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Dear Mr. Cupid- A Young Woman's Struggle In Her Love Life.Category: Fluffy-ness, Fluff-Puff, Mushy goodness
Tuesday, 17 April 2007
10:51:48 AM (GMT)
I am getting really bored with my entries, so I'll be putting more fluffy-ness on!
It doesn't matter if it doesn't rhyme though!

Here's the story. Someone who goes by the name of 'Mr. Cupid'. He/She goes around on
this site, giving love advice. I'm going to make it a series.

This first one is like a letter going back and forth, all about a young adult and her
love life.

Dear Mr. Cupid,

The little man in a diaper,

why him,

why me, 

why'd he fall in love with me, 

how can it be?

I want to know,

why him,

why me,

why does he think that we surely can be?

He just can't see,

that it just can't be.

Sincerly, Ms S aka me.

Reply: To Ms. S

Dear Ms S,

to set it straight,

the record,

the thing,

I want to say,

that I can't sing.

That was random,

yes, I know,

doesn't it show?

Now here's the reply you've been wanting to know.

I shot him with an arrow,

to make him fall,

fall in love with you,

now all I can say,

are these few words,

now, I bid you, adieu.

Signed, Mr. Cupid.

Reply: To Mr. Cupid

Dear Mr. Cupid,

I really want to know,

why him, 

why me,

he keeps on thinking that it can be.

Tell me the reason,

the reason why,

now I feel like doing one thing,


Signed, Ms. S

Reply: To Ms. S

Dear Ms. S,

As you can see,

He wants you,

not her or him,

but you.

You're heart is blooming,

it can't say no.

So fly away, and go.

So my dear, my dearie-dear,

reply in the next two years.

Signed, Mr. Cupid.

And two years passed slowly.


Very slowly.

Mr. Cupid waited for that reply,

until it came.

He read the letter,

and it said this.

To: Mr. Cupid,

Dear Mr. Cupid,

you were totally right,

I don't know why I,

I was in such fright,


I'm as happy as can be,

with my husband, my two kids, 

my family.

Sincerly, Ms. S aka me.


Did you enjoy it? Hope you did! If you like this, copy and paste this into your
profile somewhere, and you see my name there? Well, add your name to it after the
last ',' mark! Please!

Copy and paste this and ad your name at the end if you agree. We liked the 'Dear Mr.
Cupid' series, featured in spingledonne's diary. You have to read it! I did, signed

Well, the more people do it, the faster I'll update!

Bye all!

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