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Spell-part 10Category: Jaz's Diary
Wednesday, 21 February 2007
03:36:25 AM (GMT)
Jaz's knees buckled as Callum pulled her closer into the darkness of her closed eyes
as her dreams came true and the boy kissed her.

"Hey, Jaz, it's been a while where have you been?" Was the first 'Happy Birthday'
greeting Jaz got off Muffy.
"Happy Birthday to me!" Jaz mumbled in her sleep, she opened one eye, narrowed it and
closed it again.
"Jaz!" Muffy rolled her over and they both fell over onto the floor, Jaz woke up at
once and saw Muffy on top of her, she smiled, the realised Muffy was ontop of her.
"Hey, you massive lump get off!" She moved her off, and Muffy landed on her back
still laughing. Jaz joined in.
"You know it's just a little too late." Riley sang as she entered, stared at the two
girls laughing their heads on the floor.
"Don't ask." Jaz giggled.
"Wasn't going to." Riley helped her off the floor then Muffy. "Hey, Happy Birthday
"Ta." Jaz moaned.
"Wha!?" Riley was startled. Then realised, she had gotten bigger.
"Bump!" Muffy and Jaz hissed as Susan walked in.
"Hey mum." Riley said, covering her bump with her dressing gown.
"Riley...." Susan began. "I've noticed something about you."
"What, about?" Riley asked anxiously. She and Jaz swopped stares.
"Lose weight."
"Phew, i was worried then." Riley knew she had said that out loud.
"Worried?" Susan asked. Riely held out her arms and he dressing gown fell apart.
Everyone gasped. "What the hell is that!"
"Um nothing." Riley said covering it up, knowing it was too late.
"You bitch! Under age sex!" Susan screamed, and grasped Jaz.
"Mum, i can explain." 
"Explain what!"
"Lea can have kids!"
"He's 16!"
"You're 14! Be responsible, your test is in 1 month."
"I'm only 2 months."
"I don't care!" Susan stormed out ignoring Jaz's willing plea. Riley sat down and
"What am i going to do, mum will tell dad, i'll be expelled!"
"Calm down, dad's cool." Jaz soothed her. Totally forgetting she was a teenager now.

Jaz had gone downstairs into the dinning hall. Everyone silenced.
"Is that her?" Someone asked.
"Yes, the one who's dating Callum." Someone answered.
"I heard her sister's pregnant."
"I know, at 14 and everything."
"Hey, you lot! I don't care what you say!" Jaz stood up on the table where Tobi and
Muffy were sat. "Sure my sister got up the duff! So i'm going out with the hottest
boy in school! I don't care if i'm really ma-"
"Nuh uh!" Muffy cut her neck.
"Madly in love with him!" Good save.
"In love?" Jaz spun round and fell off the table, Callum caught her.
"Hey." She smiled weakly, still realising Callum was holding her.
"Hey." Callum kissed her forehead.
"Booooooooo." Cleo had gone from her table to infront of the two.
"Cleo!" Callum dropped Jaz and she hit the floor.
"What imcomitance is this!"
"I'm sorry...."
"Shut it, i'm after you, you're a dead girl!" Cleo walked off with Callum in toe.

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