send me a freakin letter and tell me who the porkchop you're
talking about, cause seriously, is it the dude I think it is?... the
one you told us?
Also, welcome to the world of wanting to do well in a sport.  This
world includes hard, often painful excercises, and not EVER being
allowed to forget your stuff.  I know this was a harsh repsonse, but
the world is harsh, no offense.
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› writes :   7 September 2008   598796  
Yes, i'm pretty sure it is the guy you're thinking of. 
And yes, that was kinda harsh, but i didn't forget anything. I thought
my skates fit, but they didn't.


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