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Part 3, Let's call this story "Working girls..."Category: (general)
Sunday, 3 June 2007
12:49:41 AM (GMT)
Amie sat in bed for awhile, embarrased she dreamed of her and her best friend. She
was a lesbian, but wasn't in love with her best friend. She got up, got dressed, and
ran downstairs for breakfast.

"Dad? Can I have Kim's phone number?" She asked, sitting at the table.

Her father was surprised. "Why?"

"Oh, for some 'motherly advice.'" She said, using air quotations.

"Oh, okay. I'll dial." He said, grabbing the phone. "Uh, Kim. Hi, Amie, she wanted to
speak to you." Her father said.

Amie took the phone, and ran to her room. She plopped down in her bean-bag chair, and
began speaking. 

"Okay, Kim, I think we need to talk. Um, I don't want to go with you to 'work'
because I am so unsure about it, and I just need help." She said, pouting.

She heard Kim laugh. "Do you want me to come over there tomorrow?" She asked.

Amie was surprised. "Uh, yeah, sure." She paused. "Should I ask my dad?" 

"No, he probably doesn't want me talking to you." Kim said.

"Oh, well, come by tomorrow at lunch, he won't be here then." Kim said, trying to
pull her confused self together.

"Okey Dokey!" Kim said, and hung up.


The next day, around 1 PM, Amie sat on her sofa, waiting for Kim. 

The doorbell rang, and she ran to get it. Opening the door, she caught herself
looking Kim up and down. She was wearing a pink strapless top, and a skirt, probably
only 3 inches.  

"Amie, doll, nice to see you." She said smiling, and wrapping her in a hug. 

"Oh, Kim, hi." She said, leading her to the living room. They sat on the sofa. 

"Soo..." Amie said, lowering her head. 

Kim smiled. "Soo...." She echoed, putting her hand on Amie's exposed leg. Amie wore a
t-shirt and a skirt, that was knee-length. 

Amie looked up at her and was surprised. "Soo, I um, was wondering, is it okay to
have naughty dreams about people you don't love, like that?" She blurted out. 

Kim, looked confused, and burst out in laughter. "Of course love." She said, through

Kim sighed, and looked Amie up and down. "You know, you have a great body, you should
show it off." 

Amie sighed. She wanted to talk about, well, stuff. Her friend Chrissy was back in
Houston, and she didn't have her mom to talk to. 

Without warning, Kim jumped on Amie. 

"Wh- what are you doing?!" Amie shouted, but was cut off  by Kim kissing her.

Pulling on Amie's skirt, Kim shoved her tongue in Amie's mouth. 

Pulling down her skirt, and putting her hand up her shirt, Kim licked Amie's neck.
Amie gasped for air, and she felt Kim's hand go down her panties. 

"No, Kim, DON'T!" Amie yelled, as she moaned with pleasure.

To be continued....

la_fille says:   5 June 2007   622188  
NO! write more!
Sex_stories_author says :   5 June 2007   172682  
Very nicee. Have you read my lesbian story also?


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