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KH FanFIC (chapters 1-4)Category: (general)
Sunday, 16 September 2007
05:37:58 PM (GMT)
Name: Kayleigh     
Gander: Female
Age: 17
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Brown with highlights
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 135.5
Likes: Kicking butt and saving the world, hanging out with friends, chilling on the
beach, and drawing
Dislikes: Organization 13, bad people
Friends: Gerryn, Landon, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Namine, Roxas, The whole crew
Crush: Landon/Riku/Sora
Weapon: Elemental Keyblade
Powers: Control over the elements, Speacializes in water and earth but also does fire
air and lightning 
and ice


    She lived on a small island with her friends Landon and Gerryn. They had a
good life on the island with family and other kids on the island. but one night
having a bonfire on the beach they saw a blackness in the sky that no night could
possibly produce. Soon their entire island was swarming with heartless and darkness.
While staying near to Gerryn and Landon, Kayleigh and her friends searched theisland
their family or anyone that lived on the island but found no one. Instead they found
portal. The portal was on a wall of a house which was surrounded by heartless. while
trying to sneak to the portal, they were spotted and surrounded. backed against the
with the portal, they could do nothing but jump into it and hope it led them
safe. but the heartless were comming closer, the were within arms reach when landon
backwards into the portal. Gerryn grabbed him and fell in too but not before kaleigh
grabbed his foot. They tumbled through darkness, alone, and yet still together, when
thudded onto hardpavement. 
                  To be continued....
(sorry if its not good yet, im at work and doing this when people arent

we last left kayleigh and her friends when they were falling through a dark portal
page one) now to resume:
                                            Chapter 2:

"Ughh-...where am i?" Kayleigh sat up and looked around. It was bright...she had to
sheild her eyes from the lights until they adjusted. She found a sign with a name on
"Twi-...Ooof" The ground shifted beneath her and she toppled over onto her back.
" answer your question. You were sitting on me and since im in Twilight
that would lead me to beleive that you are too." A boy with brown spikey hair said as
tried to get up. "Ugh, you hit me hard! my back is gonna ache for days!" He looked
Kayleigh. "Who are you anyway?"
she was stunned. She had no idea she had just been sitting on this boy. She could
her cheeks burn hot pink as she blushed at her embarassment. "I-I'm Kayleigh"
"well, hi Kayleigh im Sora and could you give a guy a warning next time your gonna
on him?" he stood up and bent his back backwards in order to get rid of the pain. but
just seemed to make it worse.
"I am soooo sorry! I was just in a see me and my frie-" she gasped
realizing that her friends, Landon and Gerryn, were no where to be found! "Oh no! My
friends! Their missing, well...their just not here...but- we were in the portal, i
have sworn i had a hold of Gerryn...or was it Landon that i had a hold of but what
Sora gave a long mournful sigh "Maybe you should just take a deep breath Kayleigh Im
looking for my friends too. You see i just hit the ground here too when you feel out
the sky and hit me" a painful look crossed his face as he remembered being pumulled
her just minutes ago. "I had fallen into a portal too. Maybe it was me you grabbed?
mean it was really dark in there"
She nodded clearly not knowing what to think. Just minutes ago she was sitting on
beach with her two best friends talking about what they were going to do with the
month of summer. "I guess that could have been what happened...i supose it is

All of a sudden a horrible noise sounded from the far away darkness of the night. 
                                           To be Continued

we last left Kayleigh and Sora trying to figure out how they ended up in Traverse
town at
the same time and why they were even there in the first place. time to resume with
3!!  (and i know i said they were in Twilight Town before but i accidently said that
mean Traverse Town....we all make mistakes ^_^)
                 Chapter 3:

"What in the world was that?" Kayleigh turned to Sora who was spinning around trying
figure out where the noise had come from. After spinning for a while he fell over.
"Ooooo Im Dizzy now..." He sat up and put his hand to his head while he wobbled on
"well silly! That wasnt very smart. i know where the noise came from follow me." she
began to walk away when she realized Sora was still sitting on the ground. she
over and held out her hand for him. he grabbed it and she...with a lot of
him to his feet. although the world was still spinning he allowed her to guide him
the dark alleyway which would lead them to the source of the noise.

