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Sunday, 11 December 2011
05:35:16 PM (GMT)
I was on a business trip in central Pennsylvania and decided to stop for the evening
and get a hotel room before I continued on the early the next morning. I stopped at a
hotel just off the exit of the state highway around 7:15 and checked into a room. I
had noticed that there was a small bar open just off the lobby while checking in. I
arrived at the room, and had decided that I would just stay in the room that night,
beat off in the bed and get to sleep early. I had packed a pair of women's pink lace
and satin pink panties in my suitcase just for this occasion. I put on my panties and
climbed in bed but still couldn't relax and get comfortable after driving so far that

I decided that if I stopped down at the bar and had a few beers, that it would relax
me enough to give myself a satisfying stoke job. I quickly put on a pair of jeans and
a polo shirt and headed to the bar. At the bar were only about 5 people and only one
large gentleman sitting at the bar watching the football game on TV. I sat a couple
of stools from him and ordered a beer from the barmaid. After a few minutes the
gentleman, Mike, started to carry on a conversation first about the game then about
the area of town that we were in. He said that he had been travelling for business
also and had been on the road for 8 days and was wondering if there were any bars
around this town where he could meet some women. I told him that I was from out of
state also and I had no idea where he could meet any women. I bought another drink
and one for Mike too. A half hour into our conversation and the football game, the
bar maid left the bar area and had not returned for about 20 minutes. I told Mike
that I was going to head up to my room because I have an early start in the morning.
Mike said that he still owed me a beer and that he had a six pack of cold beer up in
his room and that I could stop by his room and have one more with him before I hit
the sack. Mike's room was just down the hall from mine so I decided to stop for one
beer and watch the end of the football game.

Mike opened the door, gave me a beer and turned the game on TV. We started talking
and Mike brought up the topic of finding a women and then said that she didn't have
to screw him, just a blowjob to empty his 8 day load would be all he would expect.
After an awkward quiet spell, Mike turned to me and asked me if I ever sucked a dick.
I was really caught off guard and just didn't say anything. After a long silent pause
and then Mike shouted, I knew it! I told him that I didn't think that that was going
to happen and left it at that. Mike began to talk about the situation that him and I
were in, and that no one would ever know and that it wouldn't take that long, etc...
He offered me another drink and went into the bathroom to get two beers. When he came
back into the room, he was only wearing a tee shirt and tight cotton long legged
underwear. He said that he was just getting comfortable and was doing a little
advertising for himself. As he walked around the room in front of me I noticed that
his cock was getting bigger and starting to move down his leg. After 10 minutes of
talking, walking around the room in his underwear with a semi-hard on and the beer
starting to loosen my morals, I decided that I would suck on his cock for him. 

I stripped off my shirt and pants and got on my knees on the floor. I had completely
forgotten that I was wearing my pink satin panties. Mike took off his shirt and
underwear and immediately filled my mouth with his semi hard cock. Mike was a big
guy, about 6 foot 3 inches and built like a football player. I am only 5 foot 6
inches and 150 pounds and was dwarfed by his as I knelt in front of him with a mouth
full of cock. His cock wasn't that big, maybe 7 inches long, but it was very fat and
I had to stretch my mouth open to fit it in. As I was sucking and licking his cock,
he pulled it out of my mouth and told me to suck on his balls. I opened my mouth and
swallowed one of his big, shaved balls and sucked it good. He layed his hard cock on
my face as I suck his ball sack. 

I was getting horny sucking on his big, fat balls, so I started to stroke my cock in
my panties and soon got my cock nice and hard so it was popping out the top of my
panties. Mike saw me stroking my cock and told me that I had better not make a mess
on the floor of his room. He then pulled his balls out of my mouth and shoved that
big fat cock deep into my mouth and buried it in the back of my throat. That made me
so horny that I knew I was about to cum and didn't want to upset Mike, so I stood up
and with Mike's cock in my left hand I jerked my cock with my right and shot my cum
all over Mike's fat cock. After I had emptied my load on his cock and put my cock
back into my pink panties, I knelt back down in front of him. I licked a small amount
cum that was dripping off the head of his cock and then just stared at his cum
covered fat cock. Mike called me a "cum sissy" and told me I better clean up the mess
I just made. On his command, I opened my mouth and slowly filled my mouth and throat
with that beautiful fat cummy cock. Mike was also aroused and began to shove his cock
deeper and faster in my mouth. He stopped and asked me if I ever had my face fucked
before. I shook my head no and he told me that I won't ever be able to answer that
question with a no.

He grabbed the sides of my head with his massive hands and held my head still while
he violently fucked my mouth for what seemed like 15 minutes. He then shoved his cock
to the back of my throat and started to dump the 8 day load of cum he had told me
about. The pumping of cum in my mouth was more that I could keep up with swallowing.
I swallowed about 4 mouthfuls of hot cum and it still ran out of the sides of my
mouth and down my chin like a used slut.

As a continued to try and clean up and swallow all the cum, Mike announced that he
was going to take a shower and that I better be gone when he's done and then pulled
his cock from my mouth and walked away. There I was, left in the middle of a strange
hotel room, on my knees, wearing pink satin panties with cum dripping from my chin
and soaking the front of my panties. That was wonderful....

I quickly put on my shirt and pants and carried my shoes and socks down the hall to
my room. I stripped to my panties and hopped in bed and suddenly realized that it was
only 8:45 PM. It was then that I realized that it only took me 1 hour and 30 minutes
to transform from a businessman to become the drunk cum sissy cock sucker that Mike
used that night.

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