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proud_veggie's View Of The World: Kissing...It's Weird...Category: (general)
Monday, 4 December 2006
10:38:57 AM (GMT)
OK just a quick little thing to say...what is the deal with kissing?
I spend most of my time trying to avoid other people's why do people
like it so much?  It must be one of the most unhygenic things you can possibly do
with your time.
As I have no experience (that's right, it's on the Internet for the world to see...I
have never been kissed), I can't say whether or not I like it personally.  I mean, it
must feel good for people to do it so much...
Anyway, next time on 'proud_veggie's View Of The World' (can I have comments on the
name of these segments please, as the one it has at the mo doesn't have much of a
ring to it and it's awkward to type), err...I don't know what will be next time
(again, comments on what people want me to give opinions on)

kiwi says:   4 December 2006   128315  
i like whst u say it sounds true and u no whatit probably isent that
proud_veggie says:   4 December 2006   569762  
EXACTLY!  Sharing saliva with other people is pretty much the most
disgusting thing I can think of!
shampoorox says:   4 December 2006   853831  
i never been kissed either. it looks yucky though
proud_veggie says:   5 December 2006   635525  
Sometimes on TV and stuff it looks OK but you can just tell it won't
be like that in real life
xxxdannixxx whispers:   5 December 2006   356591  
i have 2 agree!
proud_veggie says:   5 December 2006   983843  
Thank you!  And why are we whispering?
EragonArya says:   5 December 2006   713983  
i agree with you why do they do it in the first place? It just feels
like drinking bacteria (well i don't kno i haven't been kissed & i
don't want to either) *huge shudder*
LadyOichi says:   6 December 2006   649426  
It is really yucky though....But I saw in movies once they start
kissing they continue.*thinks about it and shivers*
trayc writes:   6 December 2006   839146  
thanx 4 wot u wrote in sexy_Boo_12:  dairy u have a good point 2 lol
proud_veggie says:   6 December 2006   733755  
OK I love you all and thank you sooooo much for all your comments on
my personal views on kissing


if you don't give me any suggestions of other topics, I won't be able
to give opinions on stuff.......................

Just a thought
disposableteen says:   7 December 2006   767769  
well I have been kissed before, and i guess it does sound really
gross. But at the time, it isn't. One day you'll kiss someone and
you'll probably love every second of it. =] we'll see though.
proud_veggie says:   7 December 2006   336147  
We'll see

It'd just be my luck to be the only person in the world who doesn't
like kissing
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   489172  
maybe  you should write about having b/f and g/f or your favorite
band or something!
proud_veggie says:   7 December 2006   929153  
Good ideas.....good ideas........
I'm going to have to think hard about this but I'll probs use one of
them, as no one else has given me any suggestions
sprousecutter says:   8 December 2006   398529  
I am never going to kiss a boy (or a girl, eww! I'm not a lesbian!).
I will only kiss a boy if I'm married to him.
picklestar06 says:   18 December 2006   857317  
well i think that kissing isent soo much of the actuall kissing but
wen u get kissed ur not really thinkin  of the kiss ur just thinkin of
the love u share between the special boy and yourself(iv been kissed
alot)(not slutish thou)
smartblonde says:   15 March 2007   581498  
i was reading a story in  chicken soup for the girls soul and a girl
kissed her boyfriend behind a farm house and he slid his tongue into
her mouth and she clamped her mouth shut on his tongue!
elephantsrule says:   11 April 2007   591676  
its not gross its just good. it feels good espcially wen its someone
u love.(like bf not fam).
supermnm says :   12 April 2007   285385  
Totally agreed. xDDD You know, there was this time, when my friends
totally FREAKED cause this annoying kid came over and spit at us....
Anyways, now they're all like, 'oh, yeah, he's so cute, i wish it was
me kissing him instead of ''insert name here''. '

-___-;; Anyone else see the irony here?


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