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Two hosts! >:DCategory: (general)
Thursday, 1 November 2007
01:36:34 PM (GMT)
Lena: Ahaha! >:D You thought this day would never come, yes? When Mi-chan and I
would work TOGETHER on a diary entry! MUAHAAH-

Michiko: Mm, yes. Go back to sleep, Lena. Anyways, we're going to explain both our
nights in one diary entry, rather than seperately.


Michiko: Go ahead. Tell them about your massive candy indulgence and how it all
escaped later.

Lena: MMM SHUT UP D:<<< ANYWAYS, back to MY night. First off, happy late halloween,
everyone. Ok, well first I invited Brandon (Er... threatened ^^') over to the house,
along with Mi-chan, but then my sister started getting all obnoxious so I sent
Mi-chan to take her trickortreatin'. I wanted to watch Halloween: The Return of
Michael Myers, but Brandon wanted to watch The Excorist (sp?), and we ended up
fighting for the remote O__o; I fell off the couch and got smacked with the remote
SEVERAL times. We decided to go hunt Mi-chan and my sister 'cause we were bored, but
we couldn't find them, so we went back home. After a half hour, they get back and
Carmen has this HUGE bag of candy. Like, I'm not kidding. It was almost filled to the
top. I attacked the bag and stole the other half to save for later. We TRIED to
convince Mi-chan to come with us to annoy store clerks and scare little kids, but she
wouldn't budge and wanted to watch after Carmen instead. A MILLION PERVS HIT ON ME
LAST NIGHT D:<< Some asshole poked me in the rear end o____e AND AND

Michiko: God, you're not done yet? I made your sister a snack, brushed her hair, and
put in a movie for her, and you're still typing?

Lena: Yeh. Why dun I get a snack?? D;

Michiko: Because you'll probably hunt for something with sugar. And because you're
old enough to get one yourself? Mm, readers of this diary entry, let me put things
bluntly. When we came home, Lena devoured whatever was left of Carmen's candy, and
puked. Now, I had to miss school to watch over them.

Lena: Whut she said :D

Michiko: Mm. Now I'll start my side of the night?

Lena: Yes. Now I go get snack?

Michiko: You go get snack.

Lena: Yipee! xDD

Michiko: Mm. It was probably about 7:00 PM when Lena called Brandon and I over. I
planned on finishing a homework assignment, but when Lena started to get annoyed with
Carmen, I volenteered to take Carmen out to trick-or-treat. Carmen was really cute
with her angel costume. Ah, to be seven years old again. I took her around her
favorite stores and houses and by then, she was disappointed with only a bit less
than half the bag. Then we ran into my grandmother, who invited us in for tea and
sugar cookies. She saw Carmen's bag, and gave her the rest of the candy she had in
the closet. Now, her bag was filled to the top and was bulging out at the sides. We
went home with a flashlight (It had started to get a bit darker and Baa-san suggested
we take her flashlight). Brandon and Lena tried to convince me to go out with them to
harass a bunch of people, but I wanted to stay home. I found them remote broken in
the living room, and spent a while putting it back together. They came back, Lena
grinning like an idiot and announcing her victory over a twelve year old and stole
the child's candy. I half-heartedly lectured her, but I was drowned out by the noise
of screaming and gags on the television. Next thing I know, Lena's puking in the
bathroom, and Brandon's rolling his eyes.

Lena: Yay I gots food :DD

Michiko: Mm. So, that was our Halloween night. Readers, eat candy in moderation


Michiko: Fool readers once, shame on Lena. Fool readers twice, shame on the readers.

Lena. Riiiite. Baibai readers! :DDD

Lilrockin2 says:   1 November 2007   836413  
FreakehAnimeChick says:   1 November 2007   299273  
Mou... This thing came out longer than expected, ne?
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   1 November 2007   851944  
._. I am eating candy right now.
oresama whispers:   2 November 2007   115232  
Happy late Halloween to you too! :'3
What an interesting night! O:  I hope you're okay now Lena. o_o 
Listen to Michiko when it comes to eating candy. :D

@_@;  SHINY PERSON.  *-*;; 
FreakehAnimeChick says:   2 November 2007   711291  
Since I half-wrote this, I have the right to reply to commenters, ne
Lena-chan? =3

Ashley-chan: Lucky. Lena ate my candy >.>.

oresama: Oh, where did you go?! I missed you! D=. Lena's fine now.
Although now everytime she sees candy, she promptly turns the other
way and gags... Hm, you mean Hyde-sama? Yes, I found him especially...
attractive there xD.
psychoticangel159 says :   5 April 2008   336148  
I remember that entry xD

It was a while ago O_o


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