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Killer On The Road - Chapter ThirteenCategory: Story
Monday, 21 May 2007
11:44:44 AM (GMT)
As we were driving to the TV studio, we all had smiles upon our faces. Gwen was
checking her reflection in the car mirror and Ella was carefully applying some
foundation to her face. I relaxed, leaning back against the seat, and smiled when I
thought of where we were going.
"How long more?" asked Gwen.
"It shouldn't be that long," I replied. "We're nearly there. At least, I think we
"At least we don't have you know who to worry about," Ella said, then quickly
checked my expression.
"It's OK, you can talk about him," I grinned. "I'm not that upset!"
"Nobody can when they've just won $1000!" squealed Gwen. "It's sooo fantastic. Almost
like a dream!"
"Well, keep on dreaming gal!" I smiled, turning left. "Ooh look! There's a sign for
"Where?" asked Ella, leaping forward. "Where, where?"
"Calm down girl!" I said. "I hope you're not going to embarras us on TV."
"Who me?" said Ella accusingly.
"Yeah you!" grinned Gwen, pretending to poke her in the tummy.
I giggled, glad that my friends were so happy. Even though I was still sad about
Matt, I couldn't help but feel glad he was being taken away. After all, what he did
was wrong and he could never be forgiven for it. Well, at least not for a very long
time. I went off into a daydream for a while until Ella and Gwen snapped me back into
"Nikki! You've missed the turning! It's back there! Oh no, we're going to be late!"
squealed Ella.
"Stop panicking," I reassured her. "The TV studio didn't say a time. It's going to be
Ella sighed. She hates it when she's wrong.
I turned round and then drove to the studio. I hopped out of the car and locked it.
"Do I look OK?" I asked, turning round.
"Yep, we all do." Ella smiled.
I grinned back and then pushed open the doors to the TV studio. There were big glass
windows at the front and I peered through them as I entered the huge building. The
receptionist looked up from her polished desk, a confused look on her face.
"Hi, you must be the monthly prize winners," she said.
"Yep!" I grinned at her. "Lucky us."
She nodded. "Ok, can you just tell me the security password that was mentioned in the
phone call?"
"Um, what password?"
"That's right!" she grinned. "Welcome!"
I laughed. "Oh, so it's a trick?"
"The most secure password around. Of course, we change it every prize. There's no
point trying to kid us you won it again!"
I laughed along with her, and Ella and Gwen did too.
"So, come through. We'll just get you into make up before you go on in -" she checked
her watch -"half an hour."
She ushered us into the lift and then pressed a button. There was some lively pop
music going on inside the lift and we stepped out after 30 seconds.
"Nervous?" Ella asked me, as we followed the receptionist down a corridor and then
into a room marked 'guest dressing rooms'.
"I don't know," I replied. I had a mixed feeling inside me.
"Ok, in here!" said the receptionist. "I'll see you just before you go on."
"Bye," I said, smiling gratefully at her.
She disappeared off down the corridor and stepped into the lift. As the doors started
to shut, she gave us a little wave and then straightened her collar.
Suddenly, a young girl around 20 stepped in front of us. She had long blonde hair
with blue and pink highlights. She had earrings all the way up her ear and a nose
stud. She smiled at me.
"I'm the make up artist," she introduced herself. "You must be the prize winners.
Come on, come on, you're due on shortly." She beckoned us through another door where
three large tables stood. Pink and blue swivel chairs stood behind and a mirror
surrounded by lights was on the wall.
"Can you each sit down at one of these?" she said. "Thanks, I'll be back in a sec."
I sat down at the middle one, with Ella and Gwen each beside me. I swivelled round
once and then grinned at myself in the mirror. I was soo happy and I didn't care how
stupid I looked. Gwen laughed at me from my left and touched each bulb on her mirror
The girl returned with a make up box in her hand. Two other girls - one with blonde
hair and one with black and blue highlights - stood beside her. They each carried
identical make up boxes. The first girl came over to me.
"I'm Lorraine, but you can call me Lori," she said, as she unclipped the make up box.
"Now, I wonder which color will look best on you? Red, I think."
She dipped her eyeshadow applicator into some red eyeshadow and then gently applied
it. Then she untwirled a black mascara wand and put it on my eyes. It was 25 minutes
later when she spun me round and then looked at me.
"All done!" she said. "Now, take a look!"
"Wow, this looks great!" I exclaimed. "Thanks!"
"No probs," Lori replied. "Now, take a look at your mates!" Sure enough, Ella and
Gwen looked great too.
Suddenly a man dressed in all black burst into the room. "Where are the girls?" he
asked. "You're on in 1!"
He pushed the three of us into a further room. "Ok, you're on in 3, 2 1!"
We entered, linked arms, through the grey doors and blinked. Here we were...

Dragonfly01 says :   21 May 2007   231489  
Oh wow......
Whats gonna happen next?!


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