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nothing means anythingCategory: (general)
Saturday, 17 February 2007
01:39:02 PM (GMT)
well i wrote this song becuase i was just i dont know anyway heres the song please
tell me what you think 

I thought I knew what I wanted                 
I thought I knew what I craved 
I thought I knew what I needed to make me whole again

You said you’d always love me 
You said you’d be by my side
So how come 1 week later I’m saying goodbye
But no matter what happened I think you should know
That nothing means anything with out you to hold 

Nothing means anything without you in my life
You said destiny brought us together
But life tore us apart 
Why does nothing feel the same now that your gone 
Why does nothing mean anything now I’m all alone

I just can’t understand it 
I’m never going to know
But if I could ask one question it would be why did you go 
Having to look me in the eye and say the words I cant say
But you said them and you meant them saying that you could never stay

Nothing means anything without you in my life 
Destiny brought us together 
And life tore us apart 
Why does nothing feel the same now that your gone 
Why does nothing mean anything now I’m all alone

My life has now ended there’s nothing worth living for 
I used to believe there was a heart that I should be fighting for
But now that heart has gone and has left me in tears
Nothing can change so I might as well move on

Even though nothing means anything without you in my life 
Destiny brought us together life tore us apart
Why does nothing mean anything now that your gone 
Destiny meant nothing
It was doomed from the start 
Nothing feels the same now that your gone 
Nothing means anything now without you in my life
Nothing means anything now I’m all alone
Nothing means anything now that your gone

shady says:   17 February 2007   732162  
i love it!! =)
sexysinger says:   17 February 2007   177318  
thanks i write a lot of songs thanks again
Pebble says:   18 February 2007   524273  
hi sexysinger
sexysinger says:   18 February 2007   684713  
hi how are ya
cherrychick says:   18 February 2007   349629  
hi............i love those poems!
sexysinger says:   19 February 2007   893792  
yeah its kind of a song but thanks
alannababy says:   20 February 2007   148167  
im lucky to have a bf so talented , very good babz lv yax
sexysinger says:   20 February 2007   187487  
thanks a lot babes im lucky to have you to babes
alannababy says:   21 February 2007   245231  
no prob babz lv ya 4evrxxx
sexysinger says:   21 February 2007   962899  
luv ya forever to babes xxx
liverpool says:   28 February 2007   831152  
lv u more xxxxxxxxxx
liverpool says:   28 February 2007   399842  
lol thats a joke ... wats your name
sexysinger says:   28 February 2007   781732  
my name is kez
alannababy says:   2 March 2007   519425  
hey babz , i just thought i would leave ya a wee comment!!!
Troy says:   6 March 2007   538327  
hi sexysinger your and your gf are a great match stay together
Gabby_13 says:   6 March 2007   761531  
Hey, I loved that song man! Keep it up :D
Wow...that sounds like I am mental lol
mammt says:   10 March 2007   641286  
thanks troy.....
alannababy says:   10 March 2007   794983  
thanks alot troy ....xx
sexysinger says:   15 March 2007   837189  
thanks troy thanks for all the comments guys sos ive been away
alannababy says:   17 March 2007   129983  
wel sexysinger wats goin on .. censored said u arent talkin to me and
wat have i done. it didnt take u long to move on anyway mammt told me
dat u asked her out her other profile is holliebabz . how could u it
proves that u dont giv a crap about me. i thought we wer gd, but u
obvisly dont. how could u
QueenofthePenguins says:   19 March 2007   949975  
Nice song, its really sweet and sad all at the same time!!
sexysinger says:   19 March 2007   189217  
thankyou im glad you like it and i suppose its' meant to be sad cause
its part of a true story but now im so glad that i got over her
alannababy says:   22 March 2007   117526  
well it seems that u r ovr me too ??? xxx
sexysinger says:   23 March 2007   182257  
you left me not the other way round
alannababy says:   23 March 2007   113161  
kez or is that your real name!!!!! i only evr thought u as a  friend
too !!!
sexysinger says:   25 March 2007   247272  
weird init y you went out wit me then
alannababy says:   28 March 2007   866161  
u the one said u fancies me!!! i liked u always as a friend and thats
the way i liked it !! wat u think!!!!
sexysinger says:   7 April 2007   263787  
i think that ur a lying fucker n u always loved me cause u couldnt
resisit me cause u know like my name says im a sexysinger n u could
have had it all
xxhuniixx says:   8 April 2007   727336  
ok jus give ova yous 2nd stop da fightin!!!
nd by da way da songs class
Keenangel66 says :   18 April 2007   663239  
Great song baby. Love you. Whos the song about?? xx


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