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Friday, 3 August 2007
11:14:56 AM (GMT)

Its kind of weird how I feel atm.
I'm kinda sad, but then I'm kinda alright.
I used to be very close to my best friend before, but because of a situation, its all
really different now.
&I know Its kinda been sorted out and stuff, but I can't help feel there are still
alot of differences.
She's changed soo much from before..as you can tell, I don't really deal with changes
so well, and I should.
&I can't keep going like this, thats what friends are for, you don't have to be a
like soo much, but should always stick with each other, no matter what.

She does annoy me a bit at times, when shes being too bitchy about things, or if shes
talking about fit guys 24/7. 
If she knows that I already like a guy, and I can't even imagine looking at other
guys in that way, then why does she keep doing it?
&&When my crush is around, I get all tounge-tied and I kind of stay away.
&she has a problem with it, she keeps questioning why I'm like that?? 
I can't control how I feel, and if I can't talk infront of him, then thats how it
I would rather admire from afar, then do anything about it.
I'm kind of weird, because I don't find my crush fit or anything, but I find him so
nice and so different from everybody else..
&you don't have to like what other people like, right?
everyone has their own choice, and if they don't like that, then i'm sorry but I
can't really change it.
To be honest, I hate being bitchy and stuff, because I just feel that everybody
deserves a chance to be different and if they are friendly with you, and really show
who they are infront of you, then you should forget what other people say about

I've learnt that, and I don't wanna be part of that at all.
Some of my friends call some of the people I know, really bitchy and stuff, but I see
a different side to them.
It isn't neccessary that whatever you hear about people and what you see is what it
is, its whats inside is important.

Last edited: 3 August 2007

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