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Tuesday, 10 July 2007
10:13:24 AM (GMT)
Status:Eatin A popsicle :D
Name: i'm not telling 
Date of birthday: TOMORROW ! XD (july 11th)
birthplace: Germany
Current location: Computer
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Piercings: Nope 
Tattoos: yes, one on thigh


Band: F.O.B because it's really up-beat music
Singer:  ?_?
Song: It's not over- Chris Daughtry
Movie: Live Free Die Hard
Disney movie: The Jungle Book
TV show: ?
Color: Cerulean Blue
Food: Lasagna
Pizza topping: Cheese
Ice-cream flavour: chocolate chip
Drink(alcoholic): ..hmmm...I don't drink, but i'd have to say....none really 
Soda: Sprite
Store: West 49, Arlies
Clothing brand: uhh....
Shoe brand: Vans
Wear to bed: Boxers
Season: Summer
Month: July
Holiday/ festival: Christmas! !!
Flower: Errmm...
Make-up item: uhh....none 
Board game: TWISTER !

This or that

Sunny or rainy: Sunny
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Fruit or veg: Both
Day or night: night
Sour or sweet: Sour
Love or money: Love
Phone or in person:Person
Looks or personality: personality
Coffee or tea: Tea
Hot or cold: Hot


Goal for this year: To be The MVP of our football team
Most missed memory: Childhood
Best physical feature: Body 
First thought waking up:'s al over now :|
Hypothetical personality disorder: wha ?
Preferred type of plastic surgery: None...i don't wanna be a ken doll...
Worst crime: None :D
Greatest ambition: To be oldest man in the world 
Greatest fear: heights ;_;
Darkest secret: hahaha ... like i'm telling you !
Favourite subject: mmm....Art...
Strangest recieved gift: .....Pink Nail Polish ;_; I'M A GUY !
Worst habit: fiddling

Do you

smoke: no
drink: no
curse: sometimes
Shower daily: yes
Like thunderstorms: yes...
Dance in the rain: 
sing: mm....sometimes ;_;
Play an instrument: DRUMS !
Get along with your parents: Yepp 
Wish on stars: yeah, actually
Believe in fate:um...yeahh
Believe in love at first sight: nope 

Can you

Drive: yeah !
sew: ...nope 
Cook: yes...
Speak another language: yes German,Welsh, french, itslian
Dance: i'm okaaay at it :|
Sing: yes
Whistle: um... yeaaah
curls your tounge: yeah

Have you ever:

Been drunk: no
Been stoned/high: no
Eaten sushi: yaa
Been in love: yes
Skipped school: yeaah (with parents permission OH )
Made prank calls: all the time :D
Sent someone a love letter: yeah, and i dearly regret it .. she's an obsessive girl
Stolen something: no
Cried yourself to sleep: no

Other questions

What annoys you most in a person? Stuck up
Are you left handed or right? both  
Whens your bedtime? late ;_;
Name 3 tihngs you can't live without: music, friends and ?
What is th color is your room? black green blue
Do you have any siblings? no
Do you have any pets? yeah cats 
Would you kill someone you hate for 1 million dollars? NO WAY !
What is your middle name? NO ! it's embarassing :|
What are your nicknames? Smexi (hate it ;_, 
Are you for or against gay marrige? yepp 
What are your thoughts on abortion?IR'S MURDER! 
Do you have a crush on someone?Yepp :D
Are you afraind of the dark? no
How do you want to die? uhh...peacefully :|
What is the lagest amount of popsicles you've eaten in 1 day? 12 (it was a dare  )
Would you take a bullet for the person you love? yes
What was the last law you've broken? um... i duno...

In a member of the opposite sex:

Hair color: does hair colour make a difference ?
Eye color: i don't care !
Height: don't care...but shorter than me is better....
Weight: WHO CARES !
Most important physical feature: eyes 
Biggest turn off: um... rude, stuck up, self centered

‹DasAtem› says:   10 July 2007   169839  
Kewl ^_________^
Alia says :   10 July 2007   985726  
Awesome. ^^


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