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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
11:22:58 AM (GMT)
Q: What is your cosplay alias?
A: On the Internet, most of my profiles are under "BooTheGhost" or our group name,
"LunaticsWithLemonade". Other than that, most cosplayers know me by my normal name,
Lucy, though I do sometimes get called by my nickname of "Bal"/"Bao", or simply by my
character name. I still get "Police Girl" to this day... even though it's been over a
year since that cosplay.

Q: How many years have you cosplayed?
A: I started in 2007... so I'm now half way through my fifth year.

Q: How did you get into cosplaying?
A: I've always been into anime, but I only became aware of it's background when I
started highschool. I then got into manga, and from there, I guess it was a natural
progression. My friend StarDust saw a small cosplay gathering at her local
bookstore, so we figured we might as well give it a shot.

Q: What was your first convention and how did it go?
A: First event was... well, fun, but I was such a n00b! That was at a bookstore,
September 2007. Officially, I regard my first event as MCM Expo May 2009, which was
just bloody fantastic! ♥ Perfect weather, loads of new friends and some pretty
popular cosplays~ even if I look back on those cosplays and shudder nowadays... haha

Q: How many cons have you been to?
A: Officially... I've done six MCM Expos in London, but I also regularly attend local
meetups with BCMU in a nearby city.

Q: How many cosplays have you done?
A: Officially, I'll say seven, but really, it's more like nine: Edward Elric (FMA),
Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach), Ume Noyamano (Air Gear), ANBU Tsunade/Artbook Tsunade
(Naruto), Kirenenko (Usavich), Seras Victoria (Hellsing OVA), Rei Miyamoto
(Highschool of the Dead), Mashiro Moritaka (Bakuman) and Molly Grue (The Last

Q: What was your first cosplay and why did you choose it?
A: Edward Elric. I liked the character. But let's not talk about that. Officially, I
count my cosplays starting from Ume Noyamano (Air Gear) in 2009. That was mildly

Q: What is your favorite cosplay you've done so far?
A: Either Seras Victoria (Hellsing) or Rei Miyamoto (HOTD), both because the cosplays
were comfy and attractive, and achieved a lot of recognition. Through Seras I met a
lot of my closest friends, who were mainly wearing Hellsing at the same event - it is
easily one of my favourite fandoms, because everyone in it is just made of pure

Q: What is your least favorite you've cosplayed?
A: A part from the first two, which I dare not talk about further (Edward Elric,
Rangiku Matsumoto), I'd have to say Ume from Air Gear - it was enjoyable, and very
comfy, but I feel I could do it so much better nowadays.

Q: What cosplay is the most uncomfortable?
A: ANBU Tsunade is annoying because the wig is itchy and my leg bandages always fall
off, but Kirenenko was also quite annoying because of the ears... and always having
to remember to duck when going through doors.

Q: How do you research the cosplay before you make it?
A: I usually only cosplay frm series I know well - so I make sure I have read/watched
most of the series and have a confident grounding in my character, particularly the
costume and the mannerisms. I then study things like hair and facial features in more
detail, thinking about how I might to my makeup, and also what materials would be
effective, but also cheap to use to make the cosplay. I also look at oter people's
attempts at the same character, paying close attention to what material they use and

Q: Do you sew your cosplays yourself?
A: Yes, always.

Q: If so, how did you learn to sew? If not, do you plan to learn?
A: I asked my almost-step-mum to teach me, seeing as she's very good herself, as is
her mum (who used to work making wedding dresses for Liberty's). I already had a
grounding in basic stitches (running stitch, back stitch, blanket stitch and cross
stitch), thanks to school, but I wanted to learn how to use a machine, and sew
quicker in general. I also wanted to learn how to use sewing patterns and compose
garments from scratch.

Q: Do you make your own props?
A: yes, as far as possible. I built my Harkonnen cannon for my Seras Victoria cosplay
from cardboard tubing, flowerpots, plastic guns and takeaway boxes. For under £10,
it was acceptible, but I will go back and improve it for our next photoshoot. I am
most experienced in making guns. Sometimes, obviously, it is not possible,
particularly with swords - I have no experience in making them, so I prefer to buy
them and then customise the paint job.

