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My story of Janurary the 18th 2007 (MY BIRTHDAY)...(my WINDY birthday)Category: (general)
Thursday, 18 January 2007
02:13:06 PM (GMT)
:l Today i had to do pe, Football, bad enougth me doing football but it was
Usually i wouldn't mind. But today oh no. I'll tell it to you as a story lol xD

This morning Kirsty woke up at around 7am, this was unusual for her, altough she
usually sets the alarm for this time, she only  actually gets up at 8am, However it
was her birthday and she needed a wee. Explained. She walked up to the bathroom to go
to the toilet but to her dissapointment she found that her older sister was there, in
the bath, with this Kirsty climed into her mothers bed and tryed to get back to
sleep. Kirsty was just falling asleep when the dog jumped up and started licking her
face off, i started moaning at it to go away and woke my mother up. She decided to
say happy birthday and Kirsty then stayed up as her mother got up and switched on the
t.v as at this point she would know she would get her presents very soon. Danielle,
Kirstys older sister came out of the bath and go into her school uniform and joined
Kirsty and their Mother on the bed. Kirsty sat on her bed watching the t.v and was
gob smacked to see that the wind was going to be 89 Miles Per Hour, "I'VE GOT PE
TODAY" She screeched. "FOOTBALL.OUTDOORS.PE.WINDY." Her Mother looked at her and went
downstairs, Danielle followed after her. Kirsty lay back down in the bed to get back
to sleep but then however got woken up ny her mother and sister singing Happy
Birthday to her and handing her breakfast in bed. Chocolate and milk. "Yum....
Chocolate for breakfast.Healthy" Kirsty said to herself but gobbled it up anyway as
soon as she ate it presents got handed to her non stop, Straightners, Make up, Body
Loations, Hair Luxries, Chocolates it was non stop. Kirsty finally finished with her
stuff and then went to get ready for school, she got her White Blouse on her Black
pants which should be blue, her school tie and her big badge on that says "I am 13"
then picked up her PE bag and set of for school, she brushed her teeth and stuff
before of course. Kirsty then found out for herself just how windy it was and knocked
on for her best friend Kayleigh on the way to school. They both walked up the hill
then Kirsty, with a little help from the wind fell over, pulling Kayleigh down with
her, they both got up. Eventually. Then struggled back up the hill together. When
they finally arrived at school, Kirsty was bombarded with more gifts and cards and
lots of Happy Birthdays she even got a few of people she didn't even know! They all
went in the form room together to get registered and talked for a while untill the
bell went and they walked up to the yard to line up for PE Kirsty at this moment kept
on saying to herself "Let the wind be to powerfull to make us do this outdoors" She
was wrong. Mr Gardener, went up to the astroturf felt it and said "OUTDOORS" There
was then a long moan from the girls and a huge YES from the boys and we went in to
get changed. I took my uniform off and got my  Blue T-Shirt, My Blue Shorts and my
Blue Pe socks on. "NOOOOOO I FORGOT MY TRAINERS" She yelled and people started going
"You've got a detentionn, on your birthdayyy" in a chanting way then a kind Charlotte
said You can wear mine Frizz! (Frizz is Kirstys nick name you see, guess...) So
Kirsty. Or Frizz took the trainers out of Charlottes hands and squeezed her size 7
feet into size 4 trainers. The pain was horrible. They all went outside and to get
warmed up ran 800 meters around the astro turf then another 400 straight after. This
was bad for Kirsty as, 1. She is asamatic, 2. It was windy and the wind was making it
harder to run and 3. Her toes were crushed so she couldn't run propley. The wind was
now getting so bad that the huge fog lights that were out were rocking and Kirsty was
getting rather scared that something might happen as these are 30 foot tall. She was
more scared as earlier that day in ASDA the big air conditioning fans blew over and
squashed two cars. Kirsty then had to play football. With Crushed Toes. Windy
weather. Not being able to breath. And Jake. Jake is a pain, the one person who finds
something wrong with everything you do. Then as they were playing football a HUGE
gust of wind came and blew all the footballs of the pitch and a certain persons hit
then pe blocks door and smashed the glass panel, But as this happend one of the fog
lights right next to the astroturf what Kirstys form were on fell and everyone had to
run inside, Kirsty had now be scared of football... for life

The End

lol ^.^ i got boreddd :P
All feedback apriciated

Oooh by the way later on that day the pe block got a big hole through the roof too

Kirsty xxxx

P.s that took me agessssssss to write

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