He Can Have Anyone In The World...So Why Does He Want Me? I'm Just The
Girl Next Door
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He Can Have Anyone In The World...So Why Does He Want Me? I'm Just The
Girl Next Door
Category: (general)
Friday, 12 January 2007
03:04:46 AM (GMT)
Braden wasn't at school the next day, neither was Michelle. Nobody knew what to
think about it, and neither did I. Naturally, I told my only friends what happened
the other night, none of them seemed to know why he acted the way he did, then again,
they never really hung out with him like I have. Right after school, while I was at
my locker getting my books out, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Whoever it was, they
caught me by surprise, and I spun around without a second thought in the wrong
direction and I felt my face collide with my locker. 
"OMG Kate...are you alright?" I heard a familiar voice say. I didn't see who it was
because I was bent over with my hands covering my face. That hurt really bad. 
"Yea," I said softly, " I think that I am." I straitened up to look at Braden. His
hand was still on my shoulder. Then, it hit me, I was angry with him; from the way he
treated me the other night when I didn't do anything to him. I gave him a cold glare,
slammed my locker shut, turned my heel, and walked away. 
"Kate, I'm sorry for yelling at you," Braden said from behind me. I looked back at
him, why did he have to be so complicated? 
"Are you now?" 
"Yes!," Braden said sternly and walked up to me. "I need to explain to you why I
acted the way I did." 
I crossed my arms and looked at him sourly. I was going to give him a chance, but I
wasn't going to make it look like it, just because I can. "Yea I guess that I can
give you a chance to tell your story." 
A spark lit up in his eye. 
I turned again and started to walk down the hall, with Braden behind me I asked,
"Where were you and Michelle today?" I couldn't help but ask. 
"It was a long day," he said and gave me a soft smile. A jolt of hope surged through
me, maybe they broke up. But then again...why was he so upset about the whole
situation in the first place? 
I gave him a questioning look, but he just grinned, even though I was sort of mad at
him, his smile made me melt. 
We walked outside to my car, I noticed that Bradens car was parked next to mine. Once
at my car door I just stood there, expecting him to tell me everything, but he just
looked at me with a funny expression. 
"What?" I snapped. 
He laughed and said it was nothing, he then explained that he'd meet me at home later
on that night and he would explain. We then went our separate ways. 
It came around ten 'o clock that night and I went outside to meet Braden, with
Princess trailing behind me. 
I sat down in the chair that I usually sat in when Braden and I would have our
talks...that seemed like forever ago. Braden wasn't there yet, so I just sat there
petting Princess. And I sat...and sat...and sat...I had been sitting for at least a
half an hour and Braden hasn't showed up. I knew it, he wouldn't show up. He's
probably with Michelle; I'm so stupid to think that he broke up with her. 
"Come on Princess," I whispered sadly, I grabbed her and got up and started to open
the door, "Kate?" 
I stopped, he came after all...
"You're late," I said turning around. 
"I know," he said looking down at his feet, "sorry." 
"It's alright," I said, and made my way back to my seat, with Princess on my lap. 
Braden sat down next to me. Before I knew it he started talking. 
"I never really liked Michelle," Braden said suddenly looking at me. 
"Then why-" 
"Let me finish," he said holding up his hand as if holding up his hand would stop me
from talking. 
He sighed and continued, I sort of dated her, because our parents pushed us
together..." he looked up at me, "Despite the fact that I didn't like her, I thought
that she liked me, and I knew that she was the type who would get with any guy...but
I thought that I had changed her. Then, you came. I had never really spoken to you,
and honestly, I didn't really know anything about you. It was weird; I was just drawn
to you. You are so different from the girls in our school. We started hanging out
more and I fell for you." He didn't take his eyes off of me. "I never did break up
with Michelle though, because you hid your emotions well, and I didn't know what to
think. Then you told me how you really felt, but I thought that Michelle was pregnant
with my child, and even though I liked you, I couldn't abandon her like that. Those
few weeks we didn't speak to each other were the most depressing weeks of my life.
Then, we found out that Michelle was actually cheating on me, and the child was not
mine. I was so angry, not because I loved her. I was angry because it hurt, it made
me feel like that I was doing something wrong, I felt like I didn't deserve anyone.
It made me feel like I was a loser. I'm sorry, I shouldnt have gotten angry at you."

I sat there taking it all in, which was a lot. What did this mean then? Princess
jumped off my lap and on to Braden's. 
"I broke up with Michelle today," Braden said after I hadn't said anything, he then
started to smile. Happiness filled my heart. 
"So what are you trying to say?" I asked cocking an eyebrow. 
"Well," he said smiling, leaning closer to me. If you arent doing anything this
weekend, maybe we could go out together sometime, as a date . 
I know it is short...sorry!!!

Sakurakitten whispers:   1 April 2007   714616  
wow thats sad and happy in a way^_^!!
Sakurakitten whispers:   1 April 2007   629411  
I'm so happy for you!
fuzzyelmoo says:   14 April 2007   154468  
jessie06 says :   28 December 2007   868175  
wow..long story huh.


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