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You know what really annoys me about couples these days?Category: Ignore this shit
Tuesday, 4 February 2014
03:21:06 PM (GMT)
The fact that they start dating and a week later, they are saying "I love you".
Like, no. There's a difference between like and love,
I like my sketchers, but I love my Prada  backpack.
And it takes a lot longer than a week to fall in love with someone

/rant over.

‹fucked› says:   5 February 2014   664148  
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   5 February 2014   163126  
Oh my god. Yes. Thank you.
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   5 February 2014   969972  
It annoys the hell out of me.
Like, seriously. People get liking and loving confused all the time
and I just really want to punch people's brains out. 
Grizzlies says:   5 February 2014   842422  
but, they didn't only begn liking each other at the start of the
relationship. i get what you meaaan tho it's really annoying.
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   5 February 2014   432903  
especially younger than 16 or younger than
13. not understanding.
I don't even really understand what they could get out of the
relationship at that age.

don't get me wrong, I had a boyfriend at a young age too but..we
didn't do anything

Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   5 February 2014   260923  
A fact that very few people know is that a female's brain isn't mature
enough to actually love (as in the romantic kind) until the late
teens. A male's brain isn't mature enough to love until the early
twenty's. This is a scientific fact. And "love" that someone claims to
feel before then (and even after) is lust (and I don't mean sexually
This is actually a scientific fact. :I 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   5 February 2014   798982  
No, but how can you "love" someone when all you know is their good
Like, sure. He eats pineapple on his pizza.
But what if he just bites into an Oreo?
And like, what app on his phone does he go on when he's in the
How is he really with his mother?
What song does he turn on when he gets in the car?
All the stuff that matters. You know.. 
‹aleхςђคภ тнe ѕĸιттle ѕ ℓ υ т › says:   5 February 2014   424074  
Though, what if they have known each other for awhile? A few years or
so, then started dating?
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   5 February 2014   412105  
I'd say, still no.
Because even if you two were the best of friends, you didn't know how
they acted romantically. Sure, you could have watched their
relationships and shit, but you still wouldn't exactly know.
I feel like you have to KNOW the person to be in live with them. 
‹aleхςђคภ тнe ѕĸιттle ѕ ℓ υ т › says:   5 February 2014   363441  
True, I do agree though in some cases i'd still say it's acceptional.
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   5 February 2014   348803  
Why would you even go on your phone when you are in the bathroom?
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   5 February 2014   808457  
I do it all the time, not going to lie. 
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   5 February 2014   606838  
Remind me to never touch your phone 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   5 February 2014   137906  
That's completely fine.
Even though I wipe it down with baby wipes like, daily. 
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   5 February 2014   579035  
Bathrooms are not a place for phones, unless you are skipping class
and aren't planning on smoking or cutting@Big_city_dreams 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   5 February 2014   162219  
But I like to play temple run in the bathroom. 
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   5 February 2014   452005  
I haven't played temple run since the Shyre closed. That was back when
there was only one temple run and no one knew about Instagram and
Phantom says:   18 February 2014   221008  
Saying "i love you" means one thing mostly: "i want to be with
you" just because some say it sooner in a relationship than
others it doesn't take away from when a person says it in
circumstances that are considerably deeper and rooted in more
experience and history w the person. I've found that those people who
object to the three words, as you seem to here, are either naiively
ideally romantic and/or been in a situation where someone saiid it to
you but then later circumstances or actions belied the "i love you"
profession and it has soured such ones on the whole thing. I hope that
isnt the case w you as that woulld be sad. The world needs more
love...even when it fails even when people dont really understand what
they mean when they say iit, we should always look at any expression
of love w hopeful eyes and wish others the best. Of course its your
perogative to demand a standard of anyone who would say "i love you"
to you, just be a lil less critical of others who have a diff standard
when its said to them.
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   18 February 2014   798620  
Love is an "intense feeling of deep connection" not just " I want to
be with you".
There have been times where I have wanted to be with people, but
didn't love them.
What you are talking about, is attraction.
Or just plain liking someone. That happens.
I feel like you have to know almost every aspect of the person to be
in love.
Like, adore that family means so much to him, even if he doesn't admit
Or adore that when she's nervous, she plays with her hair.
Or that he can talk to a million different people who beg for his
attention, but he doesn't notice because he's too afraid to lose you.
Or that she would rather listen to how crappy your day was, rather
than telling you how amazing her day was.
Or the fact that music is his safety net
Or that she aspires to be something to someone.
Or that he sees something in you, you can't see.
That every time she tells you a fact about herself, you write it down
or take a mental note of it. 
That you seem to trust him with your whole life and are able to tell
him things you couldn't even admit to yourself.
You don't get that quickly.
Not if you were dating for a week.
Not if you've been friends for awhile.
Not until you actually look at someone in a romantic way. 
Phantom says:   18 February 2014   928190  
Actually i wasnt speaking of attraction although attraction is
implied when we want to be with someone at least some of the time. All
of what you wrote is summed up in the unspoken commitment of the
MEANING of what real love is namely again we are saying that we want
to be with that person when we say "i love you". Yes we refer to what
should be a "deep feeling" or emotion but what goes deeper is the
commitment or promise that the words and feeling hold. The emotion
changes as it is well known and proven. Even the brain chemistry
changes but the underlying meaning does not. What i am saying is that
its ok to tell that person you want to be in eachothers lives and to
experience it with them and that you care about them - all of which is
wrapped up in the "I love you" is ok to say this
anytime you mean it even if your knowledge of the person isnt deep
even if you haven't gotten to know them greatly yet. The problem is
that the idea of Love is so permeated throughout our culture and more
often than not it is idealized and romanticized so that we are
disappointed when it comes to our real-world relationships which are
far from perfect.
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   18 February 2014   594794  
I was originally saying it as a relationship.
"What really annoys me about couples these days..."
Like, really. 
‹Purdy's Outlaw› says:   19 February 2014   368529  
Honestly, I say I love you if they gave me chocolate, or something.
"Oh my gosh, I like, love you so much right now."
I don't mean "I love you." 
I mean, "I love what you just did for me and I appreciate what you do
for me."
But, I say 'I love you' to everyone. My friends, boyfriends, etc.
I can say, "I love Kait. She is seriously the best person in my
Or, "I love PC, he's a nut case." But, I'm not dating him.
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   19 February 2014   577353  
Stop. Shh.
Look at the title.
Read the title.
Now, read the diary.
I'm talking about COUPLES.
Not everyday relationships.
Holy crap.
I realize there is a difference between loving someone and being in
love with someone. 
‹Purdy's Outlaw› says:   19 February 2014   697083  
I know, but every WITH couples. 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   19 February 2014   476174  
No. Not even with couples.
Love is supposed to be special.
And you exactly proved my point in your last comment.
You throw it around and don't know the meaning.
It's a scientific fact that you don't actually know someone until 3-4
years being WITH them.
So there is no possible way to fall in love with someone just because
they give you chocolate. 
‹Purdy's Outlaw› says:   19 February 2014   241450  
Love has so many different meanings to different people, honestly this
is such a pointless discussion 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   19 February 2014   369965  
Then don't contribute?
Especially since everything you've said had nothing to do with the
"being in love" aspect of this diary. 
Medication says:   19 February 2014   378031  
Every person, every couple, and every relationship is different.

