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Saturday, 9 December 2006
08:09:56 AM (GMT)
I'm quite bored.

Should be revising.

Can't. Revision overload if you ask me.

Finished Canvas II. Hated the ending. How dare Hikori-kun go with Elis-chan??!?! 
Oh well...Kiri-san can go with Shin-chan...would have been my first choice. 
And they killed Tomoko-chan at the end, or so it seemed. What a sad ending? I loved

I shall do some writing if the case is that I'm bored. I've got a case of writers
block so don't mind me...


The day was a cold and chilly one. Emma strode purposefully through the streets,
determined to get to her destination on time. Her dark hair blue with the sudden and
randomly placed bouts of wind, and she dared to take an ungloved hand out of the coat
pocket to remove the hair she found herself eating. It had not been a good idea to
wear her hair down but two hours ago she had not known she would end up walking,
having left behind the bus stuck in traffic. Probably another road accident. 

"Why couldn't this happen in summer?" Emma asked herself, trying desperately to
ignore the cold in her legs. She really should have rememered the disgusting British
weather. Now was not the time to wear a short pleated skirt and a thin shirt, the
only thing stopping her from freezing being her thick winter coat and the tights and
ankle boots on her feet. Then again, whenever Tom was concerned, she did lose her

Tom was the only one Emma had ever had eyes for. It had taken awhile for her to
realise, or at least, acknowledge her feelings. After all, they had been good friends
since they could crawl. Their mothers had long wished for a union but Emma could see
no further than his immature boyish ways and Tom, well...he was a boy after all and
the male species tend to be oblivious to these kind of things. She loved everything
about him, from his desperately in need of a hair cut strawberry blonde hair, the
sprinkle of freckles over his nose, those large blue eyes of his and that cheeky
smile he always had when he saw her. Most of though, she loved who he was. He was so
gentle, so calm, so...


Emma whirled around at the sound of her name. She wished she hadn't.

"Oh, hi Sarah," she said as the other girl caught up. "Fancy seeing you here."

"Same goes for you. I was just on my way back from returning some library books and I
saw you," Sarah explained, her round face lighting up. "Where are you off to?"

"To see Tom. He needs some help with revision and then we might go out. Nothing

"Well then you won't mind if I come with right?"

Emma hesitated. She did mind. Sarah was a thorn in her side because she always hung
around Tom when she got the chance and Tom didn't seem to mind havin her there. He
was oblivious to both the girls very blatant feelings. No one knew though that she
liked him, and for the moment she wished to keep it that way. It would be slightly
suspicious if she didn't let Sarah come along though. Sighing Emma shook her head.

"Course you can come along. The more the merrier."

Sarah smiled and linking her arm in Emma's they walked together against the violent
wind. Was it not for the vibes of murderous intent Emma was radiating, that everyone
except Sarah seemed to be picking up, it would have seemed as if they were best
friends. Sarah, the blonde haired, small, cuter of the two and Emma the more serious
of the two. 

Tom was in for a surprise when he opened that door.


That was a load of crap.  

Kill me. 



The things I do when I'm bored.

neoeno says:   12 December 2006   754677  
I liked it actually, I especially enjoyed the cynical way Emma's
thoughts were interrupted.
hottgirrl2100 says :   13 January 2007   494981  
wow me too


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