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40 secrets about yourself.Category: (general)
Thursday, 19 July 2007
08:12:55 AM (GMT)
40 secrets about yourself.
Be honest no matter what.

[one] have you ever been asked out?

[two] where is your default picture taken?
what defult picture? 

[three] what's your middle name?
yue. it's my chinese name too, means jade :D

[four] your current relationship status?
single-lovin' it! (like mcdonalds, although i only like it in chinese.. ZOMG chinese
fast foods.. are SO good!_

[five] does your crush like you back?
do i have a crush?

[six] what is your current mood?
dunno, my throat hurts like crap. i guess, it's bored, since no one woke up yet

[seven]what color underwear are you wearing?
green with black polka dots

[eight] what color bra are you wearing?
just woke up-not wearin' one
lulz, weird questions...

[ten] if you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
hmm... dunno... 
alot, but if i changed it... everythin' would be different.
[eleven] if you must be an animal for one day, what?
KIWI!! (jkjk) i dont want to be another animal, 1 they're more easily killed, and
two, i dunno numba two... but it would be awesome if for oneday, i'd shrink and be
able to live in a doll house. 

[twelve] ever had a near death experience?
not really. lulz, i'm a spoiled brat, the closest i'll ever get to dying is probably
being sick

[thirteen] something you do a lot?
watch stuff on veoh and youtube, draw, COMPUTER ANYTHING, sleep, sleep, eat, watch
TV, being lazy, talk, 

[fourteen] the song stuck in your head?
umm.. no... it's just amazingly quiet here....

[fifteen] who did you copy and paste this from?
but i've seen it from linda and love me or die first.. this was just the first one
that i opened today so i copied it.

[sixteen] name someone with the same birthday as YOU?
victor chen,
sara estryn, 
devon dryer
cant think of more at the momment.. but i have a list form when i was little.
[seventeen] when was the last time you cried?
after watching a chinese "soap opera"

[eighteen] have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
yes, when i was little, and in chorus.

[nineteen] if you could have one super power what would it be?
shrinking.. or.. i dunno, 
[twenty] what's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

[twenty-one] what do you usually order from Starbucks?
i never go get cofee, cafeen is bad for the developing body. it can hurt them. 
but, i just look at the most colorful fruit cofee or sowmthin most of the time...
only bought form it once or twice.

[twenty-two] what's your biggest secret?
telling it would not make it a sercret anymore now would it?
[twenty-three] favorite color?
green and yellow

[twenty-four] favorite scent?
smell of somthin' fryin' sometimes.. I DUNNO!!!

[twenty-five] do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
hell ya'

[twenty-six] what are you eating or drinking at the moment?

[twenty-seven] do you speak any other language
Chinese- Mandarin

and i can say "do you speak english ?" in french..
in chinese too...... -_______-
[twenty-eight] what's your favorite smell?
isnt that the same as scent wait, nvm, a scent is a smell but a smell aint always a
scent right?

[twenty-nine] if you could describe your life in one word, what word would it be?

[thirty] when was the last time you gave/received a hug?
probably when i gave a hug to jessica.. and the rest.. i dont remember..
oh! yesterday while watching hte chinese soap opera! i huggled a pillow LIKE CRAZY

[thirty-one] have you ever kissed in the rain?
never kissed
sweet virginity

[thirty-two] what are you thinking about right now?
like linda, i'm thinkin' about these questions.

[thirty-three] what should you be doing?
no one has woken up yet.  

[thirty-four] who was the last person that made you upset/angry?
My mom but that was ages ago, because now we have nothin' to do because we just came
back from china and eveyhting's all weird...

she made me annoyed by going around crazy because my eyes were itchy...
(because i needa get an eye checkup)

[thirty-five] how often do you pray?
only when i feel like it.

[thirty-six] do you like working in the yard?
hmm. until the mosquitos come out and before i acually get someting to do, yes.

[thirty-seven] if you could have any last name in the world, what would it be?
dunno, i like mine, but i kinda dont, so yeah.

it'd be KIWI  chan!!
literally!!! >.< just kidding >.>

[thirty-eight] do you act differently around the person you like?
do i have a crush?

[thirty-nine]what is your naturally hair color?
dark dark dark, dark, dark, brown.
aka. black

[forty] who was the last person to make you cry?
stupid television,
after that...... my eyes, so darn itchy, 
after that, my aunt and uncle, by takin' me to their parent's grave..

malkigirlmaringirl whispers:   19 July 2007   256794  
I think u should read it again, no one wants to know ur underwear
color  , just a suggestion
kiwily says:   19 July 2007   559172  
yeah they do..
"seven]what color underwear are you wearing?"
reading.. >.>
Nick007 says:   20 July 2007   661727  
Lol...some of your answers are funny! ^^

Also, 14 = We Didn't Start The Fire!
Or, The Internet Is For Porn! ^_^
kiwily says:   20 July 2007   357197  
it isnt stuck in my head... it's stuck on our profiles >.<
Nick007 says:   20 July 2007   845379  

What's the name of that song on your profile?
The second to last You Tube video?
kiwily says:   20 July 2007   531315  
best friends. by toybox.

like it?
Nick007 says :   21 July 2007   892935  
It's cute...


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