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Kat is the bestest damnest thing in the whole, widest world!Category: stories
Monday, 26 November 2007
09:12:24 PM (GMT)
Once upon a time, in the Land of fairy tales, there was a little girl named Kat. She
loved to read and write, and had many friends, she even had a dear boyfriend. Her
friends loved her so much, but her evil stepmother saw that she was to eventaully be
able to form an alliance with kat, and Her evil stepmother, who was a witch, did not
want a bunch of teenagers ravaging her evil hut. So, she made Kat leave, and her
friends were all very, VERY sad to hear this. The day before her departure, the
friends, although poor, sought out and found 2 gifts for their dear friend. The first
present was a book. The witch saw this, and thought, "it is just a book, plain and
white, it will do me no harm" and she let the girl have it. The second gift were some
chocolates, which Kat had hidden, and the third was peice of bread. 

As soon as the witch moved Kat, she knew that she would soon gain many friends with
her charming-ness. Along the way to her new house, Kat had given her chocolates to a
beggar, and he said, "your kindness shall be repayed" and he left. The witch then
decided that Kat needed to be killed. By the time that Kat had arrived to her new
house, it was snowing and the outside was freezing cold. Her stepmother said, "go out
and find me some wood, or I will not let you in, and you will not recieve some bread"
this made Kat very sad, because in the snow, all the wood was dampened, so she sat
outside and cried. She took out the book her friends had showed, her, and instantly,
a hut not far away from where she was, appeared. In the hut, was the beggar, and he
said, "welcome, my dear, for your generousity in giving me your chocolates, I will
let you stay in my hut for the night" in reply, Kat said, "why thank you.." but the
beggar had not finished, "in return, you must read me a story from that book." this
suprised Kat, for the beggar shouldn't have know about the book. She opened what she
assumed to be an empty book, and suddenly, the pages were filled with stories. These
turned out to be stories that Kat had thought of throghout her life, and she wondered
how the beggar knew. She read a story, and slept in the nice and cozy and warm hut
for the night. The next day, when she left, she looked back, and the hut

She survived on telling her stories, but the witch one day saw it, and she brewed up
a spell. Soon, no one wanted to be near Kat because of the presence of this spell.
She went back into the forest, and opened her book. On the book it said, "eat a peice
of bread, and the spell shall be broken" she did as the book told, and instantly,
people crowded around her, asking her condition and such. After a while, after she
grew up to be a lady, when she was reading, and a prince came by. Like all fairy
tales, you know how this one ends. 
She marries the Prince,
and they live happily ever after. :D

OHHH~!! I PWN!! just kidding, I'm so modest, aren't I?

anyways, storytime ends, I need to sleep. for god's sake, my mom's yelling at me to
get off the damn computer.

hope you enjoyed, Kat is my inspiration, Love ya!

anyways, I just wrote the first thing in my mind, I've been reading too much of these
tales. :D

Kat3384 says:   26 November 2007   656894  
You made a story?!
You did a fantastic job!
It was a really good laid-out stroy.

I'm glad I could inspire you in some way.

Thanks you..writing this.
I'm glad you could make a very wonderful and tearful story.

Kat3384 says:   26 November 2007   958642  
*Thank you for writing this.

I still make alot of grammar mistakes.
kiwily says:   27 November 2007   644741  
I still hope you post your story chapter thing soon!
Kat3384 says:   29 November 2007   839133  
I will.
I may do it tonight.
kiwily says :   29 November 2007   193842  


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