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2nd Dimension~Chapter 1~Rough Copy 1Category: Stories
Tuesday, 29 May 2012
09:24:31 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1~ “A Second Dimension? What? No way…” Fae Woodrow said, sitting in a pathetic school desk in the cluttered room, in disbelief as she looked at her friend Mark Schroeder. He had medium dark brown hair and blue eyes. He had an average body shape. He wore a band t-shirt with blue jeans. He was considered a loner, even though he hung out with friends all the time. “It’s true though.” Mark responded. “How do you know? Have you ever been there?” Fae asked skeptically. A nearby boy with short dark red hair looked over at the two overhearing them speak of the rumored second dimension. “No, I just…know.” Mark said looking at Fae. Fae was five feet and two inches tall. She had brown wavy hair that came just above her breasts. She had orange eyes, and she had a tan-yellow skin tone from the Native American blood that ran through her veins. She was skinny and petite. She wore a black tank top dress that had white skeletons on it all over. The top part was kind of like a corset, the bottom flailed out some. It ended several inches above her knees and her feet bore black flats. She flicked her head to fix her bangs, which came from the right of her scalp and partially covered her left eye. Fae crossed her arms over her C-cup chest stubbornly. “I don’t think there actually is a Second Dimension…” Fae said. “There’s no way that’s possible. You’re crazy, Mark…” Fae said snickering. Mark shrugged. “I believe him; I think there is a Second Dimension…” The boy who’d watched them said. He looked at Mark and smiled kindly before getting up and walking to Fae and Mark. Fae looked up at the boy; he was obviously taller than her by at least five to seven inches. He was slender and his red hair with purple highlights came just past his ear, it was layered and lay on the back of his neck. His bangs parted at the left side of his scalp and mostly covered his right blue eye. He had an air of playfulness about him. Fae smiled some. “Who are you?” Fae asked blinking after carefully hiding her smile. The boy looked kind of hurt. “Are you serious, Fae?” The boy asked. Fae nodded. “Blade…” The boy said. Fae just gazed at him, her eyes glazed over. “Blade Courrier…” He said again. Fae waited a minute. “Who?” Fae asked. Blade hung his head sadly before looking up at Fae with puppy eyes. “Really?? I’m in most of your classes, have been since freshman year, why are you so mean?? I thought we were friends…” Blade tried. “We kind of lost contact some over the summer because I was going through some stuff…” Blade tried again, giving Fae the benefit of the doubt. Fae thought for a minute then shrugged and shook her head. “Oh…you’re so mean…” Blade whined. Fae blinked. “Oh, wait! Did your hair use to be blue?” Fae asked. Blade looked up. “Yeah!” Blade said hopefully and happily. “Ohhhh…” Fae started with a smile. “I…don’t remember you.” Fae said smiling an airheaded smile. Blade basically collapsed to the floor in anguish. Mark looked at the guy and sighed. “Poor guy…” Mark said. Fae giggled. “I’m just joking, of course I remember you. Do you honestly think I’m that dense?” Fae asked. “It’s hard to forget friends.” Fae said a smile on her lips. Blade looked up at Fae like an excited puppy. “Really??” Blade asked. “You remember me??” Blade asked again. “Yeah, I remember you…” Fae said patting Blade’s head. “So, tell me what you know about this “Second Dimension”, Blade.” Fae said still looking at Blade who instantly got serious. “I don’t know too much about it, but I know it’s not like they portray it on television. It’s not like there’s another you. There are lots of different species and hardly any humans. Actually they say that not one person is human, no matter how much they look it. If you do find a human, you’d be able to tell and they’d have gotten lost in the Second Dimension more than likely. It’s really difficult to get to the other dimension though.” Blade explained. “Yeah, also, there is supposively an evil Covent-or there is going to be.” Mark added. Blade nodded in agreement. Both boys were looking at Fae now. “An evil Covent? Really? Filled with what, vampires and demons? Let’s throw in Werewolves for good measure.” Fae said looking between the two boys. Mark shrugged. “Maybe, I don’t know, I’ve never been there, remember?” Mark said with a chuckle. Fae messed with a strand of her hair. “So, how do you two even know this much about the Second Dimension?” Fae asked. A short blonde girl paused as she had been walking by when she heard Fae’s words. She turned pale. “You guys shouldn’t talk about that kind of stuff…” The girl said looking at the three fearfully. Fae raised an eyebrow at her. “Why?” Fae asked staring at the girl, clearly annoyed with her odd behavior. “Because, bad things happen…” The blonde said before running off. Fae looked at the boys mockingly before everything froze solid, people, space, clocks, everything. Fae, Mark, and Blade were the only ones not frozen. They all looked around confused and bewildered. Fae looked over at the blonde; she was stuck in time, one leg raised behind her mid-jog, the other supporting her. Fae blinked and looked at Blade and Mark before everything shuddered. ***
Fae saw darkness for a long time before she grew aware of herself. She felt as if she were falling headfirst in the sky or an ocean but in slow motion. She heard the wind whistle in her ears. She slowly opened her eyes, the school scenery from before was gone, blackness replaced it. She seemed to be falling in an empty black void. She could see nothing, save for the blackness. Her eyes might have well been closed, if not for the slight illumination. Where was it coming from? Her. It was coming from her body. A soft golden glow illuminated her body. ‘What…is this feeling? Where…am I? I feel so at peace…I might be falling to my death…is this what it feels like…to die? I feel serene, like nothing can touch me…like I am in bliss…Is this…a dream?’ Fae thought before tilting her head to look at whatever it was she was going to fall onto. Strange thing was though- there was nothing there, just blackness. She readjusted her head and closed her eyes again. ‘How long with this last, I wonder?’ Fae thought before growing unconscious of her surroundings and her being again. The wind blew softly, caressing anything that stood in its skies, or its path. Fae felt something tickling her in various places. She felt her back on a solid surface, it was solid but squishy. She felt a soft, warm, comforting breeze. The sound of trees billowing or grass moving greeted her ears. She felt the tickling again and opened her eyes. Above her she saw a white clouded blue sky and the start of a cherry blossom tree, the leaves a light pink. She looked around, long green grass everywhere around her. While lying down, she couldn’t see past it. She barely saw the sun but knew it was there, just hidden. She sat up and looked around. There was green grass around her that came just under her chest. She appeared to be in a field. In the distance there seemed to be a city. It was then that she realized she was all alone. Her eyes grew wide and she jumped to her feet. “Mark, Blade??” Fae cried out. The only response was the howling wind. Her chest tightened with fear. “Mark??” Fae cried out. “Blade??” Fae cried again. The wind blew again whipping her hair around her face. She bit her lip before she began walking kind of hurriedly. “Where are they?? Where am I??” Fae asked herself in a worried whisper. Fae’s speed increased but suddenly, she couldn’t move and yet she saw the Earth rushing towards her face. She ended up landing face first in the grass. “Owwweeee…” Fae whined before picking her face up and looking around.
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