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BandAid on my broken heart (Bored Severus Snape storah <33333 :D ) #6!Category: (general)
Monday, 31 March 2008
01:07:49 PM (GMT)
“PJ!” Lia cried and Angel got up slowly as ears poked out of PJ’s head.

“Don’t worry. She’s part cat. She has 9 lives.” Angel said with a smile and
PJ started glowing white.

“Gosh, dying sucks.” PJ said and her face was pale. A figure walked out of the
shadows, a glowing black light hit the shadow that killed PJ. It walked out of the
shadows to show that it was a girl. Her hair.. It looked like 


Her eyes matched her hair as she glared at everyone who was on the floor.

Reene's Eyes01

She looked at everyone closely as she walked over and pure black ears poked out from
her hair. She crossed her arms as she stood in front of PJ and smirked.

“Well, well, well..” PJ said smirking as she stood up. “Reene Smith. How’ve
ya been?” PJ asked and Reene rolled her eyes while smirking.

“Great now that I got to take out some anger on these wanna-be-badasses.” She
said, smirking with her teeth as her full grown fangs showed.

“You’re a vampire too?” Lia asked surprised and standing up walking over to

“PJ!” Draco yelled running over. “Why do you look so.. So” He started and she
yawned and her white ears twitched as she stretched.

“I died.” PJ said simply and walked into the Malfoy kitchen.

“Regular PJ.” Angel said sarcastically while following PJ in raiding the

“You seem like a newbie to Vampirism.”  Reene said and Lia nodded interested in
what Reene was going to say to her. Snape got up and sighed, rubbing his temples that
everyone was so calm.

“You gits realize that there’s more and they’re going to kill us right?” He
asked glaring at everyone and everyone nodded.

“Good, I’ve been at that ridiculous Beauxbatons academy for to long. You know
what they DON’T let you do? Kill people.” Reene said with a pout as she sat on
the floor and bit her thumb out of boredom. Lucious Malfoy entered with Narcissa and
Reene spat in disgust at Lucious.

“Why is HE here?” She hissed and Lucious chuckled.

“My dear, this is my home.” He informed her and she glared daggers at him.

“Don’t call me my dear or I’ll rip out your eyes and shove them up your--”

“Bacon anyone?” PJ interrupted holding 3 packets of bacon with a smile.

“Sure.” Everyone said in unison and PJ smiled and Angel followed her over to the
stove. Snape walked out of the room angrily and PJ looked out of the kitchen.

“Was it something I said?” She asked and Lia sighed and ran over to catch up with
her Portions Professor.

“Professor!” Lia called as she ran up to him and he glared.

“You guys are MUCH to calm when a swarm of people trying to kill all of us is
coming!” He hissed and she frowned.

“I know I’m a git.” She said and his facial structure changed and he hugged

“No, no not you. Just.. Like PJ who’s making bacon while we‘re seconds away
from death.” He said and he heard PJ yell.

“HEY BE CONSIDERATE TO THOSE WHOM EASEDROP!” She yelled and he smirked and rolled
his eyes and pressed his lips onto Lia’s. They broke the kiss seconds later and he
looked deeply into her violet eyes.

“I don’t want you here. I can’t stand you getting hurt or even killed.” He
ordered and Lia shook her head and pressed her lips to his.

“You don’t understand Professor. I want to stay and help. If you die and I’m
safe in my room, I’ll feel guilty for not staying.” Lia told him and he kissed
her lightly.

“But if you stay then I’ll feel guilty for not protecting you.” Snape told her
and she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving you.” She said to him with a very serious look.

“Fine, I guess I have no choice.” He mumbled and she smiled and hugged him. There
was a loud explosion and PJ was heard screaming.

“PJ!! What happened?!” Draco yelled and ran into the kitchen to see Paige holding
a knife to a guys throat.

“This motherfucker messed up my BACON!!!!” She hissed and stabbed him repeatedly.

“PJ!! Calm down! We have more bacon!” Draco said and she looked at him with a

“Really?” She asked and he smirked at her and nodded. “Oh yay!” She exclaimed
and hugged Draco and kissed his cheek. He turned a bunch of colors and led her to a
different fridge and she got more bacon and began cooking that.

“You realize that we’re about to die right?” Severus said pointing to a group
of people that were marching towards the Malfoy Manor.

“Well they can hold on until I’m done!! Cause if someone else messes up my bacon
then its DONE!” PJ hissed.

“Well.. I don’t think they want tea..” Lucious said and saw them hold out their
wands as they drew close to the door.

A big blast hit the house and made everything shake and PJ’s bacon fell on the
floor and she stood silently and took in a deep breath. Then quickly turned her head
with her eyes glowing scarlet. She pounced at the door and started beating some of
the people in the group with her bare hands until Lia dragged her off of them.

