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Friday, 15 August 2008
03:27:30 AM (GMT)
“Elizabeth Anne Langer, get up! I will not call you again!”
	This morning, my mom decided 4am was a good time for me to get up. I believe I heard
her say something about the Leaky Cauldron downtown through my sleepy haze. It
didn’t seem likely she would know of such a place, since I hadn’t even known what
it was until the twins laid it out for me. How would Mom, a muggle, know of a
wizarding hotel? 
	I trudged out of bed and down the stairs, my mind set on food. My foot hit the tile
floored bottom floor, and the shock ran up my spine. Fully awake, I sped into the
kitchen, getting out my personal box of Cocoa Munchies. First thing is first, of
	“Whah wack so earlib?” I asked with a mouthful of Munchies, spewing chocolate
milk across the kitchen table. My mom, so used to this, and already cleaning the milk
up, responded, “I thought I told you last night. Mrs. Weasley and I made
arrangements for you to meet them at the Leaky Cauldron for today and tomorrow,
you’ll head off to Hogwarts with them. It’ll be easier since Diagon Alley will be
right there. You can buy all your supplies with the Weasleys. Just make sure you
don’t spend them on sweets; you know how you get. You‘re getting there early so
you can check in without making them worry,”
	You’d think that a mom would be way over protective when it came to guy friends of
a woman’s daughter, but my mom, of course, has to be weird. She thinks the Weasley
boys are absolutely darling. She herself pairs me up with each of them. Gosh.
	After my Munchies Fest, I skipped up the stairs, making sure not to make too much
noise. After all, I still had a muggle sister that didn’t have to wake until 6 for
her High School. I grudgingly turned on the nightlight, muttering about the set backs
of sharing a room. Packing was easy: dump out all my clothes, necessities, and junk
into the trunk. Viola, done! I pulled off my pajamas and dressed into a Sesame Street
graphic Tee and plaid shorts. I stuck my feet into my old, signed brown converses, my
trademark shoes. I twisted my hair into a bun, allowing the bangs to drop in my face.
If they didn’t want to cooperate, that’s fine by me. After I was finished getting
ready, I heaved my trunk and Poochy, my stuffed dog, downstairs.
	I found my mom waiting for me by the fireplace, a flowerpot in hand.
	“What’s up with the flowerpot? A little too early for gardening,” I teased.
	“The flowerpot isn’t important. It’s what’s inside that you should know
about,” she turned the pot towards me, revealing green, sandy powder.
	“And what exactly is that?”
	“Floo Powder. Molly sent it to me. She sent a letter of instructions.”
	“So? How’s it work?” Any information to help me fit into the wizarding world
	“Well, she said to throw it…” she trailed off and grinned evilly towards me.
Crap. Before I knew it, my face was covered in a green dust.
	“MOM!” I yelled, rubbing the sand out of my eyes, “Exactly how old are you
turning this year?”
	“It was just so tempting, sorry,” she apologized, giggling. The noise woke my
sister. She came yawning down the stairs.
	“What’s up?” Kathy looked from the my green face to the sand on my mom’s
throwing hand. “Nevermind,” she murmured.
	“We’re learning to travel through fireplaces,” my mom said proudly.
	“Now yah tell me how to do it…” I muttered.
	“Shut up and get into the fireplace,” Mom ordered. Under my breath, I said,”
Yes, Master” before taking a glance at the fireplace. How did she expect me to fit
into there? It couldn’t even fit two of our fifty pound dogs, length and width
wise. Since it was the only way, I could only try.
	I put my head in first, wiggling and twisting the rest of my body through. Somehow,
my mom had squeezed my trunk in after me.
	“Are you in?” Kathy questioned.
	“Yeah, find Norman!” I had to have my silly, striped kitty for my second
adventure at Hogwarts. I saw a string at the bottom of my feet. Seconds later, Norman
attacked my shoes. While he was still mesmerized by the rope, I quickly grabbed him
by his sides, placing him atop my trunk. I could almost hear him meow an “Aw,
	“Now what?” I yelled out to my family, breathing in a nose full of soot.
