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im 42% goth......yahCategory: (general)
Sunday, 9 September 2007
07:17:31 PM (GMT)
What kinds of clothes do you wear?
[] Black!! it's got to be black!! It's the same colour as my soul!!
[x] Black top with jeans
[x] Anything thats black along with other colors.
[] Black jeans and a top
[] tracksuits and footie tops! 
[x] Some black clothes.
[]mind your own business
so far= 3

Do you wear goth make up?
[] YES!! Are you crazy??? I don't go anywhere without my face looking deathly!!
[x] yes, but only when i feel like it.
[] goth make up? what do you think i am???
[x] sometimes
[] only psycho's wear that stuff don't they??
[] nope
so far=5

What type of music do you listen to?
[] metal/death metal/black metal
[x] rock/metal
[] dance music
[] pop/dance/rave/trance
[]rock/some pop/hiphop/rap
[x] rock
[]music!...I dont listen to mucic!!
so far=7

What style is your hair?
[x] Long
[] short
[] spiked
[] i don't have any hair, i'm a skinhead/shaved
[x] i have hair, it's just there ok?
so far=9

where is your ideal paradise?
[] in space!
[x] on an island with my fav band
[] in a dessert
[] heaven
[] down the pub/club with my mates
[x] away from you!!
[x] i don't know
so far12

if you weren't doing this quiz right now, where would you be?
[] in a goth club head banging/moshing away!!
[] persuming it was night time, at a party
[] at a footie match
[] socializing with my friends
[] down the pub
[] probably in the house putting my goth make up on
[] at the cinema watching a horror
[x] away from sertain people
[x] i'm not telling you
so far=14

total score= 14
ok, add up how many you got and mutiply it by 3........i got 42%

punk_rock_sk8 says:   7 May 2008   497539  
54% that good? hmm....maybe not well to some peopel maybe
its good to others
xXDid_I_Scare_YouXx says :   22 June 2008   978867  
60% goth???!?!??!??   FTW! THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!


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