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why?why?why?Category: love life
Tuesday, 5 February 2008
05:55:28 PM (GMT)
okay. this is how it is. my boyfriend cheated on me on the fouth of July. 
then, he gets caught. then he was off to illinois. now he's back or somthin.
he calls me up, but when i asked him bout it, he says he didn't kno what
i was talkin bout. theat day, i gave him evry single kiss he asked for. normally,
he only gets about half of them. so either he is really playn dumb, or im not that
important to him. next, hes gonna call me up and tell me he loves me or some shit
like that. i dont get it. why does he mess with me like that? it aint right. besides
he is a pushy, obnoxious, moronic boy. i dont kno how the hell i ever fell in love
with him.
but i did. and i still love him. what is wrong with me?
all i kno is that next time i see him, i am gonna slap him. once for cheatn on me,
twice for 
lyin to me, and a third time for messin with me. im gettin sick of his little games
lies. i need advice. even tho i want to murder him right now, and its stronger cuz
i havent seen him since last summer, i kno the second i talk about breakn up with 
him, he'll be all sweet and supportive. then i won't be able to do it.  pleez help

rinzi says:   5 February 2008   777468  
dont listen to him and stay strong.
if you still have trouble, find a really good friend and promise them
tha you will break up with him.
happy_chic84 says:   5 February 2008   132957  
i tried that. did't work too well since we are still officially
dating and i never officially broke up w/ him
Livelybunny84 says:   5 February 2008   958711  
On a date just get straght to the point an tell him whats what. Then
if he dosn't pay attention, give him 5 more slaps, and thret him with
more if he dosn't shut up.
happy_chic84 says :   24 March 2008   775446  
thx. ill try that. he's been dancin round the point for a bit.


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