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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
12:09:30 PM (GMT)
Chapter 6: The Slumbering Angel

As the ashes settled and the shaking stopped Solaris and the others could be seen
floating above the magma now boiling under them. Kayam was panting trying to stay
afloat, as he floated down into the volcano Kasai descended beside him putting his
arm over his shoulder.” Good job kid not bad for your first real battle."Kasai said
helping him out of the volcano with Solaris following.” Thanks that was harder then
I expected. I'm so tired now but it was actually kind of fun, is that a bad thing to
feel?" Kayam asked. Kasai and Solaris looked at each other and began laughing." No it
isn't don't worry. Warriors can feel joy from a battle if it pushes them to there
limits. Just remember that if you fight just for the sake of fighting nothing good
will come of it." Solaris said as they made there way back to the underground city. 

On the way back they noticed the dark clouds had vanished as well as the dark
soldiers. They dropped Kayam off at the Guardian Tower and headed down into the
cavern. Upon arriving they were shocked to see that the rift had closed on its on.
Solaris took a closer look and determined the rift was now probably forever closed."
I wonder why I knew what the name of the planet was. I know it was the site of where
the Light sealed chaos from the book at the royal library but its name was never
spoken." Solaris said thinking about it. He knew the answer but still wasn't
convinced of who he might really be.” Well for now lets report to the others. We
have to think of where to go next don't we?" Kasai asked as they got back on the

At the main room of the Guardian Tower Kayam was talking to Sam. Solaris walked in
and could here them talking about home and other things they wanted to do once the
battle was over. Hearing this made Solaris sad that he was putting his closest
friends through something so dangerous but promised himself that no matter what he
would get them home safely." So you two anything new." Solaris said finally walking
into the room. Sam and Kayam jumped back a little in there seats."Um well we haven't
gotten that far yet but were waiting for Bianca and Brea to call in."Kayam said
nervously. "Y..yeah she should be here any moment now.” Sam said looking around.
Solaris laughed to himself quietly and a minute later Bianca and Brea appeared on the
main screen. 

Kasai also joined them and they discussed what had taken place a few hours before
with the Chaos General." It seems like the Generals are all dark versions of our
family and if that's true were in trouble." Solaris said sitting down."Yeah at least
though we know what were up against. Hopefully our aunts and uncles are the only ones
we have to face." Bianca said crossing her arms. Dius and the others agreed then
noticed that Solaris hands were shaking." Actually its worse then you think." Solaris
said. He then explained about how he witnessed the attack on the royal palace and saw
who had broken in. After telling them Dius face went white and Bianca looked like she
was going to faint.” This can't be happening to us can it. I mean our uncles are
one thing but our parents are king and queen for a reason how in the world are we
going to stand up to them." Dius said. They were all scared and it was understandable
with there parents being the most powerful out of all the kingdom and as far as they
knew the known universe.

" We can beat them if we can take out the rest of the generals before heading home to
reclaim Solisian and find the rest of the guardians. For now lets think about who to
find next." Solaris said. After a brief moment of silence they nodded and got back to
the mission at hand which was to gather all the guardians for battle and find the
Light.” We found out what happened to Kairi it seems the planet is covered in a
barrier that's keeping the chaos forces out but for her to create such an enormous
she must be using that technique." Borea said resting her chin on her hand. Solaris
was confused and asked what it was. Kairi was the eldest of all the siblings and was
considered the strongest guardian. She declined becoming a general during the great
war and instead used her power of light to heal the soldiers. No one had really seen
her fight but rumors spread that even without putting in any effort she could take
down large groups of enemies without moving. The only people who knew anything about
her battle experience was Kasai and Borea who often sparred with her.