Q: If so, how did you learn to? If not, do you plan to learn?
A: Not so much learning was involveed... merely trial and error.

Q: Do you style your own wigs?
A: Yes. When you buy a wig, it is never okay to wear it straight out of the bag/box -
styles always need a little bit (or a lot) of maintainance, even if it's just a quick
brush, or spritz with hair spray. I particularly like styling spikes and ahoges (I
had a field day with Moritaka), and I'm practicing my layering skills, particularly
in cutting fringes.

Q: What other skills do you use to create your cosplays?
A: Paiting, mainly. There's often a lot of detail that is easier to apply with a
brush than a needle and thread. I'm also improving my embroidery skills for the same
reason. Besides that, the three key things you need to make cosplays yourself are:
patience, initiative and MONEY.

Q: What skill has been most useful for making your cosplay?
A: Obviously, sewing. But a part from that, creativity and initiative are so
fundamental... it is very common to have to face problems when sewing, and coming up
with last minute plans seems to happen quite a lot. Planning things about how you
might be able to double up props/wigs/material for other cosplays comes under this
initiative thing. Also, being able to cut corners efficiently, without ruining the
look and durability of your cosplay.

Q: What is the hardest thing when making a cosplay?
A: Cutting patterns, although fun, can be very tedious, as it takes a very long time
and you can't afford to make a mistake. 

Q: What was the biggest screw up you've had making a cosplay?
A: I mistakenly bought a pattern which was made for a fabric with a 400% stretch...
and the material I had barely had a 125% stretch. It went pretty wrong. We then had
to quickly change the design of the project and buy new material and a new pattern...
and I'm still not entirely happy with my work whenever I see pictures of it. But, it
was a lesson learned.

Q: How often do you injure yourself while making a cosplay?
A: My fingertips are often peppered with white dots of dead skin where I have pricked
myself repeatedly with sewing needles. Currently, I haven't used a hot glue gun for
any projects, so I have no soldering burns to speak of yet, my I often end up burning
my skin with idiotic use of super glue.

Q: Do you try to stay cheap or do you splurge on materials?
A: You should always buy the best you can afford. The colour and look of the material
will always be more important than the price. Accuracy, durability and appeal is

Q: Have you ever cosplayed with a partner or group?
A: YES. ALWAYS. I am part of a very loving, awesome cosplay group called
LunaticsWithLemonade (find us on dA or Facebook!), consisting of five members. Myself
and StarDust founded it in 2007 when we started cosplaying as a pair,
RAWR_Igirisu joined in 2008, Muffinbake in 2009 when we attended our
first MCM Expo, and then finally my friend Donnie in late 2009, when she saw some of
our stuff on Facebook.

Q: Do you try to act in character?
A: In photos, it's absolutely necessary to try to recreate your character's
mannerisms and personality (otherwise what's the point of the dressing up?), but when
just socialising, I think I can get a bit weird and irritating... particularly those
god damns Hetalia-nerds, the Narutards and the Vocaloid-ers. -stabs-

Q: Have you ever done fan service at a con? (yaoi, yuri, etc)
A: Not really - I haven't really done any characters than are involved in key
pairings. But that will probably change with my next cosplay... hehehe.

Q: How do you react to cosplayers dressed as character from the same anime/game/etc?
A: There's the unspoken acknowledgement that you're both awesome - a nod of the head,
a raise of the eyebrow, a smile, a thumbs up. Usually these people become my best
friends, because when you start talking, you instantly have something in common.

Q: Do you try to duplicate your character's expressions, walk, movements, etc?
A: Expressions, yes. Most notably in photos. For example, Kirenenko is an
expressionless character, except for when he gets angry, so the result was that I
spent most of the event looking like a right misery-guts. Poses and movements are the
same, and as for walking... that's a bit weird, but whenever one of our group is
cosplaying a particularly manly man (I'm looking as you, Muffinbake), we
encourage them to work on a more manly walk. But it always ends up hilariously

Q: When crossplaying, do you try to act as much like the gender as possible?
A:  Yes, though currently, the majority of my cosplays have been of similar females
(a part from Moritaka, and Kirenenko... a rabbit). My next cosplay, however, is a
man, so I hope to work on my mannerisms for that.

