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Last diary entry for a while.Read to find out why.Category: (general)
Monday, 14 July 2008
02:26:31 PM (GMT)
Kso,I'm moving,tomorrow.
I don't have a house yet where I'm going,so I'm staying with my grandmother,who
doesn't have internet,until we get a house.
We're hoping to get one by the end of August,beginning or middle of September.
Anyway,I WILL be able to get online for small amounts of time during this
summer,but not for a long time.
My friend Sydney has a computer,she lives right by my grandmother,so that's cool,but
it's dial-up. D:
And I don't really want to be on a dial-up computer most of the summer.
It's summer,I haven't seen my friends back there in over a year,so I'm definetly not
going to be spending all my time on a computer when I've got a full year to catch up
on. xD
I will try to be on as much as I can though. :]

I'm gonna miss some of you guys.
Oh,let's be honest.I'm gonna miss all of you.
Even teh haters. <3

I'm gonna miss Olivia(xExotic),Lucky(AerithLight) and Kylie(brainwashed) the most
I talked to them the most,and they're just plain awesome.

Olivia:Seriously dude.Iunno if I can go a full month and some odd days without
our Stickam Saturdays.It's gonna be tough.But maybe I can squeeze in a few,and you
can meet my retardo friends. xD Gaaah,I wanted to meet you so bad.Seriously,it was on
my list of things to do. D: And I thought it was gonna happen,too,y'know?OMGZ
OLIVE.You should hide in mah suitcase. 8D Nobody would notice. Bah,I wish.If I had to
pick you or everything that's in my suitcase at the moment,I'd pick you.And you
better feel special cause I got all mah priorities in that suitcase.No seriously
though,if I ever come to Fort Mac again,we're gonna be best friends.Real life
friends. :> Just wanted to say I'm gonna miss you LOADS,and thanks for being
awesome.I'm giddy with joy(WTFWTFWTF) that I met you.I LOVE YEW
                                                      ^ LMFAO

Luckay:Man Lucky.You looked so cute as a kid. xD ROFL,can't believe I thought
that little girl was you.Haha,anyway.You're freakin' awesome.And that's that.Plain
and simple.Luckay rocks.Harder than all of you. :> Hah.I don't know you as well as
Olivia still,but maaaaaan.She's lucky to have you as a friend.You're lucky to have
her.Is that why your nickname is Lucky?Is it even a nickname D: I need to know these
things.ROFL.So anyway,we've had some cool memories,kid.Twilight lovers fer life.EC
whores fer life.Olive's serious face fer life.Aw dude.I'm gonna miss your hxcness.I
really am.I'll miss you my Lucky Charm. :3 I love youuuuuuu<3333333333333

Kylie-fanny pack:Aight,bish.Well,you're already gone on your vacation,so you
probably won't read this for a while,but when you get back,you best be reading this.
xD I have too much in common with you.It's awesome,and kind of sad.Our parents are
idiots.We love Twilight(and Edward).We like teh same music.We're both incredibly
rad.Kay,no.The last part is just you. :3 Man oh man.Theeeeeee memoriesssssssssss.
"You look foolish" "No I don't,I look pimpin',lady" ROFL.Something along those
lines.Dammit man,I'm gonna miss yo ass.And I'm sorry if I pissed you off on the last
day before you left. D: I really am. <33 Anyway,talk to you when you get back.And I
miss you.AND ILOVEYOUSEXY. xDDD ROFL. <33333333333

Some other bitchez I'm gonna miss are
and basically everyone on my friends list. :>

Goodbye everyoneeeeeee <33
Btw,I'm not leaving right now,I'm leaving tomorrow,so talk to me before I leave if
you want. :3
Last edited: 14 July 2008

xExotic says:   14 July 2008   469827  
I can't put into words how much I am going to miss you. You are so
much fun to talk to. I really, really, have been dreading Tuesday. For
a long time. Ever since I found out you were moving. Couldn't you have
stayed for like, 2 more years? I'd be in high school, and we'd chill.
Every day. <3 I really, really wish that you didn't have to move.
You're so much fun. I don't think I'm gonna make it through the
summer. Not when I don't have you to talk to. I really wish we could
have met. I wanted to meet you so badly. I wanted to be real life
friends, not just friends who met over the internet and are like,
"Well, hey thar fellar. Mah name ______" ): But I guess that's what I
have to settle for right now. And surprisingly, I'm okay with it.
Because you will ALWAYS be my friend, courtney. I love you sooo much.
NinjaDino says:   14 July 2008   432854  
I think I'm gonna cry. D:
xExotic says:   15 July 2008   585357  
)': byee courtney.
ily. <3
‹CupcakesAndCandy› says :   15 July 2008   148168  
Aww. D: This is really gonna suck without you. No more MSN...NO MORE ghosts stories. GASP. 0.0 Oh nuu. Tis is going to be torture Dx At least it won't last FOREVER. Thank god :D Hope the moving goes good. Don't kill yourself moving boxes xD I don't want to hear that you broke your arm because you slipped on something and had this HUGE thing fall on you. :oooo LOL. :] Talk to you when you return. Love ya <33


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