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Fire's Ice. ProlougeCategory: Stories
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
07:26:09 PM (GMT)

       She smelt it befor she heard it.The loud roaring sound of a killer.Fire.With
panic fuleing her movments she ran back to her den were her three preshoise cubs
slept.Two male one female.They were her first litter and she would not lose them to
fire.And one was special.Very very special
     Sliding just a bit the white female slid into the warm den.Quickly quickly.She
roused the little pups from sleep.She had to find at least two of the pack to carrie
one.She grabed the smallest a the female and nudged the other two to their feet.They
were strong the would make it.They had to.The little scraps of fire followed.They
were quick but not quite quick enough.The fire was gaining.She heard unwordly like
screams comeing from the direction of the humans.
     They had to move faster but one of the pups was getting tired.Smoke was filling
the air as the flames heat grew closer.The white wolf dropped the pup she carried and
called for help.She heard something comeing but was sure it wasn't the pack.Befor she
knew it she was surrounded by shouting men in big yellow suits.They carried amoung
them a long vine like thing.There was no way out.
        A movemnt to the right close to the ground caught her eye.The pack!They had
come.Quikly she nudged her pups up again but two would not get up.One of the mens
forms moved toward them shouting and stomping the ground and she snatched up one and
with great regreat left the other.Her baby.The only female in her litter and the
specail one.

      Josh wiped sweat from his face as they hauled the hose into the forest.Damn
junkies starting fires in preserved land.Just how many animals would die or be out of
homes when they stopped the fire?To many.Thank god sprong had decided to come early
so now everything was halfway green.Well soon to be gray and black.A wast is what is
      Josh was about 32 and used to seeing wast.As a firefighter for over 10 years he
was a vetran smoke eater.So now he was fighting yet anouther fire.To save animals
live and homes.He smiled grimly as they begain the achingly slow process of fighting
the fire back.He glanced over as on of his men begain to shout.He left the hose to
the other 4 and whent to see why they were wasting breath.Two men were crouched by a
little form on the ground.
      "Gey back to work.No time to play games."He yelled above the noise.Both men
jumped up and when to help manage a hose.Shakeing his head Josh bent down to see what
had caused the camotion.He saw a pup.
       Josh sighed and gently picked it up expecting the little thing to be dead.But
as soon as he did it begain to wimper slightly.Its eyes opened and he was a little
supsised to see them a light almost white blue.The pup seemed to say "What are you
and why are you touching me?" he rubbed the poor pups blacked muzzle and begain to
walk back to the trucks.He could already tell the fire was under control.Soon to
leave behind it the wreck of heat.
     He was right.Within 30 minets of arriveing the fire was out and Captain Josh
Hicks had a wolf pup to take care of.What to do now? He thought as he looked down at
it.He had wraped it in a towel and was holding it as they drove back to the
station.It was cute he addmitted but it was a wild animal.Could he keep it?Would he
keep it?He didnt know but he figure the little white pup was starving.The endless
wimpering was a slight indacation.His wife would know what to do.He watched it as it
whent to sleep.nd the wolves howled that night for a life they thought was lost.
Last edited: 19 February 2008

‹YourPersonalNightmare› says:   19 February 2008   826237  
Wow.Thats really good.
RobinScorpio says:   20 February 2008   656648  
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   20 February 2008   272676  
Amazing!!!I love it soo much
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   21 February 2008   797754  
write more! please? please?


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