“Stay safe!” Lia warned and PJ started flailing her hands in the air.

“The mofo’s destroyed my bacon!” She growled and Severus grabbed PJ by the back
of her neck and dragged her inside.

“Someone shut her up!!” Severus spat as he tried to get her to stay still and Lia
smirked at Draco and he blushed and she pushed him towards her and he pressed his
lips to PJ’s and she stopped moving. He broke the kiss blushing and PJ’s face was
beat red.

“I-I … umm.. Uhh.”  PJ jittered and Draco smirked at her and grabbed her hand
bringing her away from the angry Severus. Lia walked over and gave Draco a high five
then walked over to Severus as he watched all of them retreat. 

“What’s going on?” Lia asked and he looked at her.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t like it..” Severus said and walked to the stairs
and sat on them looking at the wall, maybe answers would come to him.

“How is the walls not damaged anymore?” Reene asked looking at the perfectly
clean house.

“It’s a charm.” Narcissa said and Reene nodded and walked in the living room
and began reading something.

Snape looked at Lia and grabbed her arm and went back to the fireplace after having a
discussion with Lucious. Then he called over Draco and he transported them all back
to Hogwarts.

“What are we doing Professor?” Lia asked and he shook his head.

“Just stay at Hogwarts. I promise you, I’ll get you if there’ a fight.” Snape
said and Draco left the room and Severus looked around then kissed Lia. “Go get
some rest. Cyan is coming back tomorrow.” He informed her and she nodded and looked
at the clock. It was 11:45 at night. She hugged him tightly and he kissed her cheek.
“Go to bed.”

And then he left.

Lia walked down the hall to see Draco looking at a wall.

“What’s wrong Draco?” Lia asked and Draco looked at Lia with a frown.

“I was having a fun time with PJ and my dad decides its time for me to leave.” He
grumbled punching the wall slightly.

“It’s ok Draco. You’ll see her again.” Lia said leading Draco into the common

“Where were you two!?” Pansy yelled making Draco wince.

“I don’t have to answer to you Pansy so just get out of my way.” Draco growled
and stormed up to the boys sleeping area. Lia looked oddly at the direction he
stormed off into and just shook her head and got to sleep. 

*~.: In the morning :.~*

Lia heard someone scream and she shot awake and saw Cyan with a big grin as she
tackled Lia.

“Oh my goooooddd!!! I missed you!!” Cyan cried and Lia smiled and hugged her
friend back. “Well classes start tomorrow. Horah.” Cyan said with a grin and Lia
smiled at her and got dressed. They walked downstairs and saw Severus rushing down
the hall with Draco.

“Where you guys going?” Lia asked and Draco motioned for her to follow them so
her and Cyan tagged along. Draco and Severus both transported themselves to the
Malfoy Manor when someone walked into the room to see Cyan and Lia.

“What are you two doing?” Flitch asked and Cyan and Lia exchanged glances and ran
into the fireplace with floor powder.

“Malfoy Manor!” They yelled and disappeared as green flames ate over their robes.

Everywhere was ruined. The house was halfway gone and the last one standing besides
Severus was Angel. Reene was nowhere to be found and Draco was at PJ’s aid whom was
hit badly in the stomach with a spell. 

“Where’s Reene?” Lia asked and Angel turned to her with a scowl.

“Who cares. Stupid trader.” She hissed and Lia’s eyes widened.

“No..” Lia said and PJ coughed up blood and Lia ran over to her with Cyan

“Lia..” PJ mumbled and Lia looked at PJ concerned. 

“Yeah PJ?” She asked and PJ grabbed her robe and pulled her close.

“They.. Messed with my FUCKING bacon again.” She growled and let go of Lia who
smiled at PJ as she coughed again. In death situations she was the same one tracked
mind girl.

Lia walked over to Angel who had her hands pressed against each other and was humming
something and Severus looked at her oddly. She slowly transformed into a pure white
wolf and charged at this one guy and bit his leg clean off. Her ears and her tail
were black but her white fur had splatters of blood all over her. Her teeth flashed
as she let out a growl at the man and they saw Lucious in the yard dueling with
someone. It would seem that Lucious had the upper hand. Narcissa was nowhere in
sight. A dark evil laugh was heard that caused the hair on everyone’s neck to stand
straight up. A man with long black hair and dull black eyes walked out from a portal
and scoped the room like he was looking for someone. He started dead at Lia and began
walking over towards her.

“Don’t go near her!” Severus yelled and Lia stood there in fright. 

