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Sunday, 31 December 2006
07:18:33 AM (GMT)
I had a funky dream, right: It all Started on a Monday mornign at School.
"Hey Tash, look." i said to my best friend point at a bulletuin. Tasha turned round
and stared.
"Um, lets see," she began and read the message out loud. "' Years 8,9 and 10, the
production of Narnia has informed us to find a lady role in The Horse and His Boy,
the Judges will be Andrew Adamson, Director, Skandar Keynes," she paused and looked
at me, i couldn't help it i had to scream, but i didn't."William Moseley, Anna
Popplewell and Georgie Henly.' Hmm seems right up your alley." she said.
"I told you,i can't act, i got hot and sweaty and i nearly faint if i have to show
something to the class, i'm a very quiet person." i mumbled.
"Yeah right." Tasha said under her breath. She was right, i'm a lout person, with an
outgoing   personality, i'm just shy.
"Listen even if i did get the part, i wouldn't do very well, i would be stuck in a
dream staring at Skandar Keynes..." I trailed off.
"Settle down everyone." Mrs Wilson hushed. there was everyone from Year 8 in the
hall, i was shocked at how many were audtioning. "Mr Adamson has an announcement."
Andrew Adamson got up and cleared his throat. "I have to say, there are many pretty
ladies lined up. I have somethign that may shock you," he paused, i looked round and
saw Tasha in the queue for the role, UNBELIEVEABLE! "The lucky lady that wins this
role will have a very deicate problem, they will have to kiss Mr Keynes over there."
He pointed at Skandar, my jaw dropped, i looked round all the girls buzzed around
with excitment."Not now, i'm afraid but soon, in the making of the film."   This was
unfair, i'm legal, i can play the part, but i get stage fright. i looked at Skandar,
he was eyeing someone in the queue. 
"Let the auditons begin." Skandar shouted. The first person to go up was Charli
Elliot. i gagged. i couldn't take it.
She was good, i saw Skandar give a nod to Will, great so she might get the part.
Tasha was last in queue, i was watching her performance.
"So, wasn't brave enough to go on stage eh?" i heard a voice, i whizzed round, and
saw Charli, Hannah and Lisa towering over me.
"Nope." i replied.
"Your friend isn't very good." Charli said.
"My FRIEND is fine." i said through gritted teeth.
"Wouldn't surprise me if that Skandar lad came down and told me i got the part."
Charli bragged.
"Oh please, your performance was about as good as eating a turkey tonge." i said.
"Ewwww." all three girls said and ran off giggling. Tasha came off the stage, and
started dancing.i looked puzzeled at her. and she stopped.
"Well it was exciting." She said.
"Hmm shame this girl didn't sign up." Andrew Adamson. he was measuring my name. "Mrs
Wilson, how good is this girl?"
"Well she's good with facial expressions and that lot, why do u want her?" She
"Yes, i wanted to see her perform." He continued. "Skandar, go get this Passion
Bolton, will you." He said. Skandar nodded and continued.
i was walking with Tasha clung onto one arm and Chloe the other, Skandar was dodging
fans to get to me. He yelled " Passion! Passion!" four times to get my attention, i
whizzed round and bumped into him, we both went flying. and i landed on the floor he
landed ontop of me, he was breathign quite heaverly. i gasped.
"Ya mind getting off me." i gasped. Chloe and Tasha ushered the crowd away while
Sarah and Chloe M help him off me. I brushed off my coat.
"Sorry." was all he could say. "Andrew wants to see you, he wants you to perform,
just then the crowd gathered into the hall, Charli,Hannah and Lisa started yelling
awful names at me. Skandar held his hand out, i hesitated, but took it. we whizzed
past everybody and got to the stage. Andrew handed out the copies of the script, i
stared out, millionsi saw i was going to faint. i looked at the lines they became
Skandar started. "Arisha, how come you lie to me?" i paused Charli cracked up and so
did everyone.
"Oh Edmund if you really knew how i felt, you would run far away." i grabbed his
hands. and looked away.
"How would I?" Skandar let go.
"Well you know the truth." i said.
"Do i?"
"Don't you?"
"No." the hall was suddenly silent.
"Well, i-i-i love you Edmund." i stammered.
This was real, i felt it, i ment it too, not the Edmund part, i would've changed it
to 'i love you Skandar'
"I love you." Skandar said, and grabbed me, we are, i knew it i stared at the
director, he was watching. he something along the lines of. "Kiss her Skandar."
we moved closer... "No, how come she gets to kiss him!" Charli yelled.
"She's getting the part." Andrew said....we both closed our eyes, our lips touched. i
felt electricty go through me i was happy. I knew it, i forgot about my other
crushes. Tasha,Chloe,Sarah,Chloe M, Jessica P, Elicia, Jessica G, Layla S, and even
Bethany M clapped.Charli, Lisa, and Hannah were the only ones who didn't. i didn't
want to let go, and by the way it was going neither did Skandar, but we broke apart.
I knew i was going red. "Wow" was the only thing i could say.
"Go Pazz!" Yelled Chloe and Tasha. we took a bow. i rushed off the stage, but
tripped, i landed and woke up. END OF DREAM.

clouds12 says:   31 December 2006   836365  
o m g that is one LONG diary entry 0.o....0.o
Belsboys4eva56 says:   31 December 2006   335152  
did ya like it or not?
pussycat says:   31 December 2006   369146  
I did!i have lots of funky dreams!
Brett67 says:   1 January 2007   851817  
lol ya know it's never gonna appen Pass, lol i was there wasn't i?
Belsboys4eva56 says:   2 January 2007   515591  
no, u wasn/t u twat, ur not in yr 8 lol, ur in yr 9!! so back off,
and yes it will happen cos mama always ses Dreams come true,
nightmares are wishes so they don't!
Dream2B shouts:   8 January 2007   613221  
ya its real good!!!
Belsboys4eva56 says :   8 January 2007   426692  
it's just a dream.


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