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Monday, 29 October 2007
12:16:51 AM (GMT)
Okay, I am so mad today. This is for no one in particular. Well, maybe the poem is
but not the dialogue. Okay here goes:

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
Stupid are jerks, 
And so are you!

Here's a new 1. It's weird. I decided it was time to change scenery. You'll think
it's weird once you've read it. 1 of nekoprincess's F.M.A. diary entries inspired me.
I thank nekoprincess for her inspiration.

**************On with the dialogue this time at home though********

Kyohei: The house is ours at last. The girls are at the frickin stupid recording
studio while here at home, glorious home.
Joshua: Hey Kyohei, listen to this. *plays a soundtrack from the internet*
Kougi: Hey, nice singing. *smirks* Who's voice is that?
Joshua: *smirking so hard his whole body is twitching* The one and only Kyohei!!!
Kougi: *smirking so hard that his right eye is twitching* Where'd you get it?
Kyohei: Yeah, where'd you get it? *face as red as a tomato with a fiery look in his
Joshua: I got it from the internet. Where else?
Kyohei: No, I mean where'd you record it?
Kougi: I saw him doing it while you were in the shower. I didn't really think that
he'd do something like that but... 
Kyohei: You mean you recorded the song I was singing in the shower?
Joshua: Yup, that's exactly what I did.
Kougi: *laughing so hard that he's rolling around the floor like a nutcase* Wow, you
are so popular. Look at all the comments you got on just one song!
Kyohei: What, you mean you put it on public mode? I could still accept if you put it
on private mode but now...

************mean while in the recording studio*****

Sarah: Told you guys they would fall for it!
Other girls and new random operator: *nods*

*****back to the house (no one noticed that there was a transmitter)**********

Kanata: *enters house* What's up guys?
Joshua: You haven't appeared for a while.
Kyohei: He recorded my frickin voice with a damn tape recorder and put it on the on
the frickin internet.
Kanata: Sarah keeps forgetting about me. She says that I'm too normal. That demon,
*glares at a thing belonging to Sarah then looks at ripped  project* ripped my
project into half.   
Joshua: Harsh, all she ever did to me was beat me up until I was left with a sprained
ankle. Wait wasn't that Yumiko?
Kougi: You mean my kind and gentle sister attacking? No way!
Kyohei: EVERYBODY GET BACK ON THE SUBJECT OF ME!!! Joshua, to make up for what
you have done to me you shall all tell your worst fears and nightmares.
Let's start with me

*******************at the recording studio***********************

Sarah: Quick! Somebody get a pen and pad of paper. We're are going to write down
their fears. We'll do it later.
Random Operator and other girls: *knows what she means and does what she asked to

*********************back at the house***************************

Kyohei: My fears are: girls when they're angry, sea urchins, milk, cheese, anything
that has to do with milk except cakes and pastries.
Joshua: Mine are girls when they're angry, , pointy objects.
Kanata: Here are mine: drowning, death, spiders and bugs, the girls when they're are
Kougi: Sarah and the other girls when they're angry, darkness, death

*************recording studio********

Miharu: They're afraid of us? Why I...  
Sarah: Don't worry, you'll get your chance.
Miharu: I will?
Sarah: Yes, all us girls will. *tells everyone her plan*
Ran. Op. (shortcut): I have everything you need right here.
Girls: *goes into dressing room and changes into various costumes*
Sarah: -wearing the warrior outfit from the 1st dialogue- Okay, is everyone ready?
Yumiko: -milk maid costume- (I think you can guess who she'll be trying to scare.)
Yes, I think everyone has everything.
Asuka: Then let's go!
Girls & Ran. Op: *goes out of the building to get to the house*

************at the house**************

Kanata: What was that?
Kougi: What's what?
Kanata: Listen...
Boys: *hears something heavy being dragged*
Sarah: Charge!!! *enters house but in the process breaks down the door*  
Yumiko: Hey, Kyohei... I have a whole jug of tasty MILK for you!
Kyohei: Aahhhh!! How did you know I hated milk?!!
Miharu: -nurse's costume- Joshua?!!! Time for your shots!!! *holds out a gigantic
realistic-looking but actually fake injection*
Joshua: Aahhh!!!!!!! *volts for the door but is blocked by Miharu*
Sarah: I'll answer your question Kyohei. *shows transmitter* Now for you Kougi...
*holds out sword*
Kougi: *gulps* What did I ever do to you?!!!
Sarah: This is not just for me. It's for every girl you have insulted in you whole
life starting when you were born!! *starts hacking away but mostly misses*
Asuka: -bug collector outfit- Hey Kanata, would you like to see some bugs? I have a
tarantula. *shows a robot tarantula that looks incredibly real*
Kanata: *runs around the room* 
Sarah: *binds and gags the boys* I'm going to ask people to do dares. But right now
let's just settle for 1 which is mine. *does her death glare*
Boys (including Ran. Op.): -mumbles under their breath- Her brain is messed up! What
in the world will she do?!!!

********the dare room***********************

Sarah: These are the things I would like you to do. Kougi go to the darkest place
possible and stay there for an hour not doing anything then go jump of a cliff.
Kanata go jump into a pool. You don't know how to swim do you? The deepest part.
Kyohei eat as many dairy products as possible while drinking milk. Joshua go to the
Chokey! (If you've read the book Matilda you'll know what the Chokey is.) 
Boys: *does the dares 'coz they know what's good for them*
Ran. Op: Cut and that's a wrap. Your house turned into a dumpster but then you have a
reserved 1 in that new ritzy neighbohood.

Oh well, it's not that good but I hoped you enjoyed it!!!

People I am accepting dares!! You can dare them to do anything (excluding me).
Last edited: 29 October 2007

TailsFromSonic says:   29 October 2007   563451  
Jebus, that's pwny!
Azelf says:   29 October 2007   837749  
I don't get it.....maybe when I read the next I'm gonna get it...
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   1 November 2007   793793  
Azelf dare them to do something please anything!
Joshua607 says :   8 December 2007   216133  
I hate you sis!! I knew you were up to something sinister in here!!


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