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Thursday, 3 January 2008
04:22:00 PM (GMT)
the website:

Is bashing yaoi. There saying that the people that make the comics are "overturned by
teenage yaoi-obsessed closet-dykes" and "bad drawers". I honestly almost lost it when
I saw that article in my favorite online-manga comic. If you don't believe me click
the link and see for urself. AND tell me wat ya think of the stoopid site.

"Bad Drawers" :
Honestly, I think the eople who MADE that article are bad drawers and 'fat' people.
They even made this thing for one girl. the thing is called "Bother Her". It has
different was to message her. To spam her. :
I think it's a wanna be "wiki" site. 

My Favorite comic :
"Romeo & Julius" by Usagi. There saying that it worse than a piece of Sh** "I
can’t even call it a piece of shit." He/She/They said. Usagi is a wonderful drawer.
She is good at yaoi storys. Usagi, Yasasa, Cullen-chan, and other yaoi luvers are
AWESOME drawers.

My Opinion:
Encyclopediadramatica are the ones who start the drama. I honestly and
truthfully think that site will BURN in computer H3||. I'd never been this disgusted
by a site in my whole life.

aartee_sharma says:   3 January 2008   519359  
NotSo_EVIL_PunkPerson says:   3 January 2008   663587  
I dunno wut that means...but ok!
‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   3 January 2008   976984  
NotSo_EVIL_PunkPerson says:   3 January 2008   217523  
itchswitch says:   4 February 2008   685873  
This is so incredibly laughably bad, I'm not even sure if I'm
communicating on the same level as you. First off, I have nothing to
do with the writing of that article, but I greatly enjoy it. It brings
up a lot of valid points and solid evidence. And don't start calling
me a "OMG YAOI H8R" because I happen to love yaoi, I just hate lame BL
comics like the ones featured in the ED article.
As for your "standing up" for the artists who were struck down with a
mighty bolt of righteous lulz, here are my opinions: Usagi has gotten
visibly better in her drawing and storytelling skills, but Romeo and
Julius was pure shit. I don't even know how you can deny that, but
then again, you ARE an idiot so I'll give you some slack.
Yassa (you spelled it wrong, moron) is also a good artist, but I hate
her for raping one of my many childhood joys, and her storytelling is
weak and predictable. But she draws hot guys wit huge eyes, so of
course she's popular!
Cullen-Chan is the epitome of lame. Her drawing sucks ass, as does
everything about her comics. I wish she had stayed deleted, but she
just keeps coming back. Like herpes. I don't even know how you can
call her an "awesome drawer." SHE DRAWS LIKE A GOD DAMN 7 YEAR OLD. ON
MS PAINT. Nothing about her work is even average, let alone above
average. I hate her and I hate you. Just because someone draws porn
(that of which NONE of the artists you've mentioned have actually
drawn) does not make them the next messiah. They're just lonely and
lacking talent.

P.S. There is no "computer hell." Dipshit.
Jonesyy shouts:   9 February 2008   998397  
Haha, my storie's the best? :'D ((I'm Usagi!))

I have gotten better, but I have to agree with itchswitch. Romeo and
Julius was pure shit. Not only was my story not going anywhere
logical, but my art was horrendous. Everyone's face was so
SKINNY/NARROW and their eyes were CROSSEYED (outwardly)!! Why doesn't
anyone else notice that except me?

And Cullen-chan ...she's not that great. And when her art does look
semi-good, it's cause she just traced over another picture. She could
at least add SHADING to her pictures, or coloured lineart to make it
look better. :/
AnonymousOwnzj00 sings:   12 February 2008   467772  
Anonymous is coming for you.  They're gonna fucking kill you.
tedmo says:   29 March 2008   129291  
Are you f*cking kidding me?
Encyclopedia dramatica is made because of idiots like you who figive
yaoi fangirls a bad name. 
Romeo and Julius is a shitty half-assed comic, and an eyesore,
Cullen-chan could'nt win a kindergarden art contest, and Yassa's work
is unoriginal and her stories suck and her character desing is nothing
short of nonexistant.

People like you make me sick, you've probably never read a decent
novel in your entire life. Your taste in yaoi is pathetic. Stupid yaoi
lovers like you make me sick. Your biased taste is the reason why suck
comic like BlueEyedBoy get to the top, while the actual good comics
are left to rot because they don't have some emo-loser with cute ears
on the cover.
I spit on you.
tyciol says :   31 March 2010   373242  
It wouldn't be correct to say that the 'site' is bashing, but rather,
the editors who are altering the articles to say bashing things. It is
indeed a wiki, however it doesn't hold to the same standards for
encyclopedic content that Wikipedia might. That's because the purpose
is comedy, so don't take it too seriously.

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