“I’ll do as she pleases.. She’s my--” kick in the face. Reene stood proudly
in front of Lia as Lia trembled. 

“Go away, your not wanted here Ethan.” Reene spat and Lia’s eyes widened even
more and Ethan looked at her and smirked as he disappeared and everything was
restored to normal.. At least that’s what it seemed. 

“Lia who was that?” Severus asked hurrying over to her side.

“..That.. Was my dad.” She whispered and Reene’s eyes widened.

“No.. You can’t be HIS daughter.” She gasped and Lia nodded.

“Of coarse.. Why didn’t I see it.” Severus growled and sat on the floor.
Lucious walked in hand in hand with Narcissa and Cyan just kind of stood there

“OK! I am OFFICIALLY confused.” Cyan said and PJ giggled.

“You and me both.” She agreed and Draco hugged her as he saw that no harm was
noticeable. The house was in perfect condition and Angel glowered at Reene

“I thought you changed sides.” Angel grumbled and Reene looked at her and

“I like this side better thank you. And I would never be on Ethan’s side. The
guys a prick.” She grumbled and Lia just sat looking at the wall absent mindedly.

“Something wrong with her?” Cyan asked as she walked over to Lia and poked her.
She didn’t flinch or anything. Severus picked her up bride style and walked towards
the fireplace.

“I’ll need to take her back.” He sighed and left.

“So Reene, how do we know that we can trust you?” Angel asked while circling
around Reene.

“I trust her!” PJ said with a toothy grin and Angel glared at her.

“You’d trust a serial killer.” Angel said sarcastically and PJ got a paranoid
look on her face.

“PEOPLE KILL CEREAL!? THAT’S HORRIBLE!!” She cried and Angel sighed and looked
the other way.

“Shut up PJ..” She said and PJ pouted and Draco frowned.

“Hey! Don’t tell Paige to shut up!” He growled and Angel rolled her eyes.

“Draco, why don’t you just admit to Paige you like her. We all know you do.”
Angel said and he blushed and PJ pouted.

“Well SOMEONE is on their period.” She said and Reene snorted trying to hold back
a laugh and Angel just rolled her eyes and left.

“Maybe.. I should go..” Cyan said and PJ jumped up and shook her hand.

“Well bye, bye then! Do you like bacon?” She asked and Cyan grinned.

“My favorite food!” She said happily and PJ grinned.

“Oh meh gawd! Mine too!!” She cried happily and Cyan and PJ high fived.

“We’ll guys.. We should get going back to.. Beauxbatons..” Reene said with a
shutter and PJ sighed.

“You right.” PJ said and she bid farewell to Cyan who disappeared in the
fireplace then said goodbye to Narcissa and Lucious. She turned to Draco and hugged
him and he blushed and kissed her cheek. She blushed too and kissed his cheek back
and walked over to Reene and they left the house with Angel. Draco smiled slightly
and went back to the fireplace after saying bye to his parents and went back to

*~.: With Snape and Lia :.~*

“Lia.. What’s wrong?” Snape asked as he stroked her hair and she started
breathing heavily as tears formed in her eyes. She remembered those dark..
Mysterious.. Evil eyes. They came into her room every night and tore apart her
pureness. She didn’t say a word. She merely shook her head and continued rocking
back and forth. Those eyes.. Something about them made the devil himself cringe.

Lia fell asleep in her panic and Cyan walked into the room and took Lia with her so
no one looked at Snape oddly. Lia walked out of the room having a hard rime carrying
Lia when luckily Fred and George skipped her way.

“What’s with Lia?” Fred asked and picked her up from Cyan’s grasp.

“I’m not sure.” She told them with a frown and they sighed as they looked at
her shivering in her sleep.

“We should get her to your dormitory.” George said and they nodded and Cyan spoke
the password and they walked into the common room being glared at by most Slytherins.
Once they put Cecelia on the bed they left and Cyan looked at her nervously as she
covered her friend with a blanket.

*~.: Dream State :.~*

I can’t hear anything.. Where is everyone. Mom? Dad? Anyone?



Mom?! Dad!? Where are you!? Come back please! Don’t leave me alone.. You know what
happens to girls when they’re alone..


And full of fake hope.

‹Q79› says:   31 March 2008   376129  
thats funny =)
Kagome454 says:   31 March 2008   265846  
very poetic to me. sorta in a weird way
Kagome454 says:   31 March 2008   465916  
im bored out of my mind!!!!!!!!
Sesshsesshgrl says:   31 March 2008   851871  
thats great lol
Kagome454 says:   31 March 2008   474747  
>3 im just typing typing typing like a weirdo  or weirdy!!!!!!!!!
Kagome454 says :   31 March 2008   494392  
ya i guess not really

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