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Monday, 26 March 2007
08:23:02 PM (GMT)
Do you ever get the filling your being watched?

Have you ever been followed?

Well Saira has. Or better put had, till He finaly caught up...

     Saira was your tipacal Blonde-guy-grabin'-'Hot'-cheerleader-Senior,she was..
Well... perky!!!So it was like red flags screaming trouble jumping out at you when
she moved to 'the village' as some teens at her school called it. There were gunners
around every corner. No joke!!!! This WAS hard core not a mith.And she was so happy
to move there till' she actualy got to her new 'House' if you could call it that. It
was better discribed as 4-wood planks with smaller planks inside c reating
'rooms'.and worse no electric heating!!!!
In wenter!!!
Well every day,Saira walked to school and she allways ignored the figurue in the
shodows and that eri feeling she got when she undressed for bed. The same she got
after she... Well she hated thinking about that. The anger, The shouting,The blood on
her knife,the last scream,then the scilence with the same eri presents as now.
The last time she  was in her room She heard 'things' shouting. Her voice'Get the
#*!! out of my house' Then Another'I will come back'
'If you can catch up'Hers said ang then He's scream...she never wanted to hear it
again!!!She killed Him to keep him away.and now.. now..."Guess what... I caught up.."
and then Saira was stabed right where she stabed him... The Heart

candy_cane_angel whispers:   27 March 2007   977461  
maerie says:   27 March 2007   354557  
yeah i think so 2
soccerba53 whispers:   27 March 2007   189294  
i think it's odd to
peppermint002 says:   27 March 2007   864335  
Hey its a story i wrote when i waz bored
RyanLuver says:   6 April 2007   251767  
It is really odd tho
featherlightdreamz says:   6 April 2007   381816  
peppermint002 says:   12 April 2007   152574  
hey i have a story:
once there was a girl named Donna. She was very thin, tall, with brown
hair and eyes. Her family moved many times over her life, about 8
times to be exact. Once they finally found a house they thought could
live in, something went wrong.

Donna and her family had finally gotten all the furniture in and it
was just like they had lived there for years. Donna went to check out
everything and found a door in the bathroom, she tried opening it but
it wouldn't budge. She got her parents, and they tried to, but still
nothing. So they called they company that built the house and asked to
look over the plans to see what was behind the door. Once they got the
plans they looked, and....that door was never built. It was no where
in the plans, so they asked the company if there had been any changes
since the house had been built. They looked over there files and there
had been no change. So they went back to the house and relized it was
11:00PM. They all went to bed, or at least Donna's parents did.

Donna snuck downstairs to the door. She tried opening it for hours on
end, then she finally got it open. She peeked inside the door and saw,
a brick wall! "our house is made out of plaster, we don't have
bricks!" she thought to her self. she deiced to knock on the  bricks.
nothing. untill, she hit the third one on teh left.

A door came out from the other wall. It opened. She walked inside and
saw 2 beanbag chairs and 8 bookshelfs FULL of books. She grabbed a
book and sat down and started reading. Everyonce in a while a faint
"put down the book Donna" would she hear. After that, she saw ghostly
figures moving around the room. Last, a completely visible figure
apporoached her. "KaKa, lama." it said. over and over it repeated
itself. Donna was a but freaked out, so she got up to leave, and the
door was gone! She turened to run and there were to many figures! they
all pulled out a knife and said "kaka lama means.." 

"AHHHH!" a girly shrill came. it was Donna, the figures had stabbed
her and she was taken to be hung with the others......

this was written by candy_cane_angel.
peppermint002 says :   18 April 2007   344612  
wow sydney how you on my account?


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