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Stop Racism!!!Category: Earth & people
Monday, 21 January 2008
01:52:05 PM (GMT)
I am a First nation Indian and i don't like people who hate colored people! Because
i am colored .. The thing below is sooo true .. So all you color haters!! PISS

A black man walked into a cafe early one morning and noticed that he is the only
black person in there... As he sat down he noticed that a white man was sitting
behind him. The white man said, "Coloured people are not allowed in here!". The
black man replied... "When I was born I was black, when I grew up I was black, when
I'm sick I'm black, when I'm in the sun I'm black, when I'm cold I'm black and when
I die I'm black!!! But you Sir... when you were born you were pink, when you're sick
you turn green, when you stay in the sun you're red, when you're cold you turn blue
and when you die you turn purple!!  And yet you have the nerve to diss my colour!"
The black man turned around and the white man walked away!

Stop Racism!!!!!!

       If you are against racism, put this on your profile or in your diary entry.

Thank you.

Love, lilnativebaby

TheMokey says:   21 January 2008   263982  
Truth girl!
Lyncheh says:   21 January 2008   923762  
Purple? xD
Broken_Heart_Forver says:   21 January 2008   344721  
u said it racism is just so mean!!!!
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› shouts:   5 February 2008   783794  
I get it girl! 
I'm not coloured, but racism is just stupid. It's just the way you
were born!
Bon says:   4 February 2009   316983  
racism is a topic you must fully understand from both sides of the
basically, its not one race being picked on by another just because of
difference. its one race being used as a scapegoat by another. for
example, the nazis, they used people who didnt have the same eye color
and hair color as a scapegoat, then they turned it into jews, and the
people without the same eye color and hair color.
its not always just a hate of another race, and generally many things
that are not really racist are considered racist. for example, there
are a few african americans in my school that i dont like. but people
see it as though i dont like them because they are black, which is not
true, i dont like them for something they do to me.
and understand that racism doesnt just effect one group or another,
racism effects caucasians as well. for example, caucasians are many
times called, "white boy" "cracker" "cave man" and we just take it.
im not saying you doing anything wrong by speaking out against it. im
saying, understand everything your speaking out against, what you see
of racism isnt all of it, there is much more and it effects all
‹JessieDawnn› says:   11 February 2009   544119  
We already knew that dumbass, and we call you whiteboy becuz most or
some of the whites are racist ! But I ain't racist !
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