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~Memeries~Chapter Three: Twilight TownCategory: Roxas Love story
Friday, 22 June 2007
05:06:26 PM (GMT)
~Your Point of View~
  2:00 p.m.
  "Hey Aya,Where you been?" A soft but strong voice said.
  "Uh...." You were thinking.
  "Just come on,Seifer is going to beat Hayner in the struggle match." The girl with
light purple hair took you.
  6 minutes later, you and that girl were on the sidelines of the sandlot.
  "Fuu!Aya! It's about to start ya' know!"
  "I know Rai!" Fuu snapped back
  "Now leeeets STRUGGLE!" The anouccer guy said followed by a roar of cheers.
  "Hey, Fuu whose that?" You asked pointing to a girl with blond hair and green
  "That's Hayner's girl.He would do anything for her."
  You crossed your arms."I'll be right back." Then you headed for the tram Commen.
  In the Yram Commen there was no one in sight. You walked towards the opening to the
  "I don't think you  wanna go there." A gayish voice said.
  You turned around to see another hooded figure right in front of you.
  "Would you guys stop following me? Ya'll already caused enough trouble." You said.
  "Tsk tsk. And Roxas sent me to get you..." He was saying.
  He lifted your chin with his hand."I never thought that you would forget him.How
sad...." He said.
  "But i want to remember him." Axel "Axel.
  "Well, since you remember me....I'll let you come with me." Axel said.
  Idiot.Didn't Roxas send him to get me? You thought.
  He opened a portal and you and him step through it. A few seconds later you were on
the sidelines of some place. Your clothes had changed to this: 

  "Where are we?" You asked Axel. BUt there was no answer. You turned around and he
wasn't there.Dang it!you thought.
  "Hmph. Aya...is that correct?" You heard someone say.
  You looked around but couldn't see anything. "Uh...yeah..."
  "Interesting..the perfect trap for Roxas. Me getting his girl." He was saying.
  "Who are you??" You almost shouted.Dang it all!These random people are making my
head hurt!
  "Heh....I'm riku." a figure came outta nowhere was in front of you. He had a black
cloth around his eyes with silver hair.He lifted your chin and said "Know wonder why
Roxas likes you...your very pretty." He was saying.
  "You slaped his hand away. "Leave me alone Riku!" You punched him, but he stepped
to the side and cought your wrist.
  "Tsk Tsk..." He said and bended your wrist all the way backwards.(me: Your like a
cat but only in to ways so when he bended your wrist back he broke it.)
  You screamed in pain."Go-go..."
  "'Go' what?"
  "Go to hell." You said.
  He grabed you by the neck and lifed you up."Wrong choice of words." He said.
  You were trying to kick at him but it didn'y work..He tight his grip untill you
finally passed out.

inuyasha_fan102 says:   22 June 2007   113915  
dang thats bad wait the story is really good lol i was saying that
where he broke her wrist
SoraTomoshibi says :   23 June 2007   777299  


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