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Grayne Vs. Oroborus21Category: what really happened
Tuesday, 13 November 2007
03:17:27 PM (GMT)
it was sunday morning and i was at kupika like always doing my shit, then i was
messing with oroborus21 on FT and thats when i told him to meet me at Vermont and
Adams at a Ralphs. I picked that place cause a lot of my family lives near there and
i'm familiar with the neighborhood. Later i get a call from my cuz Gordo telling me
he found a shitload of "popcorn" in some torn down apartments and since he lives near
the Ralphs, i thought i was gonna kill two birds with one stone. At 5pm i left my
house and went to my cuz's place. When i got there he showed me the goods, we played
a little Mario Kart and at 6pm we were on or way to the Ralphs. We went inside,
checked everyone out, waited outside for awhile then as we were leaving, I saw a guy
on a bike looking at us. I told Gordo to look over and see if he was still looking at
us and he said yes. We stayed cool and kept walking until we were by Tacos El Unico
and that when i turned around and saw that the guy was still looking at us. (This is
when i supposedly did some hand gesture but i just scratched my neck, i don't use
those gestures, if i wanna flick somebody off i'll use the good ol' middle finger)
Unsure if it was Eddi or not we went to look for some sticks or some shit him off and
as were walking outside by the parking lot of La Barca, i see the same guy in the
street looking around. We went inside the parking lot to get a better look and thats
when the guy got off his bike and starting asking "do you know Grayne" Thats when i
knew it was Eddi. He walked up to me and asked me if i was Grayne, i said no, then he
said that i looked like him. At that point I was thinking about actions and
consequences, i've been arrested before and i didn't like it. I didn't want some Pig
to snatch my balls, write me up, give my a court summon, and then hand me back my
balls in a yellow envelope with the rest of my money. I could see that Eddi meant
business and he had a reason cause i insulted him and i was acting like a real
McAsshole ("the Longest Yard" quote) and i didn't have anything against him, i was
just having fun messing with Eddi online, plus the only reason i showed up was so
that Eddi wouldn't be ripping on me the next saying that i didn't show up and shit.
If Edd1 would have done something like shoved me or some shit, i would've turned on
him like a fucking beast, i may not be as big or as strong as Eddi but i can still
stinking move, when my well-being depends on it. Plus El Jarocho, La Barca's parking
security, and his friends were there and they know me and my cuz, so if shit turned
bad they would have backed us up and turned Eddi into a pinata, and i did not want
that to happen. Eddi then left and we went back to Gordo's house, played a little
Mario Party and then i was on my way home with a shank in my pocket just in case.
thats the end of it.
Last edited: 23 February 2016

‹♥Sh0rTy-D♥› says:   13 November 2007   462154  
thats totally gangster and hottt so whats up
Xanchii says:   15 November 2007   591526  
lol thats cool
misses_perky_purfect says:   15 November 2007   659338  
sorry but yea.

Lyncheh says:   21 November 2007   242859  
Scared rly.
nose_picker says:   3 December 2007   998571  
Fiction shit, brother.
teaparties says :   10 September 2017   542892  
what the fuck

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