" She’s using her Angelic Barrier ability which allows her to create an unbreakable
barrier at the cost of her being encased in crystal depending in its size and put to
sleep until the threat around it is gone. If its a small one she doesn't have to go
into a crystal state and can fight but not at full power. If its big like planet size
or even half of that then she has to go to sleep to preserve energy and keep it up.
Only thing is with a planet size one nothing can get in or out even with the
dimensional gates Kasai explained. They all thought for a moment then Dius suggested
using the crystal that allowed them to sneak into the royal castle. "Its worth a shot
and if we cant get through then we will try to get in contact with Sy." Dius said
taking out the crystal and handing it to Solaris. After going over the plan Solaris
asked for them to send Mitsuko over since it was her turn to visit a planet with her
element and maybe get in real world battle experience but they hoped it wouldn't come
to another battle like the others. Once there Solaris opened up the rift with the
crystal and with Mitsuki next to him they jumped in and headed for Planet Serino.

As they traveled through the dimensional space Mitsuki turned to ask Solaris
something.” Kevin um I mean Solaris, are you sure about bringing me along with you.
I mean I'm sure Luna would have been a better choice right?" Mitsuki asked looking
down. Solaris had his reason for not taking Luna one being he wasn't sure who she
really was anymore and wanted to ask her some things but privately when everything
was almost over." She still needs to train the others and she’s helping to keep the
barrier around Earth up." Solaris said. As they continued through the gate Solaris
noticed something up ahead. It seemed to be a seal." Looks like even a rift cant get
through but maybe if I try something." Solaris said as he summoned his blade. He knew
ripping a dimensional rift within a rift was dangerous but they had no choice at the
moment. They stopped close to the seal and with one swing Solaris tore a dimensional
hole within the rift. For a few seconds the space around them fluxuated as the
energies tried to merge together.” Is this alright it looks unstable." Mitsuki said
as she stared at the whole that Solaris created." Alright lets hurry then before it
collapses." Solaris said grabbing her hand. 

As they made there way through the rift they could see the city on the other side.
Everything radiated with a warm light that seemed to come from the buildings
themselves. As they descended down from the rift they noticed that everything seemed
to be standing still. They could see people but they all seemed to be military
personal patrolling the city streets. Before they could get information as they
landed the soldiers had already surrounded them.” I don’t think there here to
welcome us. I wonder how long the planet has been separated from the guardians?"
Asked Mitsuki as she raised her hands above her head. She thought it was what she was
supposed to do since its what she had seen in TV shows and movies. Solaris on the
other hand stood there watching as the soldiers with there weapons drawn ordered him
to stand down.” My name is prince Solaris of Solisian take me to Kairi." Solaris
said showing them his sword with the family crest on it. The soldiers immediately
stood down and saluted him and disbanded as one offered to bring them to Kairi.

While they walked to the transport Mitsuki could see people in the buildings looking
out at them. She asked about why the city was on lock down and the soldier escorting
them told them that Lady Kairi told them to keep the planet this way until the threat
was over. Unfortunately with her asleep and a war going on outside it might be
awhile." Ill see what I can do about my sister and hopefully we can keep the planet
safe." Solaris said sitting down in the hovering vehicle. Mitsuki looked around the
city in amazement studying the structures of the building that were giving off a warm
light.” Is this entire planet glowing or is it just the buildings?" Mitsuki asked
as they passed by what appeared to be a government building with the same crest as
Solaris on it. " This is the planet of light my sister has been its guardian since
after the great war. Its a place of peace for the most part. But like everything hate
isn't something you can smother out all together. Darkness lies in all beings even
us, that's why she created the Paladins." Solaris said. 

The soldier with them was surprised he knew so much about the Paladins. They
represented Kairi and kept the peace and only the elite class wore the special white
and gold armor created by Kairi herself. The other soldiers wore uniforms of white as
well but the symbol on there backs were different colors dependent on there ranks. As
they continued Solaris could sense the chaos army lingering close within the solar
system. After a few minutes they finally made it to the Guardian Tower where several
soldiers were stationed at the entrance. Once inside they made there way to the top
floor. The soldier saluted Solaris and went on there way to patrol the area. The
soldier told them that they weren't allowed inside the chamber and would wait for
them in the control room. Solaris gave them the OK to keep following there orders and
then walked into the room. The first thing they saw was a giant floating crystal in
the center of the room with several smaller ones floating around it.

