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Levanael 1/?Category: fiction
Thursday, 30 May 2013
05:49:12 PM (GMT)
I'm not from this world. Not this dimension of the world anyway. I'm from another
weave of time, one that runs through every other. A current passing like electricity
through every single other wire of time. My time is slower I suppose, but I don't
feel it that way. It's just different. Our Earth was different.

But then I fell. Though it wasn't like falling at all. It was like burning, and
freezing, and drowning all at once. The first thing I felt as a literal being was
everything. I felt everything. Every joy, every moment of peace was blown out
of the water by the crushing weight of dispair, and I thought why. I turned my
new eyes towards the heavens I fell from and asked Them why. They didn't answer.

When I landed I felt pain. Physical pain, but also a deep unsettling feeling of
longing and sorrow. Something was missing from me, taken and stripped away, leaving
just an empty, unworn shell behind to rot. I could feel myself rotting as I lay; a
crumpled heap on the floor. I could feel my cells die and begin to destroy themselves
and it made me feel revolting. I was revolting.

He closed the old leather bound book and pushed it away from him, hearing the old,
worn skin scrape against the table. He sighed and got up, pointedly not looking at
the seemingly innocent object. His fingers carded through thick hair, feeling a layer
of grease against his scalp and he vaguely wondered when the last time he took a
shower was. Was it 1 or 2 weeks now? It hardly seemed to matter. It wasn't like he
was going to see anyone other than the other homeless humans who 'lived' here. If you
could call it living. He snorted sardonically at the thought. No. These people did
not live, they survived. And for what? Another dose of an illegal drug to get them to
the next day. He almost pitied them, but then he was in the same situation. Only he
knew this wasn't how it was meant to be. Who he was meant to be.

His name was Levanael. He was a soldier, a follower. He was brave and determined and
committed. But somewhere along the line, They believe he had sinned and thus he was
cast out. Thrown from his homeland to survive this desecrated and rotting wasteland.
Thrown down to Earth.
Last edited: 31 May 2013

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