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Melissa's Story part 1Category: stories
Thursday, 2 August 2007
09:48:29 AM (GMT)
Melissa sat down on the grass as the glowing sunset started
to fade. She sat there for a another few minutes and stood
up, heading for home. But where is home for me, Melissa 
thought. The cold wind felt like spikes in her back, blowing
harder and harder. She pulled her jacket closer and snugger
to her body. The dark alleyway was no place for a 13 year old
to be in the dark. Her warm golden brown eyes were looking,
side to side of the alleyway. Melissa knew that danger could
lurk at any corner, and she wasn't going to take a risk. 
Snap! Whipping around Melissa thought she heard a noise.
She looked down the alleyway for a couple of seconds and turned back. 
Seeing that the she was almost out of the alleyway was a 
relief to her. It wasn't as cold with all the city lights and crowded

    Melissa entered the orphanage where she lived. The younger
kdis running up to her. the older ones rolling their eyes. 
Danielle, the caretaker there ran up to her."Where were you!?" she
asked in a raised tone. "Mrs. Judy is furious!" "Mrs. Judy?" asked
Melissa. "She's furious? She couldn't care less about the kids that 
lived here." "I know," said Danielle. "But if she lost one of the kids here
she would lose her business and alot of her money." Melissa rolled her 
eyes. She hated being with all the other kids. Screaming, fussing, laughing,
was all she ever heard. Noise was Melissa's pet peeve. "MELISSA!" someone
from the hallway screamed. Danielle quickly ran back to her cleaning.
Mrs. Judy came running in to the child. "If you were lsot do how
much money- I mean joy I would lose. Don't do it again." She slapped
Melissa on the cheek and walked off. 

  The next day at school was hard for Melissa. She couldn't 
focus on her work. Thinking about a better home, where she
was loved is wonderful to her. Smack! Melissa jumped up!
"You will pay attention, or you will be in detention," said her 
teacher." As soon as class was over Melissa slowly walked 
through the hallways. As usual people were talking about
her. How she was poor, and had no good clothes. Worst of
all, she lived in an orphanage. Jake, Melissa's only friend
walked up to her. "hey, " he said. "Sorry I couldn't meet you'
yesterday. Homework." Melissa laughed. "It's okay," she said.
"And besides my brother kinda sorta talked me out of it. " Jake
then said. Melissa looked a him. "Well," started Jake. " He said
that people are talking about us. That people are calling us........
us..............a couple." "Look," Melissa was explaining. "We 
aren't a couple. We should jsut ignore those. besides, there
is nothing between us." She glanced at Jake. "Right?" she asked.
He gave a shy look as if about to confess something to her.
"Because that would be really wierd," Melissa told him. His face
changed. "Yeah," he said. "Really wierd."

   Melissa had a dream that night. It was of her father and mother.
Both with shining faces. They were all sitting together. Her mother's
beautiful purple eyes and long black hair. Her father with the same
eyes as her, warm golden brown and his wavy dark brown hair. And in the
middle of them sat Mellisa. Just three years old. The same eyes as
her father and her black hair, shining in the sunlight. It was a memory
of her childhood she loved to have. The best part was when her mother
said, "We will never leave you. You are our pride and joy."

  She woke up. "Never leave me," she wispered to herself. "But
Mrs. Judy said my parents brought me here, because they didn't
love me." All of a suden a flash of a memory she had never had
worked it's way through her brain. 

  She was being picked up out of bed. "Without you," said the person.
"I will become king! As soon as your father's 32nd birthday 
comes around, I shall kill him and your mother. because 32 was
how old my father was when he died." 

  "I wasn't given away by my parents. I was kidnapped. And Mrs Judy
knows about it."

                                      To BE continued

GoodStuff95 says:   2 August 2007   935797  
ok cool
2kupika4u says:   2 August 2007   851941  
nice i cant wait for th 2nd one
wat_ur_number says:   2 August 2007   839661  
wowthats awsome i cant wait for the 2nd 1
Yakumi says :   30 December 2007   413983  
omg thats awesome my stories sound choppy >.<


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