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Dreams 2 part 4Category: Dreamy Story
Thursday, 18 January 2007
11:29:32 AM (GMT)
I held my cheek, it hurt, it was stinging.
"There, oh Passion i'm so sorry." Rae held out her arms to me, but i pulled away.
"How come you adopted me though?"
"I told you, she couldn't cope!"
"She must have, she coped with the news of expecting a baby. Me!"
"She was 16!" 
"Thats a very young age."
"Stop saying that, and anyway, your not worried, she's always with you."
"So?" Rae held out her arm ready to slap me, i flinched.
"Please Passion try to understand, we did it for you."
"No wonder i look in the mirror and not see you, I see ASHLEA!"
"She's your sister."
"Yes she is and your my daughter."
"What's up with you? It hadn't hurt you for the past 12 years, why is it killing you
"Cause she's my mother, i've lived with Ashlea pretending to be her younger sister,
but all this time she was looking at me, her daughter!"
"Michael Pearce, and i thought i could trust him." Rae mumbled off.
I calmed down. "Who's Michael Pearce?"
"Your sis-" seeing the look on my face. "Mother's best friend."
"So he's my dad?"
"Did Callum know?" Callum was my 'father'.
Rae did reply, she was looking round her office biting her lip.
"I said did Callum know!"
No reply.
"Yes Passion, Callum knew!" She was seething.
"You're all traitors, You, Callum, Mum," Rae flinched. "Brett, Crash and Luke! a buch
of soddy traitors!"
"Now look here sweetie." 
"No! I HATE YOU!!!!!!" i ment it too. Rae was furious.
"Oh for gods sake Passion!!" Rae was clenching her fists.
I stormed out of her office, i knew i was bleeding, my lip, i bit it, it hurt.
"Passion!" Someone screamed behind me, i stopped, frightned, it was the same voice as
the woman in my dream. I spun on the spot, i was going to die, i fliched ready for
the deadly blow, but insted i got a hug, from... Ashlea!
"Get off!"
"Oh Passion you had me worried."
"Really, was you worried i was going to find sooner or later. When was you going to
tell me, mum?"
"I was going to tell you before my mum whisked you off into her office."
"Yeah right, what a load of pogglewash."
My and Ashlea started laughing, i got a call, i look at the I.D. 'Skate' is
"Hey, Skate."
"Hey, what's new." i bit my lip...

To Be Continued.
Will Passion tell Skate the truth?
Who is Rae?
Who is Micheal Pearce?
Why is Passion's mum, [Ashlea] screams appear in her dreams?
All will be revealed next part.
Stay Tuned 

kristino says:   18 January 2007   177273  
thats really ironic!
and filled with originality!
you should write scripts you know.
Belsboys4eva56 says :   19 January 2007   884677  
thnx so much, it means a great deal, i just start to write the first
scentnece then it flows.


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