"Quaaa!! The heartless! Their everywhere!!" said a white little duck who was wearing
strange clothes. 
"Ahuyck! Donald, how are we gonna find the wheelder of the keyblade now?" Donald shot
very strange friend a frustrated look.
"Goofy i told you already we are looking for the weilder of the keyblade not the
WHEELDER!" and with that the heartless jumped from all sides onto the helpless
Things were looking bleak. Donalds magical staff had been knocked from his grasp and
goofy was being held down by the countless heartless and was unable to fight. 
When out of the impending darkness and doom that had settled upon them came a gleam
hope! Two people were comming closer...a boy....and a..............girl. and then

(back with Kayleigh and Sora)

they had been running toward the source of a commotion. Voices...they had heard two
voices. a rather scratchy one which was hard to make out and a more comprehensable
But both were fading and soon there was no noise to be heard. 
They rounded a corner.
"This is where the noise is comming fro-" Kayleigh stopped dead. Sora came around
corner next.
" run way to fast! its hard to keep u-" he stopped talking when he
what she was staring at. 
Nothing. Nothing at all. Just an empty little enclosed courtyard where the shops and
giant old church stood. there was noway out but the way they came in. Sora glared at
church with fascination. 
"Its huge!" his eyes ran all the way up to the top where a flat part sat on the face
the church. "what the..." he grabbed Kayleigh "Look!" he pointed to where he had
"what? what did you see?" she stared at nothing but an old church.
"I saw someone. in a black hood!" she gave him a confused look "I KNOW I DID
you gotta beleive me, he was staring at me but when i turned to get you he must have
vanished!" Sora let go of her arm and stared at the building. 
Kayleigh began walking around the courtyard investigating what she beleived to be
scene of the commotion. she sat on the edge of a little fountain. 
"Sora. i dont know whats going on. This is the only possible place that the noise
have come from. and i heard fighting moments before we got here. almost like a sword
or a
couple of them. Im not su-" she had been staring into the pond when her eyes caught
glint of something on the side of the pond in a crack between the pond and a
she bent down and picked it up. "A staff! look Sora! i found somethi-" 
But before she could get those words out...something had found her.

           To Be Continued

returing to my story. we left off with Kayleigh finding a staff on the ground but
or something seems to have found her at the same time!!!! duhn duhn duhnnnnnnnnnn

                     Chapter 4:

   Kayleigh shot straight up. Something was behind her. Sora was investingating by
door to the church. 'seriously, why is he so entranced by that' she thought without
meaning to. 
 "Sor-!" A hand clamped around her mouth from up above. someone was on the upper
above the fountain and whoever it was seemed to be pulling her up. She thrashed
trying to
make noise. Just before she was out of reach, she kicked at the pond causing a small
audible splash. Sora turned around 'YES!' Kayleigh thought.
  Unfortunatly that was the moment that was needed for the woman lurking behind Sora
launch a surprise attack and grab him from behind as well. 
  They were captured. And there was absolutly nothing they could do about it. 

(Elsewhere in a small hotel-like bedroom)

"When are they gonna be back?!! Its been 20 minutes already! They should be back by
The little white duck named Donald was restless. Pacing back and forth relentlessly.
Unable to control his anxiousness to see the weilder of the keyblade. 
"Donald...I think i see um comming! Ahuyck! And they have two little people!" Goofy
standing by the window playing watchman as Donald Paced. They had been captured but
by enemies. For if these two people had not shown up, Donald and Goofy would not
been able to ever complete their mission.
"They are here!!! Quuuuuaaaa!" Donald ran to the door in time to have it open and
him against the wall.
*Gasp!* Goofy gasped but still looked on the verge of laughing out loud. 
"Goofy! Whats goin on? Where is Donald? I could have sworn i heard him" A young
girl said before she began searching near and far across the room for Donald
"Yuffie. Check behind the door." A man said leisurely. He had Kayleigh in his arms.
Yuffie had already dumped Sora on the bed near the door the moment she walked into
Yuffie walked to the door and closed it to find Donald as flat as a pancake behind
"Oh Donald! did i do that? I am so SORRY!"
The man who had Kayleigh walked to the other side of the bed which Sora lay upon and
gently placed Kayleigh beside him. "Im not sure which one of these two is the
weilder but it has to be one of them. Im not sure how i know...its just a feeling"
added as Donald gave him an alarmed look. 
"They should not be here if you are not sure who they are! No one should even know
we are looking for the keyblade unless they are involved." The man raised his
"Well, you are included Leon. You and Yuffie. No one should know until we have the
weilder! Otherwise the dark side will go after whoever weilds it and then we are in
 They all turned to the two young people laying on the bed, hoping with every part
their being that one of these two teenagers holds the key to saving the world.

                      To Be Continued

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