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been a hot minute since i did one of theseCategory: (general)
Sunday, 2 December 2018
09:18:21 AM (GMT)
yes i stole this from u, aeisha 
love u fam

1. how old are you?
i'm 18 now, but i still look, feel and behave like i did when i was 14. 
i just have many more piercings and im less fat now.

2. what is your gender?
i loved aeisha's answer for this bc it's so accurate
"female, but you wouldn't know that from how hairy i am"
story of my life
i've been asked if im trans by more than one person now rip

3. do you have a pet?
i have three
alfie, the mastiff who thinks he's a lapdog and sulks like a bratty teenager
he has very big testicles and is the gentlest giant ever
mika, the racist pomeranian
she's terrified of the three bs: blokes, buses, black people and 'brellas.
and abby, who we call scabby
she's my arthritic cat who's probably retarded
i love her 

4. 3 things on your wishlist?
umbilical world!! i've pre-ordered it but it's not released until january so
technically it's still on the list
cooking mama 3
labret piercing or tattoo, i haven't decided which i want more yet
probably labret!

5. your current obsession?
it's supposed to be coursework but nope
it's her, it's always her

6. your favourite game?
super paper mario for the wii
that is like my ultimate comfort game, but i don't have a wii anymore so FUCK
otherwise it's probs stardew valley
rpgs are the best

7. one song you like singing?
oh man don't start
i really love singing the opening song from la la land bc it's a tune
but otherwise it's anything in my playlist that comes on shuffle
i'm a lip sync fiend.

8. do you have a crush/lover?
i have a crush on my lover
she's the cutest and i hope i can see her soon

9. how would you confess?
i confessed by saying
i'm still in love with you
she reciprocated my dumbass feelings

10. something you regret doing?
oh man where do i start LMAO

11. what is your sexual orientation?
i'm bisexual but i'm a pretty solid 60-40 divide, favouring men over women
but i def like both hell yeah
but ultimately, traps are the best

12. your favourite food?
shawarma from a local restaurant
the lamb and chicken with their delicious rice
fresh naan bread
a hint of that sexy garlic sauce
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmf im hungry now bitch

13. when was your first crush?
some kid called louis when i was in year 5
he had lovely blue eyes and all the girls liked him
he's ugly now and he bullied me but yolo

14. are you s or m?
like aeisha said, is this sadist/masochist or slave/master?
i'll just answer both bc when do i ever not overshare
i'm def both, slightly more masochist tho
and i'm a switch but i lean towards master more
i'm not huge on the slave/master dynamic, i prefer just a regular dom/sub but
just answering this lame question

15. what's your ideal date plan?
movie and dinner. dinner first so u can talk a lot and eat noice food then the movie
bc u can do all the gay stuff like kiss or watch their gorgeous face reacting to the

16. something you can't stop doing?
again, like aiesha said
my deadlines that'll determine whether or not i'll make it to uni are in two weeks
am i done? no
have i started the most important project? nah
am i gonna have a nervous breakdown about it? probably

17. what you do when sad?
depends on the kind of sad, really
all i know is i rarely cry, and i try to distract myself from it as much as i can
movies, youtube, doing work etc

18. something you'd like to try out?
i'd like to try my hand at sculpture
i'd just make myself dolls to paint tbh
i'm lame

19. a selfie of you (without makeup).
no thanks
i dont know how to stick pics on here
and i'm ugly and fat and the last thing i need is fred having real material to send
abusive kp transfers about

20. something you wanna hear from fellow kupikans?
more drama
more tmi oversharing about their life
im a nosy mother fucker
i need some juice from this stupid dump
i keep showing up expecting something and you give me very little
if frederyk is the best we have then damn this site is fucked

‹Pâtisserie› says:   2 December 2018   830102  
"he has very big testicles and is the gentlest giant ever"
Bahahah, this caught me off-guard, but it's hilarious.

I also enjoy how much I'm mentioned in this post.

ALSO also, Jacinta is prettiest frickin' name I've ever heard.
pussydestroyer says :   2 December 2018   209615  
he's a big boy with big balls

i'll let her know you think her name is pretty i think she'll like

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