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Hika- A fanfiction by Amber.Category: Hika- the fanfiction.
Sunday, 3 August 2008
03:37:55 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1: Hikaru Hitachiin

By: Nekolover

Amane walked slowly across the airport. She was here. She pulled out her translator
and walked up to the sign next to her, and translated it.                            
Welcome to Japan~                                                                    
She grabbed all of her stuff and changed into her japanese styled baseball outfit.
She   Walked steadily out of the airport into a park filled with many Sakuras. Many
were sitting together, holding hands. A warmth filled her with a hesitant glow. She
Had  been waiting for that kind of thing for many months now. After all she Turned
15, 6 months ago.                                                                    
Not paying attention to where she was walking, she bumped into a red-headed boy. She
fell backwards hitting her head on the side walk in a painful way.                   
"Gomen nasai." the young boy said, looking as if he was annoyed.                     
Amane retaliated back like lightning, "So-rry." Making the word two syllables, "I
don't speak japanese." The young boy smiled and then laughed. "Don't Worry. I'm one  
of the very few japanese who do know english." The red-haired boy said, so fluently
that she thought he was American. The purple haired girl held out her hand, "Amane,"
She said.The young boy grabbed on to her hand. "Hikaru Hitachiin." He said. Amane
felt that felling inside her start to illuminate. Hikaru was wondering what was that
feeling inside was, too.                                                             
"Here," Hikaru said. He handed her a piece of paper in an envelope. "Hopefully i will
see you there." And with that, The young boy ran off. Leaving Amane to the envelope
in her hands. She looked at it pondering.                                            
'What could this be?' She thought to herself. She slid out the invitation. "Come to
the school," she pulled out her translator "Ball?!" Everyone looked at her. She
started to   
hear various wispers. "That girl got an invitation..." she felt a litle weird but she
walked to her hotel. But in front of the hotel was a person who caught her with a
saying 'Amane' In between his fingers. The Black-haired boy came up to her and pushed
his glasses up to his face. 
"Are you Amane?" The black-haired boy asked her. He held out his hand, "Kyoya." Amane
hesitantly grabbed his hand. Kyoya pointed to a limo."You have been moved to a
different location courteously Of a boy named 'Hikaru', You know him correct?" Amane
stayed quiet
but shook her head yes. "Your ride awaits..." he said. Something about that guy was
She had the door opened to the limo and was being escourted to somewhat of a
The car slammed on the brakes and she was at the most luxurious hotel in japan."Hika
Sakura!?!" The bill of this place would be over 1 million for the time she was
spending there. She quickly said no to herself and walked fastly to her old
choice.Her laptop slamming against her body, she walked up the stairs to her small
room. She opened the door to find a blonde boy on the bed in a uniform. "Welcome,
princess." Her bag fell to the floor with a huge slam. "Uh...uh..." Amane was freaked
out by this and she quickly ran out of the room, "Sorry i must've had the wrong room
key i'll just-" she cut off as the boy grabbed her hand. Come to this address at this
time, in the third music room." As he let her go, he walked down the stairs playing
with the rose in his hand. 
"Untill then princess..." Amane had a long day today. Maybe she should just get some
rest. She went into her room and changed, and she crawled into her bed.

"Goodnight, Hikaru..." 
And with that, this story has now begun.

ProblemHelpNeeded says:   7 August 2008   754265  
You make me look like a horrid writer!
‹α|!~♫~ ṫℌℯ~♫~Ḡαṫ☮ґ› says:   27 September 2008   238329  
hi i really enjoyed ur story u should know who i am please check out
heart and soul written by me
NekoLover says :   28 September 2008   265657  


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