" So this is what happens when you use this ability isn't it Kairi." Solaris said as
he placed his hand on the crystal. Mitsuki walked around the room looking into the
smaller crystals floating around. From the corner of her eye she noticed a glass
casing and walked toward it to take a closer look. As she looked inside the case she
could see two silver guns with a strange design on them. They were giving off the
same light as the crystal in the center of the room.” These most be her weapons
right." Mitsuki said turning toward Solaris." Yeah there unique maybe you'll get a
chance to see them in action if we can wake her up. But looks like that wont happen
until the threat outside the planet is gone. You stay here ill go see what I can do."
Solaris said as he began walking to the door. Mitsuki grabbed his arm and stopped him
asking to go as well but he refused.” Why cant I go I've been training a lot since
you left don't you think I can be of help?" Asked Mitsuki.

" Its not that trust me OK I know how strong all of you have become to help me but
this is my job. Don't worry I'm just getting rid of the threat on the outside if it
were to dangerous to do alone I would bring you so just stay here and explain to my
sister the situation once she wakes up." Solaris said gently taking her hand off his
arm. She sighed and agreed warning him that he better come back. With that Solaris
opened a rift using the crystal then once he got to the seal he created another rift
to exit out to just outside the planets atmosphere. As he looked around he couldn't
see what the possible threat was that made his sister use her ability until he flew
around to the other side an saw what was threatening the planet. After seeing it he
finally began to see that it was surrounding the planet and was absorbing the light
around it making it slightly invisible against the background of space. It was what
appeared to be a halo that was slowly rotating. Solaris watched as the light from the
barrier was steadily being absorbed into it and he knew no matter how strong Kairi
was after awhile this would become dangerous.

As he was about to get closer the halo suddenly started firing at him from all sides.
He dodged the blast and looked back as the barrier was hit but stayed stable. With
this giving him comfort he went all out and charged at the halo dodging the laser
fire coming at him." Lightning Javelin Barrage." Solaris said summoning several
lightning bolts that fired at the halo with every second producing more bolts that
fired at it. The blast that collided sent shock waves out that made it difficult for
Solaris to move around and get closer. He stopped his attack and focused his energy
into a barrier and warped closer to the halo. As he did multiple ships flew from it
and attacked him trying to push him back. Again Solaris had no choice but to fight as
he blasted several ships and dodged attacks from others. He focused all his energy
into his barrier then released it into a massive energy shock wave that destroyed all
the ships within its range. Breathing a little heavier now he gripped his blade as a
several giant mechs appeared in front of him." You have got to be kidding me how long
do you plan to stand in my wave. Black Hole!" Solaris yelled as the gravity behind
the mechs began to collapse in on itself. The machines tried there best to escape but
were helpless by the immense gravitational pull. 

He watched as they were crushed and how part of the halo was beginning to be pulled
in as well. Solaris increased the intensity of the black holes pull until a section
of the halo was destroyed creating an opening. He quickly canceled his attack and
flew inside only to be met by a large group of chaos soldiers. Knowing that by now
all the soldiers within the halo knew he was there he could sense that hey had begun
attacking the planet hoping to destroy it before he could destroy them." Damn I have
to hurry and destroy this place." Solaris said gathering his energy and transforming
into a different form from the one he used when using the Light's power. His armor
was gold and red with his helmet resembling a phoenix's head. He summoned his blade
that transformed as well and was now engulfed in light and fire and began his assault
from the inside. Solaris held nothing back and didn't care where his attacks landed
as he flew through the halo slashing at anything that moved and blasting everything
in sight. 