You're in no place to tell anybody what is wrong.

I'm not saying I disagree with you, but I'm also not saying I agree.
But the truth is that people's feelings for one another are none of
your business and thus you have no place having/sharing/advancing an
opinion about them.
Medication says:   19 February 2014   780443  
@Phantom  The problem is
that the idea of Love is so permeated throughout our culture and more
often than not it is idealized and romanticized so that we are
disappointed when it comes to our real-world relationships which are
far from perfect.

^ Thank you. 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   19 February 2014   541118  
If you honestly believe that you can fall in love with someone after a
few weeks of dating, than I'd disagree with you.
Loving someone and being in love with them is totally different.
I'm not apologizing for taking a feeling seriously. 
Medication says:   19 February 2014   155419  
I believe that SOMEONE can fall in love with another person after a
few weeks of dating. 

Especially if they knew one another before dating and spend a shocking
amount of time together. 

Love isn't a feeling. Just so you know.
If you had actually ever been in love you'd know that.
It causes a whole bunch of feelings, but none of them are "love".

Love is something else entirely. 
Ciara_the_wolfpup says:   19 February 2014   383040  
You are both right being in love with someone is very different than
loving them
If the people were like besties before they dated they probably could
fall in love in a few weeks of dating but that isn't really common.
Real "Love" is a hard thing to grasp. And sometimes when you think you
have it youre wrong. 
Medication says :   19 February 2014   746016  
I really wish this website had older and more mature members...
It's not even that you guys are immature, I'm not saying that.

I just wish people here had more life experience.


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