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Thursday, 2 August 2018
09:22:44 AM (GMT)
1. Abortion 

I'm definitely pro-choice. I personally don't believe it is the murder of a baby
(depending on when it's done). It's a mass of rapidly dividing cells that have not
developed a consciousness yet. Yes, various important internal structures start
forming early on, but fetal viability is incredibly low when abortion is usually (and
legally) done.

Of course, I don't agree with people who use abortion as some kind of main form of
birth control (although I haven't personally seen a case like that) simply because
it's dumb and a waste of resources, but I believe we have the right to have an
abortion because it's better than a baby being born into a detrimental situation that
they will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives (if they even make it
that far).

2. LGBT Community 

I don't have a lot of knowledge about the LGBT community because I'm not personally a
part of it. But, I have no issues with people who have a different sexual orientation
or sexual identity than me.

3. Non-Binary Identities 

Again, no issues. If someone wants me to refer to them with they/them pronouns, I'll
do it. It will, of course, take some time to get used to, but as long as they're
understanding of that (to a reasonable extent), I don't see how it's problematic.
Xe/xem/xyr or any other ridiculous pronouns are where I draw the line. I won't call
them anything they don't want to be called, but I will likely not interact with them
at all (due to fundamental differences) or just refer to them by their name alone.

4. Breastfeeding in Public 

Don't even know why this is an issue in the world, lol. There is no denying that
breasts can be sexual in nature. But, I think it should be pretty easy to
differentiate breast exposure for sexual purposes and breast exposure to feed a
hungry infant (which shouldn't be perceived sexually). A child will not be
traumatized from seeing an exposed breast (as long as you raise them right and not
instill strange thoughts into their mind about breastfeeding) and if you or someone
else becomes sexually aroused by it, that's your/their problem to resolve on
your/their own.

I do think that if it's a formal or professional setting, the mother should excuse
herself to breastfeed at a more private location.

5. Feminism

I think third-wave or radical feminism has tainted the word a bit, but I do consider
myself a feminist despite that and I don't think feminism (fundamentally) is a bad
thing at all. It's when the word "feminism" gets sullied with ideas of misandry and
doesn't take into account the struggle of men and the double standards that occur for
both sexes that problems arise. I personally don't believe the wage gap exists (at
least in the western world) and I think that it's mistaken with the fact that sexes
are more inclined to take on certain careers according to factors like child care. I
think this is rapidly changing though as we move forward away from traditional gender
roles and I think any apparent gap will close as a result. It's not because women are
paid less than their male counterparts for the same job/work.

6. Meninism 

Don't know much about meninism, but I've seen some toxic things. But, maybe it's the
vocal minority like in the case of feminism? I just hope that it's more about
bringing to light the double standards and unfair expectations of men (like not
showing emotion out of fear of seeming "feminine" or weak) rather than having the
sole purpose of opposing or mocking feminism.

7. Long Distance Relationships 

I think long distance relationships can work, but I would personally never be in one.
I just thing it adds unnecessary obstacles when there are probably people you would
be deeply compatible with in your own city/town. Also, physical
companionship/affection is very important in determining compatibility (to me).

8. Gun Laws

Eeek, I don't know. I can definitely see the validity in owning a gun as a mode of
protection, but I've heard of studies where oftentimes a gun found in the home ends
up being used on those inside of the household, rather than an intruder or outside
threat. And living in Canada where guns are more of a rarity (at least in my city),
we see less cases of school shootings (where having a gun could potentially increase
the amount of victims than, let's say, a knife that requires close contact) or other
forms of gun violence. I just think mental health evaluations need to be a part of
gun ownership, guns with rapid fire capabilities should be phased out and you
shouldn't be able to purchase a large amount of ammunition or guns in total (as for
how many, I don't know).

9. Saying the N-Word 

As a person with a lot of melanin (I'm black), I don't know exactly how I feel. Like,
I can understand that we give the word more power by forbidding it or only allowing
black people to use it, but I can't help but also understand the desire to reclaim
the word for us to use and define. It's been much less than 100 years since things
like segregation and a general (and accepted) outward contempt for black people ended
or started to decrease in the US. The people who think that we should just "get over
it" are asking for a little much. We know we didn't directly experience those
injustices, but stories about these injustices are passed down to us. How would you
feel if your parent or grandparent told you that they were targeted about their race?
You'd feel and internalize their hurt, trust me.

