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What have YOU done?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 11 July 2007
05:39:18 PM (GMT)

 snuck out of your parent's house  N
 had feelings for someone who didn't have them back  Y
 been arrested  N
 gone on a blind date  N
 had a crush on a teacher  Y
 been to Canada  Y
 been to Mexico  N
 been on a plane  Y
 thrown up in a bar  N
 purposely set a part of yourself on fire  N
 eaten sushi  Y,Y,Y!!!
 been snowboarding  N
 taken painkillers  Y
 laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by  Y
 questioned your heart  Y
 been obsessed with post-it notes  Y,Y,Y!!!
 squished barefoot through the mud  Y
 been lost  N
 been to the opposite side of the country  N
 swam in the ocean  Y
 felt like dying  Y
 cried yourself to sleep  Y
 played cops and robbers  N
 recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers  Y
 paid for a meal with only coins  Y
 done something you told yourself you wouldn't do  Y
 made prank phone calls  Y
 laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose  Y
 choked  Y
 caught a snowflake on your tongue  Y
 danced in the rain  Y
 written a letter to Santa Claus  Y
 written a letter to the tooth fairy  Y
 been kissed under a mistletoe  N
 watched the sun rise with someone you care about  Y
 blown bubbles  Y
 made a bonfire on the beach  N
 crashed a party  Y
 gone roller skating  Y
 had a wish come true  Y
 worn pearls  N
 jumped off a bridge  N
 ate dog/cat food  N
 told a complete stranger you love them  N
 kissed a mirror  Y
 sang in the shower [ hehe ]  Y
 have a little black dress  N
 had a dream that you married someone  Y
 glued your hand to something  Y
 got your tongue stuck to a flag pole  N
 kissed a fish [ a dead fish ]  N
 worn the opposite sex's clothes  N
 been a cheerleader  N,N,N!!!
 sat on a roof top  Y
 screamed at the top of your lungs  Y
 done a one-handed cartwheel  N
 talked on the phone for more than 3 hours  Y
 stayed up all night  Y
 picked and ate an apple  Y
 climbed a tree  Y
 had a tree house  N
 been scared to watch scary movies alone  Y
 believed in ghosts  Y
 have more then 10 pairs of shoes  N
 worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say  N
 gone streaking  N
 played ding-dong-ditch  Y
 been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on  N
 been told you're hot by a complete stranger  N
 broken a bone  N
 been easily amused  Y
 caught a fish then ate it  Y
 caught a butterfly  N
 laughed so hard you cried  Y
 cried so hard you laughed  Y
 mooned/flashed someone  N
 had someone moon/flash you  Y
 cheated on a test  Y
 had a Britney Spears CD  N
 forgotten someone's name [ lol all the time ]  Y
 slept naked  Y
 French braided someone's hair  N
 gone skinny dipping  N
 been asked if you were brothers / sisters  N
 Had a boyfriend/girlfriend  Y
 removed your clothing  Y
 been offered a cigarette  Y
 been offered drugs/alchohol  N
 walked in on someone while they were changing  Y
 walked in the rain without an umbrella or raincoat  Y,Y,Y!!!
 been outside between 3 am and 4 am  N
 labled someone  Y
 been called a goth  Y
 bitch  Y
 punk  Y
 prep  N
 slut  N
 whore  N
 hoe  N
 sleezbag  Y
 douche  N
 brat  Y
 nerd  Y
 dork  Y
 wannabe  N
 kissed someone from the same sex  Y
 played truth or dare  Y
 if so taken a dare and succesfully accomplished it  Y
 taken a truth and actually told the truth  Y
 played spin the bottle  N
 performed in some way in front of an audience of 100 or more  Y
 talked behind a bestfriends back  N
 cursed while a teacher was standing right beside or behind you  Y
 seen a member of the opposite sex naked  Y
 pretended to be scared during a movie so you could cuddle closer to someone  N
 pretended to be bad at pool so someone you liked could "help"  N
 gotten a 1st degree burn  Y
 a 2nd degree burn  Y
 a 3rd degree burn  N
 had your appendix removed  N
 cursed in church  Y
 fowarded a chain letter/e-mail/message  N
 had more than 6 screennames  N
 watched porn [ mmmm ]  Y
 gone more than 5 days without a shower  Y 
 spent more than 5 hours straight on the computer  Y
 been in two places at once  N
 gotten a permanent tattoo  N
 thought you had a chance with a well-known celebrity  Y
 laughed when you heard the number 69  Y
 done drugs  N
 drank alchohol  N
 tanned topless  Y
 tanned bottomless  N
 tanned completely naked  N
 been to a nudist resort/beach/community  N
 gone through someone's stuff that you shouldn't have been going through  Y
 seen someone shoplift  Y
 punched someone  Y
 kicked someone  Y
 stolen from a teacher  Y
 stolen from your school  Y
 cut  N
 had an eating disorder  Y
 been on prozac  Y
 driven a car before you had a permit  Y
 been out past legal curfew by yourself or with friends  N
 skipped school without the knowledge of your parents  N
 cheated on a bf/gf  N
 been cheated on by a gf/bf  Y
 worn sunglasses on a shady day  Y
 tanned outside during recess  Y
 been out of your country  Y
 been out of your continent  Y
 been to more than 10 U.S. states  N
 left the phone off the hook [ by mistake ]  Y
 ridden on a train  N
 gotten seasick  N
 gotten carsick  Y
 surfed  N
 been on a volleyball team  N
 been on a basketball team  N
 been on a baseball/softball team  Y
 played lacrosse  N
 played field hockey  N
 been on a soccer team  N
 dived off a diving board  Y
 fallen off your bike  Y
 failed a subject  N
 gotten straight A's all year  N
 said something that sounded like a movie line  Y
Last edited: 11 July 2007

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