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Tuesday, 31 July 2018
10:51:52 AM (GMT)
who tf awake

last person that
1. slept in your bed beside you? — erin

2. saw you cry? — the spider in the corner of my room

3. you went to the movies with? — my dad and sister

4. you went out to dinner with? — erin

5. you talked on the phone to? — my sister

6. made you laugh? — ben!!

would you rather

1. Pierce your nose or your tongue? — well ive had both and theyre both incredibly
painful. i want more in my nose regardless. 

2. be serious or be funny? — funny pls

3. drink whole or skimmed milk? — skimmed, what kind of fatass drinks whole milk?

4. die in a fire or drowning? — both are like my worst ways to die, but drowning.
fuck fire.

5. spend time with your parents or enemies? — my parents wtf

are you?

1. simple or complicated? — boi

2. straight, gay or bisexual? — bisexual

3. tall or short? — i am very small

4. right handed or left handed? — right handed

5. a lover of music or a lover of books? — i like both but probs music more

do you prefer

1. flowers or sweets? — sweets bc flowers make me die

2. grey or black? — black

3. colour photos or black-and-white photos? — colour

4. sunrise or sunset? - sunset is way prettier

5. m&ms or Skittles? — m&ms

6. staying up late or waking up early? — i actually hate staying up late and like
waking up early but my body does the opposite.

7. sun or moon? — sunnnnn 

8. winter or autumn? — summer

9. 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? — best friends

10. rainy or sunny? — sun! please no more rain

11. vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? — vanilla!!

12. vodka or jack? — vodka 

about you

1. what time is it? — 03:39

2. name? — ffion

3. nicknames? — none i like

4. when is your birthday? — every year

5. what do you want? — to get better ); 

6. how many kids do you want? — none 

7. what would you name a girl? — something really welsh, like angharad or myfanwy

8. what would you name a boy? — i really like grufydd bc then i can nickname him
griff like a hippogriff

9. you want to get married? — never ever ever tbh

10. what kind of music do you like? — omg so much random shit. i like orchestral
stuff, emo music, poppy and japanesey shit 


1. nervous habits? — i chew the side of my tongue. i do it so often, i have a line
down the side of it. and the insides of my cheeks, oh and sometimes i bite my nails.

2. are you double-jointed? — i can do weird stuff with my fingers so i guess?

3. can you roll your tongue? — with great difficulty but yes

4. can you raise one eyebrow? — people cant do that?

5. can you cross your eyes? — i can do all kinds of things w my eyes, except see


1. which shoe goes on first? — usually the right one

2. ever thrown something at someone? — yes?

3. on average, how much money do you carry with you? — ideally i keep a £5 note on
me bc you never know if you might need cash in a pinch to get the bus or something,
but generally no more than that. i'm poor.

4. what jewellery do you wear? — i wear a bunch in my face lmao

5. do you twirl or cut spaghetti? — twirl!

6. have you ever eaten spam? — i dont think so

7. favourite ice cream? — either coffee or plain vanilla

8. how many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? — i dont eat the cereal but
theres like 2 kinds in there now? does porridge count too?

9. can you cook? — sort of lmao


alcoholic beverage? — sex on the beach

car ride? — going for dinner with my dad yesterday

movie seen? – i watched deadpool 2 yesterday

song played? — idk, probably something off the infinity war soundtrack 

person you saw? — my stepdad before i went to bed

time you cried?- like 10 mins ago

fight? – i havent really had a fight but i argued with my mum yesterday

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