As a person who has been on the Internet for years now, the word "nigger" has less of
an effect on me, but I guess it'll take a little more time for me to not be taken
aback hearing white/brown/yellow/red teenagers call each other nigga, lol.

I think less outrage about the word will be beneficial in the end (if only to get rid
of anger caused by getting called a nigger) and apathy is the key.

"Nigger" will always be a slur, let's just be real here, but hopefully it will at
least become an insult directed at anyone of any race, rather than being reserved for
black people. And maybe "nigga" will be a friendly and/or neutral term used by
everybody one day. And I think I'd be okay with that.

I also believe people shouldn't be booed off stage for saying nigga if it's in a rap
song that they're singing along to. If you put it in your song, you shouldn't be mad
when everyone says it. You know they're saying it at home, bud. It's like getting
pissed off at that one kid in your class that had to read the word "nigger" in a line
from Huckleberry Finn (or many kids, to be honest, because it's used a lot of times
in that book, lol).

10. Paedophilia

Like other people have said, a pedophile is not equivalent to a child
molester/predator. Like it or not, pedophiles cannot control whether or not they're
attracted to children. They were born that way and I'm sure they would change it if
they could.

I admit that I do feel a level of disgust hearing about sexual attraction to
children, but I cannot hate a non-offending pedophile (this includes not
watching/looking at child sexual abuse images/pornography and not engaging in
inappropriate sexual discussions with a child, online or offline, apart from obvious

I just wish it was easier for them to get psychological help without fear of getting
reported. But, I also understand how a psychologist/therapist/counselor would be
afraid of letting an offending pedophile slip through the cracks.

11. Trump 

I don't like him. He's a liar and a narcissist (in my opinion).

12. Obama 

I love him. I know he has his flaws and he has made some poor decisions, but he is
just so eloquent, kind and intelligent.

13. Rape in Relationships 

I can't believe some people don't think this exists. Yes, men and women can be raped
by their partner. Just because you're seriously dating someone doesn't mean you
should automatically assume they consent to sex whenever you want it. If they say no,
don't guilt-trip them, don't manipulate them, don't pressure them, don't force them.
Let it go or leave.

14. Anime

I like anime. Don't really have much opinions about it. There are weirdos in every
interest group.

I will say that I find it disturbing how some anime seem to sexualize children or
child-like appearances.

15. Porn/Hentai 

I watch porn. I don't think it's very damaging. I believe it can be, but I
believe we all have dumb/ignorant ideas about how sex is until you actually have it,
whether you watched porn prior to the first time or not. And I think you catch on
quick as long as you're open with your partner and communicate. And a lack of
communication isn't porn's fault.

Hentai is annoying (the squealing is no bueno), but I think it's fine as long as it
does not include depictions of little girls. I know it's legal in the US, but it
really skeeves me out and I don't think there is enough data out there (or there will
ever be enough data out there due to issues I mentioned before) that it would be a
deterrent for pedophiles.

16. Pansexuality 

No issues or much thoughts about this either. I guess people have issues with it
grammatically? But, I'm no good at grammar and I think there's nothing offensive
about being open to people of all sexes* and all gender identities**.

*both sexes
**trans men, trans women and non-binary

17. Aliens 

I believe there is life outside of Earth, but I don't believe they have visited Earth
or look like how they're usually depicted in various media.

18. Cultural Appropriation 

I think this cultural appropriation thing is just another way to divide cultures and
people. As long as they're not making fun of different cultural symbols and
aesthetics, I don't think they should be ridiculed and insulted for wearing a dress
or twisting their hair. I think finding them beautiful and interesting is enough.

19. Fake Freckles

I didn't know this was an issue, lol. I thought people were just getting tired of the

I personally find fake freckles adorable and would do it myself if I knew how to
make-up properly.

20. He/Him Lesbians

I read porcelains diary entry where she explained this a bit and I guess I'm a little
confused? I don't know how you can identify as male and then still consider it a
lesbian relationship if you're in a relationship with someone who identifies as

I just think that things like this just end up repelling (trying to think of a more
mild word, but can't think of one right now) people who might be open to learning
about sexual identity because this is where things just start not making sense.
Last edited: 2 August 2018

pussydestroyer says:   3 August 2018   429523  
thank u for answering this properly! this is so wholesome
‹Pâtisserie› says :   3 August 2018   397512  
No problem and thank you! It was actually a pretty cool exercise of
explaining why you hold certain convictions. 

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