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Wednesday, 24 June 2015
07:31:06 PM (GMT)
Everyone on Kupika listen up i am sick and tired of some guy's being assholes let me
explain what the ones i have bin unfortunate enough to encounter are like usually. :
they message me all is well conversation is normal we get to know eachother
everything's cool then one day usually abought 3 days after we start talking thell
send me a message that say's something like ; you gonna be my slave, i wanna **** you
that's fine when i ask them to stop or else go away because i don't like it sometimes
they either A  go away B (what usually happen's) start cursing me and making demands
and now i am going to quote one of the horrible thing's a guy messaged me after i
told him to cut the crap "Do you think I care? You will do as you are told, maybe it
will make you not so
completely worthless" that is only one example. Which is why A i urge girls and guys
not to send pictures to anyone they hardly know because they might blackmail you and
B i request that all of the assholes on this site who are anything like what i
described comment below I so me and every other person on this site who doesn't want
to be verbally harassed will know who not to message or interact with or if that's
your type you will know who to interact with  so please everyone who is like that
comment I and anyone who has a name of someone or someones like that please list them
bellow this is not gossip or tattle tailing (well it is but for a good cause) Thank
you your's truly backstabber.

backstabber says:   24 June 2015   786820  
here are the names of the dooshbags that i remember:
daddyjay# loki_theunholy6661#
Nightmaregirl says:   24 June 2015   359334  
<simon> is one I remember. I'm sorry someone sent that
message to you. That's really messed up. They can rot in Tartarus.
backstabber says:   25 June 2015   641447  
thanx do you know of a place deeper and darker then Tartarus? 
Grizzlies says:   28 June 2015   271691  
Stop making worthless diaries and be my slave !!!!!
backstabber says:   28 June 2015   422193  
Ill add you to my list thank's for cooperating 
crazyhot says:   2 July 2015   605388  
this one is boring also Tartarus is the darkest deepest pit in all
Greek Mythos sry
backstabber says :   2 July 2015   897268  
I'm not single minded it doesn't have to be a Greek place. 


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