On the outside several explosions rocked the halo as ships and mechs descended down
toward the barrier firing and smashing into it hoping to break through. Mean while on
the planet the soldiers and citizens could here everything going on outside as the
soldiers scattered making sure everyone was within there homes. Mitsuki watched from
the Guardian Tower as the barrier shook and rattled.” Please be OK Kevin you better
get back here safe." Mitsuki said praying for his return. The crystal with Kairi
within it began to steadily glow as Solaris made his way through the halo. He charged
his blade and began slashing and sending out waves of energy that sliced through
everything as he flew faster." I have to keep going, damn this thing is huge I hope I
make it please let me make it." Solaris said as he cut through a soldier. As his
assault continued the outside got suddenly quite and he could feel that they were
planning one last attack as energy began to build up on the opposite side of the
planet. With little time left Solaris took his blade and concentrated all his power
and transformed into his phoenix form and flew faster killing everything he passed by
as his energy began to pulse out. As he continued to fly he felt the halo rumble as
the blast was fired at the barrier.

" Damn I'm to late I have to hurry and destroy this thing." Solaris said as he made
his was around the halo. He started to notice there were less and less enemies as he
flew through the machine and heard a loud mechanical noise as if something had been
detached. Solaris stopped to look and see that they had jettisoned the parts of the
halo that were destroyed. The other half was building up power as is continued its
attack on the barrier. Not wasting any time Solaris smashed a hole in the wall and
flew out of it then headed toward where the laser was blasting the barrier."Oh no
its...its starting to crack."Mitsuki said watching as the barrier around the planet
began to fracture. Kairi's crystal was glowing brighter not in response to the attack
on her world. Mitsuki turned around to see that the crystal had also began to crack
with light pouring from it. Solaris had finally made it to the other side and headed
toward the barrier." I have to stop that thing somehow I wish Kairi was here."
Solaris said as he dodged laser fire from the halo. 

He flew up toward where the blast was coming from dodging as best as he could
avoiding the lasers as much as he could in his phoenix form then slammed into it
transforming back into his human form. With no time to spare he quickly flew through
the halo taking out any enemies in his way. As he got closer to the lasers main room
four large mechs came down in front of him." Out of my way, Phoenix Cutter." Solaris
said as golden wings spread from his back then dispersed into many feathers that
sliced through the mechs. He continued on and slashed the main door open to be
greeted by a large group of chaos soldiers and mechs. They fired on him at all once
only giving him time to raise up a barrier. The impact sent him back a little but he
jumped back in and dodged the barrage of laser fire and various chaos attacks." Time
to end this. Phoenix Nova!" Solaris yelled as he jumped above the core of the laser
and began building energy. The chaos soldiers tried attacking him but there attacks
simply bounced off of him and a second later Solaris erupted in a surge of energy
that expanded until almost all of the halo was consumed and destroyed.

As the energy dissipated Solaris tumbled toward the planet." Ouch my head I used up
to much energy on that last attack." Solaris said regaining his balance. He looked
down at the planet watching as the crack in the barrier slowly disappeared. He sighed
in relief and waited to see if destroying the halo was enough to awaken his sister
and bring down the barrier. In the crystal chamber where Mitsuki was watching Kairi
she jumped back in surprise when the smaller crystals began to disintegrate and the
barrier grew weaker.” What a relief he must of finally did it."Mitsuki said walking
toward the crystal that Kairi was in. As she watched the crystal began to glow more
and more as it touched the ground until it finally started to dissolve. Mitsuki
watched as six pure white wings unfolded from behind Kairi and wrapped themselves
around her keeping her a few inches from the ground her white and red armor glowing
with her silver faceplate glimmering in the light. 

Solaris stretched out and began flying back down into the planet as soon as the
barrier was down then began flying faster realizing he had left Mitsuki with his
sister who did not know they were there or even who Mitsuki was." Crap crap crap if I
don't get there to explain...I don't wanna think about it." Solaris said flying
faster toward the Guardian Tower. Mitsuki watched amazed at how Kairi looked with her
long light blond hair and wings but as Kairi opened her eyes she saw someone she had
never seen before. She immediately shattered the crystal with her guns in them and
warped behind Mitsuki pointing one gun to her head and one of her wings placed at her
throat.” Who are you and how did you get in here." Kairi said with the other gun
placed at Mitsuki's back. Mitsuki was to terrified to move or even speak as she
looked at the wing placed on her throat. She could feel that the edge was very sharp
as if
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