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Tuesday, 29 July 2008
04:02:02 PM (GMT)
After pestering Lexx for awhile, I managed to get this from her. >D - - - Dominic Does he/she have a last name?: His full name is Dominic William Smith. Age: 17 Species (Werewolf/Vampire/Phaerie/Mortal): Human, for now. Any weaknesses, fears?: Socializing is his weakness, death is his fear. Any love interest?: Not now, but he's bisexual so that opens up quite a few doors... Any likes?: Sleep, music, playing his guitar, candy. Dislikes?: Large crowds, social gatherings, loud noises, cats. Best physical aspect: WIPWIPWIPWIPWIPWIPWIPWIPWIPW Answer as if you were your character: Your favourite color is?: How the hell am I supposed to know?! Next question, please. Are you seductive?: *Sexy smirk* Ya think? Halloween. QUICK! What costume would you wear?: Anything to scare those stupid little brats called "trick or treaters". Can I have a hug?: Hell no. Are you male or female?: What..the...f-ck? What kind of question is that!!?! Do you like your sibling?: My dead one or my live one? Do you love your creator?: No...*Blushes* She's annoying. Creator questioning starts 3..2....1 Describe your character's past (One paragraph minimum.) He was born to a werewolf father and a human mother. When a mortal and a werewolf haev a baby there is a 75% chance of it being a werewolf, and a 25% chance of it being a human. (Or mortal, as we call them in our roleplay eh Coral? xD) Well he was born a werewolf. soon after his mother got pregnant with his sister, his father died. A few years after having her baby, his mother told Dante to watch out for Evelynn and then she killed herself right in front of him. Dante was scarred for life, and he became colder to his sister. soon..very soon, actually, she died as well. Aftter the death of his entire family, Dante had been broken. He proceeded to killing anybody he could to make up for their deaths. He soon founded a gang of werewolf theives out of blood-lusting orphans like himself. Any friends?: Unofficially: Ivee (Or Ivy.), Rex, Amelia, Alice (Yus. Paris's character xD [For MERP: Coral, you wouldn't know her.]) Angsty much?: Very. Suffered any permenant wounds?: A couple bullet holes. How long did this take you?: Forever. xD Have (Dante) say something to the audience, please?:

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