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Thursday, 13 October 2011
04:45:44 PM (GMT)

 I hate debate
Meghan doesn't want to be partners anymore and wants to pair up with Julia, Julia
doesn't want to be partners with Woody anymore. I got stuck in a group of fucking
three and I don't want to have to go to the first tournament with Gavin, let alone
Saturday I have to wake up at 4:30 am and be at the school at five, and I can't sleep
as early as comfortable unless I went to bed right after the damn half time at the
football game because of marching band. I don't even know about that. Being awake at
4:30 and not coming back to the school until, approximately, 6:30 am.
 I dont want to fucking do this anymore.
 I hope I can drop out due to the already awkward amount of students. I just hope I
can manage to do so tomorrow.

Xima writes:   15 October 2011   692896  
 Have you dropped out of it yet? 
This is exactly how I felt about Karate classes! I mean, by the hating
part and wasting all of my time and energy in it when it really isn't
worth it.

 I still don't understand why she doesn't want to be on teams with
you! What's up with that? That sounds kind of...Bad.
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   15 October 2011   550071  
You play in ze marching band? 8D What instrument?
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   15 October 2011   363456  
I cant find out about it until ms fox can talk to mrs kelly which will
have to wait till monday so iunno bro:/
yeahh man i dont see why or anything after the tournament we hosted,
and seeing how everything went, i wasnt interested at all anymore but
figured i might as well just help my team by being there and whatnot
sine meghan doesnt want to be on teams anymore i just dont wan to

me and gavin arent very good teammates i didnt even know we were
doing anything for a long while besides note taking and such because
mrs kelly can be very vague kdfsgkldfj

oh im a percussionist xD during marchingband season though i play the
bassdrum fdljdslkj
but im looking forward to our concert days so i can love on my bell
instruments o w o 
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   16 October 2011   763355  
NO WAY MAN SAME HERE. Only I play marching snare for marching band. xD
Our drumline makes me smile.
Hurrrrrrrr. I suck at bells. I play them on like, three of five songs
we have for our first concert, though. 
I have this thing for marching band. I'm the only actual nerd in band,
hurp derp. 
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   16 October 2011   737179  
oh dude i hate the snares with a burning passion //sobs
i cant play drums worth crap hnng
what what what bells are awesome it's like playing the piano but with
mallets and not having to use two hands > w < 
oh bro
best thing about marching band = uniforms 
sure theyre hella hot n shit
‹~(Shaywee)~› says :   16 October 2011   265899  
WHAIII??? I mean, our equipment sounds like shit, but WHAI?
That really sucks, man. Wanna trade spots? Yuo can play bells for me
and I'll drum for you. xD
I like the piano better. It's just that I'm awful at sight reading.
Now that I'm in high school, there're chords and really high notes
that I have to sit down and look at. I'm serious, you'd be
disappointed at how I wrote every single note on my music and I still
can't read it well at all.
RIGHT? All we have are band jackets. ;A;
Dude. So true. xD
I want a hat with a plume~ 

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