Q: What was your funniest experience of acting in character?
A: I enjoyed acting as Tsunade, as she's a character that came very naturally to me.
Being able to act drunk was amusing, to say the least. Also, as Seras Victoria, I
enjoyed referring to Muffinbake as "Masterrrrrr" for the whole weekend (she
totally enjoyed that too!)

Q: What was your worst experience acting in character?
A: As I said before, being Kirenenko meant I couldn't smile.

Q: Do you compete in cosplay contests?
A: Currently, no official ones, but we're hoping to eneter our next group project -
HAKUOUKI SHINSENGUMI KITAN - for the Masquerade in May this year.

Q: Have you won anything?
A: No, see above.

Q: Do you prefer skits or walk-ons?
A: I would personally prefer to do walk-ons, but when skits are done well - either
artisically, or with good humour, I think they can be very enjoyable. Though usually,
it's mostly the n00b kids dancing to Hare Hare Yukai. When they're not even
cosplaying Haruki Suzimiya.

Q: How many friends have you made because of cosplay?
A: Countless. Actually, that's a lie. 183, to be exact. I have a specific friend's
list on my Facebook for "people I've met through cosplay".

Q: Do you attend photo shoots and meet-ups outside of conventions?
A: Yes. As a group, we regularly like to do our own photoshoots for our newest
cosplays, and we also sometimes attend BCMU, which is a local meetup in a nearby
city, run by one of our good cosplaying friends.

Q: What is the funniest reaction you've gotten cosplaying from people outside of the
A: Oh goodness, I keep a record of the best ones.
"Are you a hen party?"
"The things kids do these days."
"... they must be college art students."
"Holy fuck, she's a rabbit!"
"Look mummy, she has pretty pink hair!"
Countless more, including some insanely funny facial expressions on public

Q: How long do you think you'll be cosplaying for?
A: Does that need to be measured?

Q: Name a few cosplays you're planning to do next:
A: HAKUOUKI. *achem* The official list is as so:
May 2012: Okita Souji (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)
Summer 2012: Okita Souji (Hakuouki Sweet School Life), Wanda Fairywinkle (Fairly
October 2012: Gumi Megpoid (Vocaloid ELR or Secret Police)

Q: What is your dream cosplay?
A: OKITA SOUJI. ♥ Any and all versions of his outfits!! Luckily, my dream is
coming true very soon~
I would also die to cosplay Queen Vivaldi from Heart no Kuni no Alice, and also Lan
Fan with automail from Fullmetal Aclehmist.

Q: What do you take into consideration when picking a character to cosplay?
A: Body type and face type, mostly. And obviously, whether or not the costume will be
flattering and easy enough to make. I also consider which characters will work well
within my group of five... we like to have a mix of male and female characters, and
different hair/colours, but we wouldn't choose characters that had never (or rarely)
have met in the series. I also choose characters that I like, but there are
occassions when it's necessary to do a character you don't have particularly feelings
for, in order to create an effective group set (ie. Molly Grue).

Q: Is cosplay serious business for you?
A: Interesting question. It annoys me when people treat it as a childish hobby,
particularly my family, and members of the joe public. It's been very important for
my self esteem, for my creativity, and for making friends for me - it's quite easily,
my life. ♥ However, it's also annoying when some cosplayers take it too
seriously - particularly when they get angry about other people doing similar
cosplays to them, or about larger people, or people of different races/colours doing
certain characters, or when people do cosplays better than them. It's a hobby, it's
an art. It's not worth getting in a fuss over it.

Q: What is your favorite thing about cosplay?
A: The people. Easily. I have met some beautiful, wonderful, hilarious and amazing
people through cosplay. It amuses me how I'm closer to the people I've spent less
than a week with in total than with the people I see at school every day. Other than
that, I love the feelings of donning a new group cosplay for the first time, just in
the hotel, by ourselves, and just seeing how badass we look together.

Q: What is your least favorite?
A: When we have to go home.

Q: What is it that makes you keep cosplaying?
A: The idea that people are relying on you to create beautiful, inventive and
down-right COOL art. ♥

StarDust says:   3 January 2012   241823  
I look back at those tokyo pop recon and shrink down to the bottom of
my boots xD
Bootheghost says :   3 January 2012   820921  
I prefer a bucket over my head. But you know. 

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