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Wednesday, 20 June 2012
05:56:59 PM (GMT)
▲: hii.
▼: hey
▲: 2triider
▼: troll who ive never met
▲: nyeh.
▼: wow what a creative come back im literally swooning over here
▼: the mastery you have over the language is profound
▼: god
▲: clearly, iim ju2t 2o fuckiing amaziing that you cant handle my way wiith word2.
▼: exactly that im just
▼: im crying dude youre so brilliant
▼: or chick i guess
▼: i dunno
▲: dude, iim a dude
▼: wow how would i know get your panties outta that twist
▲: my pantiie2 arent iin a twii2t..?
▲: what the fuck.
▼: yes they are i can see them all sorts of knotted and junk
▲: 2top piicturiing them, fuckiing weiirdo.
▼: nope
▼: so hey whats your name
▲: iit2 relevant becau2e.
▼: becau2e im curious dickweed
▼: you know my name its only fair i know yours
▲: maybe ii dont giive two taiintchafiin fuck2 what you thiink ii2 faiir.
▼: fine im just gonna assume youre the spiderbitch or maybe the creepy sweaty dude
▼: not like i need to actually make sense of you fuckers anyway
▼: im just gonna lump all the shitty trolls into an amalgamation of fuck you
▲: ohgog fuck no.
▲: never even 2ay that youre goiing two a22ume that iim that per2piiriing bucket of
blue blood 2hiit
▲: and you havent met me before, 2o ii cant be eiither of the fuckrake2 you ju2t
▼: hey says you maybe you just changed your typing style so you could get a chance
at my hot bod who knows
▼: what was his name again
▼: centuarstesticle it was something with a eq in it
▼: equine something
▼: idk
▲: okay, fiir2t, iif ii even wanted a chance and your dii2gu2tiing human body,
▲: whiich ii dont becau2e that2 revoltiing
▲: ii wouldnt have two change anythiing, ii could have iit iif ii wanted.
▼: which you do because dont kid yourself lispy
▼: oh yeah right no you couldn t
▲: oh look, and 2uddenly youre aware of the fact that ii have a lii2p.
▲: fuckiing magiical.
▼: i actually asked vantas
▼: heh
▲: 2weet holy 2hiit, a guy cant even keep hii2 name priivate anymore
▲: or hii2 anythiing el2e
▼: actually i still dont know your name
▲: okay good.
▼: i just asked about the guy who typed with twos and he was like oh that
inconsequential lispy fucker
▼: yeah dont bother with that guy
▼: and i was like oh ok whatever
▼: so whats your name
▲: liike iim telliing you.
▼: wow rude
▼: you still didnt tell me how youd be able to get my hot bod tho i think youre
just lying to make yourself feel cool
▲: my natural charm duh.
▲: ii have all of the biitche2 2wooniing.
▲: they all want a piiece of me, obviiou2ly.
▲: and agaiin, ii could get you IIF ii wanted you. and ii dont.
▼: oh yeah hahaha thats a really cute delusion
▼: is that what your mom tells you every night or what
▲: what2 a mom.
▼: after a brief consultation with tz
▼: lusus
▲: hey no. you can't u2e two letter2 two refer two 2omeone.
▲: that2 my thiing, a22hole.
▼: what
▼: i do what i want
▼: you cant copyright shit like that its public domain
▲: no iit2 not iit ha2 my fuckiing 2tamp all over iit.
▲: wiith my name
▲: whiich iim 2tiill not telliing you.
▼: whatever see if i care im just gonna call tz tz and see if i can think of other
two letter nicknames
▼: youre probably the gemini dude right so repetitions hells your thing
▲: 2top 2ayiing tz. that2 my thiing.
▲: and dont bother her, 2he ha2 better thiing2 two do that humor you.
▲: *than. what the fuck.
▼: tz tz tz
▼: no she doesnt she just licks chalk all day
▼: what do you call vantas
▼: its based off names not handles so
▼: kt
▼: kk
▼: i dunno seems unpredictable
▲: youre an iin2ufferable priick, you know that.
▲: iim not fuckiing telliing you.
▼: oh sick burn im so offended
▼: im gonna guess its kk going by the duality and stuff
▲: your thiing ii2 calliing people by their la2t name2.
▲: keep iit that way.
▼: i dont do that to everyone fuck off
▼: im gonna call him kk and youre gonna shit bricks
▲: fuckiing liiar.
▲: briick2 wiill not be 2hat.
▼: uh i think youre wrong i think brick shards will be everywhere
▲: well youre a human 2o ofcour2e your thiinkpan ii2 friied.
▲: gz'2 thiinkpan work2 better than your2.
▲: and he2 liike, fuckiing 2toned all the tiime.
▲: whatever you call iit.
▼: wow im sure this would all be so offensive if i knew what the fuck a thinkpan
▼: ps i dont
▼: and i still wanna know your name
▲: dude. thiinkpan. a2k 2omone.
▼: i asked you
▲: iim 2ure tz wiill help you 2iince apparently iit2 help the human day.
▼: yeah youre right tz probably will help me
▼: or maybe kk who knows
▲: agaiin, 2top iit wiith the two letter2.
▼: nah
▲: iim al2o not telliing you my name
▼: what do you call your other friends
▼: i know gz and thatll be crazy mcmurderclown
▲: you know youre annoyiing a2 fuck.
▼: yeah i know whatcha gonna do about it
▼: ps you cant do shit so whatever
▲: bull2hiit.
▲: iim 2ure no one would miind iif ii culled you.
▼: yeah like you could mr im in a seperate universe
▲: ju2t another planet, 2hiit2taiin.
▲: iid make a 2peciial triip two earth ju2t two kiick your a22.
▼: yeah come at me bro
▼: come get your hateflirt on if you want
▲: hatefliirt.
▲: diid 2omeone make you aware of our quadrant2 two.
▼: yep
▼: you know vantas cant shut up about em
▲: ii wouldnt fliirt wiith 2uch a dii2gu2tiing 2peciimen a2 your2elf.
▲: hate or otherwii2e.
▲: that2 more than fuckiing revoltiing.
▼: oh yeah cause that sounded a lot like hate flirting
▼: making a special trip for lil old me
▼: im not on earth though so good try chump
▲: iit would be alot of effort, but ii would deffiiniitely go there ju2t 2o ii
could end you.
▲: one le22 annoyance two deal wiith.
▼: yeah yeah you just wanna fuck me
▲: ii thiink ii ju2t threw up a liittle.
▼: liar youd tap the shit out of this
▲: (( i ship blackrom SolDave so hard youdontevenknow ))
▲: liike how iim furiiou2ly pounding the key2 on thii2 keyboard becau2e of what a
riidiiculou2 2tatement that ii2.
▼: ((Ohmygosh so do I))
▼: whatever dude denials a river in egypt but ill let it slide this once
▲: how does that make sense even??????
▲: (( YES. <33))
▲: *doe2
▲: *2en2e
▼: wow getting pissy and dropping the quirk are we
▲: iim 2o aggriivated ii cant even type.
▼: so weve come full circle get your panties out of that twise
▼: *twist
▼: ((I didn't know anyone else even shipped this omg))
▲: look2 like iim not the only one a liittle annoyed. or maybe iit2 ju2t your lack
of thiinpan u2age.
▲: (( SAME ))
▼: wow ok everyone makes mistakes everyone has those days
▼: least i didnt use capital letters and mess up my whole quirk jerkass

omg who is this person let me love you
Last edited: 20 June 2012

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