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Just a quick rantCategory: (general)
Monday, 20 January 2014
03:07:35 PM (GMT)
I go into detail about pregnancy and birth in this, and would like someone to go
into detail about factual pain from getting hit in the balls, not that it hurts a lot
more, I would prefer facts.

You know how men and women fight over which pain is worse, childbirth or getting
kicked in the balls. I was getting pissed off by seeing that joke about how getting
kicked in the balls is over 9000 in the del unit of pain, whereas giving birth is 57,
and a human body can only handle 45.
First off, the 'del' unit of pain is a made up thing, derived from the dol unit of
pain, coming from the latin word dolor, meaning pain. That is the scale of 1-10,
where 1 is little to no pain, 2-3 is mild pain, 3-4 is discomfort or mild pain, 5-7
is distressing or severe pain, 8-9 is very severe pain, and 10 is unbearable pain. 
Second, no scale would work, ever. Every single person has a different pain tolerance
level, so each person can handle pain a different way, and react at different levels
of pain.
Third, even with medicine in the US alone 700 women die a year giving birth, 34,000
barely avoid death, while I haven't been able to find any credible evidence for males
dying from getting kicked in the testis I know it happens, I just don't know how many
of them do a year.
Fourth, a women's pain lasts from up to an hour to a couple of days, men's pain lasts
for 5 minutes to half an hour, and feels much incredible worse, as it's all packed
into that tiny time, and women opt for pain medication while men usually wouldn't
have the time to make it to a hospital for the medication.

I can't say much from the males point of view, as there isn't much documented about
it, whereas childbirth there is a lot, but the best way I can think to explain it is,
try imagining your scrotum getting blown up to 5 times it's normal size in a few
months filled with liquid and flesh and bone that stretches and hits and kicks
everywhere it can reach. That would be quite on comfortable.

Then when it comes time to give birth a women's cervix stretches inside of her to 10
centimeters to let the baby pass through, same as her vagina it stretches to 10
centimeters in quite a short time, and because of how quickly it does do that, some
women have tears and lacerations, that may be easy to fix, but result in stitching
that takes a long time to heal. I wouldn't quite know how to put this into a males
perspective, but if you do give some thought to the amount of stretching that a women
has to go through you might look at it differently.

On a side note, if you haven't gotten to see a live birth, as I haven't, this is all
things I've learn off the internet, from my mom and some family friends, a women is
asked to stop pushing when the babies nose and mouth are out so they suction out the
amniotic fluids and mucus before the baby can start crying and breathing. After you
get the babies head out you have to push it's shoulders out, then you continue for up
to half an hour afterwards pushing, do you want to know why, to get the placenta

Also for women, they don't remember the pain, some sort of hormone goes through them
and they physically cannot remember the pain, thus the reason women have more then 1

I can't give any full length details on getting hit in the balls, but overall, in my
opinion I feel like if all of a women's pain was put into that small of a time or a
man's was stretched out to that long of a time, they would be oddly similar, and
since there isn't actually a way to accurately measure pain, I feel like the whole
argument is a complete waste of everyone's time.

I realize they both hurt, but at the same time neither gender can experience the
exact same pain as the other gender, so at the moment it's all up in the air, and I
think we should just leave it there and keep in mind

Grizzlies says:   20 January 2014   960980  
at least you get something out of childbirth tho
bunnyboorants says:   20 January 2014   793169  
That is true 
temet says:   21 January 2014   246201  
The thing about pain is it's subjective. But what determines the
painfulness is the amount of suffering attached to it. We must
remember that pain and suffering are two distinct things. Pain is the
physical nerve impulses, and suffering is our egoic impressions of
that pain.

Suffering is that inner voice that screams out going, "Oh my, oh why?"
And the same event can register differently among two different
people. Despite going through the same thing, much less two disparate
genders and two entirely different processes of pain. 

So the subjective scale is used. I remember when I broke my ankle.
That was a clear 10. It shattered completely and I was in much more
pain than I have ever experienced previously. But, the moment I had to
take chemo along with the rest of my treatment. That ankle was nothing
but a 5 or maybe a 6. The new stimuli had reset my perception of how
painful things can be. 

Don't even worry about what people think is more or less painful.
Women are built to withstand more pain because of childbirth and the
amount of trauma it causes to her body. And it's something you girls
were meant to biologically experience, so long as we want the human
race to continue. The body has equipped you well. 

The only person that matters with regard to pain is yourself and no
one else. No one else will live your pain for you. Forget them.
bunnyboorants says :   21 January 2014   801010  
That is very true, and you are right, I should just forget the people
who make it they're biggest objective to argue over. Pain is
subjective, and changes with different stimuli, so nothing can ever be
the exact same to 2 different people. 

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