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Novel thingy-ma-jig PART 2Category: Novel
Monday, 31 December 2007
11:42:42 AM (GMT)
Chapter 3


	I love creative writing but I hate this class! Y’know why? Because of that awful
Gabrielle person! As soon as I sat down next to her, (BIG MISTAKE) she thinks we’re
gonna be “the best of friends”. She is just so hyper and clingy! The worst part
is, she CAN’T SHUT UP! She’s already got Mr. Rosetti yelling at me for talking in
class because Gabrielle can’t close her motor mouth. So when the bell rang for
lunch, I ran out the door clutching my lunchbox. But too late, the horrid Gabrielle
was already stalking me. I spotted a girl that was eating her lunch alone on a bench.
I slid my butt into the seat next to her. 
	“I’m sorry, but please play along these next few minutes. I’m Naomi.” I said
	“I’m Melody,” the girl said back, still surprised that I was even sitting next
to her. Gabrielle walked toward us.
	“Oh, Naomi, who’s she?” Gabrielle asked looking pretty disappointed that I
hadn’t saved her a seat.
	“This is Melody, I know her from school!” I say cheerfully. Gabrielle smiles at
Melody sweet, probably thinking they’re going to be the best of friends too.
	“Oh, hey. Sorry, but I need to talk to Naomi in private.” Melody said smoothly.
She was playing along perfectly. Gabrielle looked kinda disappointed but she walked
	“Oh my god!” I cry out, “Thank you so much!” Meldoy looks a little scared.
“ya see, she’s an obnoxious follower and she has been bugging me all day!” I
explain. “Sorry, I just need an excuse to get away from her but you did a great job
of following along.”
	“Thanks,” she mumbled as she took another bite of sandwich. I spot the
skateboard leaning against the bench we were sitting on.
	“You skateboard?” I asked.
	“Yup,” she answered.
	“That’s pretty cool, I can’t even balance on one.” I smile and she smiles
back. All of a sudden, she freezes in fear. She seems to surprised because of
something behind me. I turn around and see a really hot boy skating toward us with a
smirk on his face. Why was she so afraid of him?
	“You don’t understand, he’s my Gabrielle,” she says like she’s reading my
mind. “Don’t let the looks fool you, he’s a real jerk on the inside.”
	“His name?”
	So this Aaron parks his board right in front of us. I don’t know what he did
exactly to Melody but I’m not about to let him do it again right after the way
Melody just helped me with Gabrielle.
	I stand up and say, “Look, Melody doesn’t like you or your antics so why don’t
you just go away, pull your pants up, and eat your lunch by yourself, pretty boy?”
It was true, his jeans were sagging pretty low. He looked surprised and opened and
closed his mouth over and over again so he looked like a retarded guppy. Finally, he
pulled together whatever dignity he had left and walked away. 
	“OH my god, thanks so much!” Melody yelled and hugged me. Now it was my turn to
look scared. I just shrug. Then, Melody explained everything to me. Yah, he sounded
like a jerk but not enough not to go out with him!
	I think Melody really can read minds because the next thing she says is “Yah, I
think I would go out with him, but only if he apologizes.”
	“Good plan,” I say, “You don’t know how hard it is to tell a hot boy to go
away.” We both laugh and spend the rest of lunch chatting like old friends.

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