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My best of dreams Chapter 5Category: The 2nd Day Of Winter Recess
Thursday, 7 December 2006
05:06:00 AM (GMT)
Then I woke up.I saw Arickia on my lap.Then Cody ran over and sat on my arm.Soon
Alica woke up.She was very jolly.We all walked down stairs and saw Alica's Grandma
making hot cocoa."This is my Grandma July,Grandma,this is Alyssa,Arickia,and
Cody."Alica said."Nice to meet you guys." Her grandma said,Very sweetly.July gave us
some Hot cocoa."This is delouis!" said Arickia but it came out sounding like "Tha is
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Out!" July looked confuzed."She means This hot cocoa is
delouis!" I said."Oh" July said.John walked over."Having
fun,Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Nerds?"Chad said,laughing and walking away."Just forget
about him" Alica said,Taking a sipp out of her hot cocoa.I was guessing Cody was
having fun,because he was chasing Spots.Then we all noticed that Alica's mom got a
cat when we saw her crawing."Her name is Buttercup."Alica's mom said."Oh great..." I
thought.Spots ran after Buttercup.Cody was carried along flying in the sky because
Spots whosshed it so fast COdy started flying.Then Arickia got down from her seat,and
followed Cody trying to flap her arms.Then I tried to stop them all.Then Alica got
down and tired to stop them.Then Grandma July tired to stop them.Then Alica's mom and
dad tired to stop all of us.But Alica's Grandpa Jones got all of us.We all got dizzy
and fell on the floor,expect for Cody who was still stuck in the air."Help me!" he
cried.Then we all let him down.

Love101 says:   15 December 2006   955196  
nobody likes your story nobody said hi or anything!! so stop writing
Prettystone says:   16 December 2006   363428  
No! Stop saying that Your the meanest preson ever!
5Girls says:   16 December 2006   128833  
Tis part is so funny!
KittenMitten says:   16 December 2006   851671  
I would sreacm if my sister was on my lap...I'm bad...
SantaLover says:   16 December 2006   734264  
hot cocoa,Anyone? LOL,I love this chapter!
coolcat101 says:   19 December 2006   493636  
it was great!
Sammy111 says:   13 June 2007   342663  
its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
Little_Cutes says :   14 June 2007   748296  
thank youj for the comments.This is me,PrettyStone.This is my new


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