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Fly High 2 Chapter 11Category: fantasy story
Wednesday, 17 October 2007
12:46:23 PM (GMT)
Evilyn twisted her figer round and round making a smokey circle of red.
"I seduce Seth, make Chika jealous, she'll be so distracted that you can kill her."
"Excellent." Dave nodded.

"What ARE we gonna do?" Monique asked.
"We SHOULD find the stone of Solana." I said, hands on my hips.
"Okay, what's that?" I turned around. A yellow glow was above the snowy hill.
"Omigosh! It's the northen lights!"  We both ran towards it. a strange feeling washed
over me. "Monique."
"Yah?" She said, looking up towards the fascinating lights.
"Have you ever thought you was straight. But then something happens and you think
you've been wrong all your life."
"Yeah. When I look at Seth."
"Since I was 14, I was a lesbian, but I met Seth, and became straight."
"Okay, how come you've never told me about this?"
"I was scared you laugh, or tell everyone."
"Why would I do that, you're my bffl! Besides, i've just gone through the the same
thing, besides, I think i'm pregnant."
"Oooh." Monique smiled. "Justin's gonna be so pleased, but I don't think Seth will
"You idiot! It is Seth's!" I layed down and hit my head hard on something. "Hey! The
Solana stone!" I screamed. "I've found all three of the stones."
"Put them together!" Monique squealed. I layed all three one against each other.
"Oh special stones, hear my plea, please give me special powers." I chanted.
"Hey, if this works will it last for hours?" Monique butted in.
All three flashed in a blinding light, again as if it was working, my clothes turned
into a princess outfit. A tiarra landed softly on my head. Me and Monique was sucked
into a hole and appeared into Evilyns lair.
"Aaaah!" Dave yelled. "Evi! Chika's here!" Her guards caught us from behind and
locked us in their arms. Evilyn entered, she seemed to be stripping Seth.
"Oh, what perfect timing." Evilyn smiled and kissed him. I gasped.
"You bitch! I'll kill you!" I yelled.
"You're in that stupid outfit again, are you?" Evilyn asked, taking a red sword and
ripping the skirt.
"You, you yo-"
Me what?" Evilyn laughed. "What the?" My skirt fixed itself. I kicked the guard in
the stomach and knocked Dave off with a flix spell, a flash of pink emereged and blew
to me. I flashed it straight to Evilyn.
"What are you trying to do?" She laughed.
"This." I kicked her in the face and took her sword. I ran straight to Dave and
lunged it in his chest. He died instantly.
"What have you done! Davey!" Evilyn screeched. I flung the sword to the guards face,
Monique was free.
"Evilyn," He looked at me. All three of us gasped, she was drinking his blood. "Never
get between a girlfriend and a boyfriend!" I kicked her in the face. Monique set Seth
free. We stuck our pose. "Three against one." I said cheekily. I've never won
"You won't win!" Evilyn. "Blood Storm!" A huge cloud thrust over us. Evilyn took
three daggers and shot them into the cloud....

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