	“Well, according to Molly’s directions, you grab a handful of the powder, yell
out where you want to go, the Leaky Cauldron in your case, and ZAP! your there… I
guess,” Mom answered unsurely. Of course.
	Trusting her, however much I didn’t want to, I seized a fistful of Floo Powder. I
shouted as clear as I could through the soot and ash, “Leaky Cauldron!”
	Nothing happened.
	“Finally, another year without a roommate,” I heard my sister say triumphantly.
I interrupted her grandeurs with a sharp, annoyed, “A-HEM!”
	“Oh, you’re still here?”
	“Try throwing it down as you say it,” a new voice suggested, “and don’t
forget to grab your trunk, sweetie.”
	“Miss y’all already. Don’t forget to say bye to Heath for me.” Of course, my
brother couldn’t even wake up before noon to see his little sister off.
	“Bye Lizzie. We’ll see you Thanksgiv-- wait, your school doesn’t do that,
remember? Well, see you Christmas, then,” Dad saluted me off.
	“Bye everyone,” I yelled out to them before throwing the powder down, screaming
out,” Leak Cauldron!”
	As quick as a flash, I was falling, falling through green flames at top speed. I
readied myself for the burns, thinking my being a witch finally caught up with me and
now I was being punished, but the flames didn’t hurt.  My elbows started hitting
the edges, so immediately I tucked them in. I saw my cat’s mouth open, but
couldn’t hear his yelps over the deafening roar. I could feel my trunk’s edges
	As quick as it came, a new fireplace spat me out on a cold, hard, wooden ground. I
had let go of the trunk in the impact; it unlocked and my stuff flew across the old
floor, under chairs, and on tables. Norman, obviously as dizzy as I was from the
ride, walked in a drunk manner over to the biggest pile of clothes and crashed out. 
	I, on the contrary, had never felt more alive. I was ready for another joy ride if
it wasn’t for the fact I had let go of the flowerpot. Curses.
	I stood, swaying from side to side, and tried to walk. I fell back to floor. “Stop
the ride, I wanna get off,” I whispered. Once my mind, brain, and head were in
order again, I decided it was time to rid the floor of my junk. God knows where
they’ve been.
	First, I had to get Norman off the pile. I picked him up by his neck as a mother
would. Of course, he just had to get back at me for making him go through that. He
clawed onto a pair of my underwear, showing it all the early birds in the room. My
face going red, I grabbed the underwear and threw them back in the trunk. “We’re
even,” I said to him.
	I rolled my freshly repacked trunk to the front desk. Ringing the bell once, I was
greeted by a toothless, old man, introducing himself as Tom the Innkeeper, and asked
what I need.
	“I need a room,” I said simply, “that’s on the same floor as the
	“We have one left of that floor, the second floor, in fact. Now let me get your
bag,” he assured me, levitating my trunk magically towards a hallway and it
disappeared. He gave me the key, B23, and wished me a nice stay.
	I followed my trunk, grabbing Norman along the way, up some stairs and to a room at
the very end of a long hall. I opened the door to find one queen sized bed waiting
with open arms just for me. 
	“This is gonna be fun…” I whispered to myself, imagining what a girl my age
could do with a bed like that. I yawned. Sleep, for example.
	I ran for the bed, throwing Norman to the head of the bed. I kicked off my shoes,
loosened my hair, and took up as much room I could on the bed. No sense in not
sneaking a few Z’s before I find the Weaselys right?

‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   15 August 2008   899291  
you should put this up on harrypotterfanfiction.com
StrawberrySHOCK says:   15 August 2008   632453  
:333 Yay for Lizzie! xD
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   15 August 2008   356427  
That sounds like a good idear :DD



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